Found the fourty seven rules

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  1. I also think it is the fact that everyone is MG drained right now. We have games running for a long time and a lot of people swinging between five to six different games ( Without the freeplays) ( Time crisis, wish through time, disaster in the dreamscape, Ilussion IV, Valen-Not-Fine and for some X-over) and it is probably difficult to manage or think about a new game.
  2. I heartily endorse Rule 45.
  3. Julez is a man!? D:>
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  6. [​IMG]

    I subscribe to this rule in particular.
  7. "I can see that. It's adorable."
  8. Old and already known rules are old and already known.
    For more information on this meme please see "X Y is X"

    *Is a regular Encyclopedia Dramatica viewer*
  9. Rowen Alvain

    Rowen's thoughts began to turn traitorous as she stared at the half breed. She figured she could likely draw her blade and have his head off before anyone had a chance to react, an easy feat for a full blooded vampire. Still though, she began to feel queasy at the thoughts, a sign that her bonds of loyalty were kicking in. After all, she had been brought back to work with these people, not kill them. She shook her head. "Some other time half breed. You aren't worth my effort today."

    The fact of the matter was, like with the templars, Rowen had met his kind before. She had lived in the times before the fall of the Arthurian Britain, and had been alive until shortly before the fall of the Templar order, and in that time had made quite a few enemies. More then a few were far more dangerous then this half breed right now. Rowen rested her hand on the hilt of her sword far more easily now though, confident in her knowledge that the half breed would not attack.

    Now Rowen was just interested to see how these new weapons worked, and she was also curious to know just what a helicopter was. Perhaps it was some new sort of vehicle, much like a wagon or a chariot? She supposed in a moment she would know pretty soon either way, whenever Pendragon arrived for his demonstration.
  10. I have to vote for 45 as well!
  11. Astaroth stood and wrapped his arm around her waist.