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Forum Levels?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jester, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Post counts and such, as far as I've seen on some other websites, have levels in which your title changes under your avatar or something. So far, mine says "Pawn of the Princes." I'm just wondering if this changes as your posts climb up? Or the Newbie title above it too? Is there maybe a thread somewhere explaining? I've checked several different threads and FAQ pages, but couldn't quite figure it out. Thanks. :D
  2. It does change as you post more and more. :D I'll add a list somewhere later.

    Most people go ahead and Customize their title instead of using the default. You can do that under Settings -> Edit Profile!

    New Member will change from that to "Member" when you're not new anymore! Which is either 30 Days registered or 20 posts!
  3. Wow! Thank you. :D I like the customization on that. The site seems to have tons of it, and I love it. XD -->GraphicDesignNerd
  4. Ivy, you can change your title. I changed mine, as you can see. =D Unless its a bad thing. >.>
  5. Ok I read the posts backwards, I thought you meant like the thing under the picture. My bad, don't mind me, I am silly sometimes.
  6. Name.....
    But yeah, if they change as they go, I'm thinking of actually Erasing the one I put above mine, and seeing how it goes. I like forum levels, they're like an evolved Pokemon. XD
  7. oh sorry i posted this even before when u told me. my bad again. I wanna be a Charizard!