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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. With the forum update, we now have a totally new badass "What's New" page that lets members see updates from all across the forums. 8D These same updates also appear in people's profiles of places they've been participating along with where their friends are posting!

    Unfortunately, some people don't like all their biz hanging out. If you are one of those people, there are Profile Privacy Settings. Like the many other items in your profile, you can restrict who views it.

    And before you get wigged out, all private and permission blocked areas don't show up for people unless they have permission to view it. XD So no need to worry about private groups or forums.

    In the next couple of weeks, we should hopefully have even more much better controls for setting what you want viewable and what you don't. We'll post updates when we get them!
  2. What's the difference between our contacts and our friends?
  3. Thanks for explanation!
  4. I believe you're able to organize the people you friend by Contact or Friend. o__o

    You have to specifically add a person as a friend or a contact though! And there's no way to move people from one or the other, so you would have to delete them off the friends list and re-add them as a contact or vice verca. ><

    So it would be useful to have a list of your actual friends and then your list of contacts you frequently message. (Good for roleplay partners in one list or friends in the other. Or people you like in one and people you REALLY like in the other, yadda yadda!)
  5. I hope we get some better controls on what we can choose to see in the activity stream, because I don't really want to be reading other people's private mature RPs when they're in their "BABY PUT YOUR JUNK NEXT TO MINE" times. Also, seeing into non-private groups that I'm not a part of.
  6. I like the streams but I wish they didn't come up first thing on a profile. It makes me think I'm on Facebook >>;
  7. It makes me think of facebook as well. I'm about to turn it off.. Also! The button thing to see threads you created it gone! D: -weeps-
  8. I'm not a huuuuge fan of this...
    I'd rather the profile thing not be there. Partially because I suppose I have friends/contacts in non-private smut groups as well. So. Hmm.
    Besides, there's always the "What's new" button on the bar at the top...

    I have moved Visitor Messages back to the main screen, so people only see the forum activity when they click the tab.


    I have GHETTORIGGED a TURN OFF option in Settings -> Edit Profile -> Hide Activity Stream In Profile.

    Note, that this is ghetto rigged and later when I get new updates, the way to turn this off will change. D: And hopefully soon they put out some better management options for choosing what displays in profiles. Cause I hate how it shows all friend activity, that is stupid. D:< But I love seeing member activity.

    I now desire cookies, for I spent all morning working on this. 8D
  10. Thanks, Diana! *bakes cookies JUST FOR YOU* Having it not be the main profile page is great 'cause the profile page is supposed to focus on YOU and message for YOU. Yaaaay! *goes to turn hers off*
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