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  1. Welcome to The World of the Velux!

    • In the year 2022, Earth is destroyed. A group that only called themselves the "E.I." came out of no where in 2020, and in little over a week, they managed to takeover the world. As it turned out, this group was secretly a multinational armed organization with sleeper agents in every government in the U.N.. It took them only a week to get the entirety of the U.N. to sign a treaty that United all participants in the U.N. into a giant super country. In the wake of this, a group of rebels declared war on the new nation, banding together all the countries that were left and throwing the world into war. For a moment, in what can only be described as a Blitzkrieg, the rebels were winning. Then the worst thing imaginable happened.

      Nuclear Weapons.

      The greatest fear of humanity has always been the usage of these modern, sophisticated monsters of mass destruction, and the new Coalition had no problem launching them. The rebels returned fire with their own ICBM's, and the result was an apocalypse world wide. Less then four weeks after the rebels declared war, the world's population was cut down from 8 billion to barely over 1 billion. What was left of humanity began to die of radiation poisoning, disease, and starvation. After half a year of life in this new world, less then half a billion humans remained in the entire world.

      It seemed bleak. No chance of survival.

      But then, out of the darkness and bleakness of the situation came magical shining portals. And through them to save humanity they came.

      The Velux.

      They have watched for Millinia, guarding mankind since the day they crawled out of caves. They have protected it from itself time and time again, and at times, provided them with little shoves, like a parent helping a child learn to ride a bike, ensuring they continued to evolve. They watch in the darkness of night, and ensure all goes well in the world. So when the entirety of Earth went to hell, they moved all they could save into their world in a massive collaborative effort.

      But Velux were already in chaos, and the addition of three million humans did little to help this fact. For the past two centuries, while the human race has been evolving and becoming increasingly more advanced, the Velux have been fighting amongst themselves. They have turned from what was once a unified race dedicated to protecting humanity to a bickering, fighting, and killing each other. The cause is humanity itself, as more and more Velux decided it might be better to change themselves to become more like the human race's nations, the first change being the formation of the Empire of Levania. The addition of the last remenants of humanity has only stoked the flame of chaos and war in Lotal.

      As a result, on an unnamed world as large as the moon, where the Velux live on a large pangea like landmass covering 1/3 of the world, a huge rift has developed that has divided the continent of Lotal into four major nations. Each occupy a section of the world, Estonia to the West, Algeon to the East, Levania to the South, and Dildania in the North. Not only that, but varying degrees of human influence have caused these very different nations to have different technological advancements. Estonia is in the industrial age, Algeon is just recently beginning to use colonial age technology (with the exception of their rifled firearms), Levania is stuck firmly in a medieval age society, and Dildania is utilizing stolen technology from Estonia to supplement itself, using it in inventive new ways.

      After the apocalypse on earth, the president of Estonia managed to pull the USNSD, Estonia, and Algeon together into a brief alliance in an effort to save the human race. After Uniting, a combined effort from all three nations resulted in 3 million human lives being saved from the burning building that was Earth. Things quieted down in Lotal for a bit, and for a while, all seemed as though the nations of the world had finally reached a period of peace.

      Barely two years after the refugee exodus from earth however, tensions are rising. With the addition of many war veterans, historians, and army soldiers from many of the old nations of Earth now being rounded up to give advice to the leaders of Lotal's nations. Levania, who has been in a ceasefire with all three nations for ten years has finally rebuilt their army, but has been caught in the middle of a civil war, with the eastern side of the country rising up against the Dictator Bal. The USNSD spent the last two years building railroads, but have also been secretly working on building some secret weapon with the help of human scientists. Estonia and Algeon have been in an Alliance since the Exodus from earth, and both have started moving troops to their Southern border with Levania. The Allied nations have also begun moving fleets of ships down to the Levanian sea border, and rumor has had that naval troop transports have been spotted in Estonia.

      Lotal is a room full of gunpowder, waiting to explode. All it takes is a spark.

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    • In this rp, you have four factions. Each one is vying for control of this large Pangea like land mass called Lotal. Two of the nations have aligned with each other, Algeon and Estonia, while Levania is dealing with a rebellion, and the last one, Dildania, is trying to soothe over inner disputes before they become a full fledged civil war. Meanwhile, they each have their own colonies, and at the center of these colonies lies a massive mountain no one has been able to get to the summit of. Rumored to be at the top is the entrance to a temple that contains a weapon so powerful it can wipe out entire armies with nothing more then a thought. So basically, whoever gets that weapon, wins the war and gets to takeover Lotal.

      So why aren't they fighting each other to the death to get to it? Well, simply put, they have been and just don't have the juice to keep going. Wars are costly, they require money, troops, food, and support from the populace. All four nations have begun to reach a dangerously low point on all of those items, hence the civil war in Levania.

