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The following is something I had to write for my Composition class. We were tasked with describing a fictional character to someone who has learned about them for the first time, so I picked a hero from my childhood.

Optimus Prime.

Read on and you'll see how much I think of him.

Of all heroes those of us in our mid twenties remember most vividly none stand taller than the great Optimus Prime. He has transcended over the years from television to comics, movies and games. In each iteration he has been a noble and just leader, fighting for freedom millions of years before G.I. Joe. Just what is it that truly separates him from similar heroes?

Maybe it's the fact that he Prime just won't stay dead. Sure he died in the 1984 Transformers movie after a particularly nasty fight with Megatron, his Decepticon counterpart. He didn't stay down. He was revived to combat the Hate Plague as only wisdom can fight such madness. But that's not all. Prime has died and resurrected many times in the comics, coming back stronger than before each time. Even in the 2009 movie he died and rose. What's more is he went down fighting, ripping the face off a Decepticon and tearing Starscream's arm off before Megatron, in true coward's fashion, stabbed Prime in his back and through his spark. Not even that kept him down. He got back up, with wings even, and rejoined the fight. He broke Megatrons face all out of shape before setting his sights on the Fallen, going so far as to tell him "I rise, you fall" before delivering the knockout. Can any other equivalent leaders say that they've cheated death in such fashion as Optimus Prime? I think not.

No other hero can hold a candle to Optimus Prime, try as they might. He exudes awesome and will literally stand over those who would try to match him through their actions. The tale of Optimus Prime is one that will live on through the generations, inspiring others to fight the good fight.

My instructor had this to say regarding the essay:

Very good! I agree that Optimus is a compelling & timeless hero.

Another said I damn near compared him to Jesus with the resurrection bit.

Then again, Optimus Prime is Jewish. See Family Guy.