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  1. Like I said just finishing a few convo's then I will ask for this to be deleted, please don't yet though!
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  2. Hrrrmmm, the pack leader interests me, being a big werewolf fan.
  3. I was hoping to pull someone from the werewolf community for that one. Honestly I LOVED blood and chocolate and have always wanted to do a more adult version of it. I write a lot of romance novels and kinda in the lets do it type of mood. If you wish I could do a more outlined themed. I will send this here and pm if you prefer pm over forum.
  4. I have to Ask do you RP as male or female?
  5. I prefer female but happily play male if the idea suits my taste :D
  6. how about Arranged marriage?
  7. Someone just claimed that one I literally just edited the thing, any chance you are interested in anything that is left?
  8. lmfao yeah let me look again xD Hmmmm >.< Master x Slave?
  9. Again sorry bout that >.< and awesome any idea's of what you might want to do?
  10. its alright xD and yeah kinda I wanted it to be that it was a Demon Rp Were the demon is a Evil Overlord
  11. Okay so demon overlord is master so did you want to be human or demon? I'm assuming demon overlord is mine yes? I can play both so just let me know ^.^
  12. yes that is right on all of that, I want to play the human slave and you as the Demon overlord master. ^_^
  13. Hmmm.... Are you alright with a tale of Master and Slave, with the slave being a mermaid and the master, a human?

    A mermaid who can morph her tail into a pair of legs, is that alright with you?
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  14. Maybe a mermaid x human?
  15. Crow, sorry since Aprilann and I have ironed out a few details she is my last rp to take in. I will fallow you and let you know if anything falls threw if you like. Writer Jenny already pm'd you about other rp that you liked :D