Forums + Achievements = Awesome

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  1. So I just discovered there are achievements built into the forum. It made my day. Clap clap. So now I gotta ask: Is there PvP?
  2. PvP not at the moment... I don't think enough members care enough for me to make any achievement goals. XD

    There IS a leader board for points though?

    Good luck beating out the staff members. >:D
  3. Aah, racking up points isn't the same as facepwning. No worries though. I'll just have to wait till I get back home for my online mauling experience. Though my friends and I used to kick around the idea of a forum based game where you could spend points to deface other peoples' profiles in amusing ways (and spend points to put defenses in place). It was sort of like capture the flag only backward. You'd build up an army and try to breach others' defenses in an effort to plant your banner on someone's profile.

    Just a thought.
  4. Like most employees of companies, or organizations, shouldn't they be exempt from competition?[/smug]
  5. Good thing there is not a competition, then, eh? XD

    We dun have any way for people to spend achievement points, but that might be for the best to avoid angry butthurts when people get edited and can't take jokes! o___o
  6. LOL! That's what an opt-out box is for. Like the one for letting people leave messages on your profile. One day, I will find some people with the right coding skills and make this game into a reality. We even had some awesome graphics done up for it at one point, but then my codemonkey flaked on us. Ah well.
  7. Who is to say someone like, the trolls of Insanity might ignore the opt-out?

    I wouldn't myself, my name is purple so now I have to have standards, but I think you get the point.
  8. Well, the last time I had something like that installed, you could purchase account protection that would prevent anyone from doing anything to your account. XD So it's not impossible.

    My only issue with it, is that stuff like that makes for really confusing impressions for new members. D: At this point in Iwaku's lifespan, we really need to gain and keep new members, so I want to avoid anything that could scare people away or confuse them about the "true" personality and information on someone's account. (it's why we don't allow newbies in the Asylum... c___c not everyone understands it's just troll-games.)

    HOWEVER, in the future it's something to put on the table as a fun toy. XD
  9. Makes sense. We certainly don't want to wreck what looks like a pretty sweet community you've got growing here.
  10. Insanity is filled with Trolls? I could have sworn that it was a place of higher learning, and highbrow humor.
  11. *Puts on a top hat.* Indeed.

    However, I think that whatever the case we will always have influxes of new members, and therefore it would continue to be confusing and often trollish.
  12. Forum PvP = trolling? O.o

    ACHIEVEMENT GET! Sarcastic twat!