      Top this powder keg off with the addition of 3 million human refugees from earth, and you have a bad time. After all, they are all mixed and jumbled up, farmers, factory workers, retail clerks, mailmen, presidents, they are all now in a new and unfamiliar world that sees the knowledge they have as just as valuable as any kind of technology found in those colonies.

      But not everything in this revolves around war.

      You have farmers, shopkeeps, inn owners, mayors, and minor kings galor. Normal life in every single one of these countries won't simply end because someone decides to go to war. Factories have to be run, shops managed, inns filled with guests, and towns with citizens.

    • Major Plot Points:

      -The King of Algeon is rumored to have chosen a human as an heir. The question remains, who is it, and is their any bastard son of the king that might stand up to lay claim to the throne?

      -Levania is in the middle of a massive civil war. The Levanian rebels, supported by supplies and weapons delivered to them by Algeon and Estonia, have managed to take the entire Eastern part of the country.

      -Estonia has been on a search for allies to the west in the great sea, and after twenty years of looking over and over again, they have found a cluster of three island nations. They have yet to make contact with these Velux, but who could they possibly be?

      -A dark figure seems to be manipulating the flow of politics within the entirety of Lotal, with some no doubt dastardly goal in mind. What could this figure possibly want? More importantly, who are they?

      -At the center of the great inland sea lies a island. At the center of that island is the largest mountain in all of Lotal. Rumored to be at the summit of the mountain is the entrance to a temple that contains a weapon so powerful it can wipe out entire armies. The race to reach the top has begun.

      -A great industrial revolution has begun in Algeon, and field hands who previously worked for rich land owners are now moving to sign on with owners of these factories. Is the agricultural industry in Algeon doomed?

      -Dildania is building some terrible super weapon in the north. What could it possibly be?

      -The High King of the USNSD is having to settle disputes between the northern kings. Should he fail to satisfactorily deal with such disputes, it could mean a full fledged civil war.

      -To the east, over the sea, lies an unexplored isle that is said to hold the last half million humans that were rescued by the Velux. It has been named the shadow isle, because no one who has sailed to the island has come back.

      Player Plots:

      -None so far! Send a message to a GM or CO-GM and speak to them to see if you could possibly get an event going that effects the whole of Lotal!

      • All through the land of Lotal, strange stone portals have existed since time immemorial. These portals are the keys to getting to Earth. For Estonia, the portals are located in government controlled compounds, so that the government can control immigration to and from the human world. In Algeon, the aristocracy have built large mansions and estates around these portals. In Dildania, they have built forts surrounding the portals, in the event that someone else decides to invade through those stone gateways. As for Levania, they have destroyed theirs, fearful of the consequences of an invasion from one of their many enemies, or the humans themselves. However, given the recent destruction on earth, the portals are now entirely useless (At least until the radiation subsides on Earth).

        In the center of Lotal lies a large inland ocean, and at the center is the island of Lutal. The four great nations of the Velux have already reached the Isle though, and have established colonies on the small island. At the center of the island is rumored to be a great building of pure steel. Rumored to be inside is all the technology and knowledge needed for any of the Velux nations to conquer their world.
        So now that we know about their world, just who are the Velux? The Velux are a tall, nimble race of intelligent creatures. They look very similar to humans, almost to the point of blending in, save for a few "special features". First, and by far the most noticeable, is their eyes, which look normal in daylight, but glow in the dark. The Velux themselves also have slightly elongated canines, and ears that taper to a fine point. Their sight and sense of smell is increased as well, and their pupils are in the shape of triangles rather then the shape of circles. The second most noticeable difference is neither of those though. The second most noticeable is their lifetime. They live triple the lifetime of a normal human, with the average Velux living to the age of three hundred. However, they are all effected by a disease called the "Ravid Plague" which causes them to turn into basic, animalistic creatures that will attempt to attack and kill anything they see, given time they can be tamed though.

        Of the world, three of the nations have a set caste system, which goes in order of importance and size from top to bottom (and least to greatest), Highborn, Middleborn, Lowborn, and Ravid. The highborn are like the aristocracy, with the rulers, high ranking military officials, and high ranking government officials being inherent roles for them. In countries that use the caste system, the Highborn refuse to allow marriage to any other class, seeing it as "unnatural". However, the aristocracy has a tradition, bringing a single human into their family and incorporating them into the Velux lifestyle. For some it can mean simply putting them to work as servant in their home. For others, they may name that human the heir. Giving them an edge, the ability to utilize magic. Something that can be only inherited through blood. The middleborn are the middle people in velux society. A group of skilled workers and officers in the armies and navies of their respective kingdom. They run the businesses that keep the kingdoms afloat too. The lowborn are the peasentry of Velux society. A group of unskilled workers, potential conscripts, farmers, fishermen, and pretty much every other thing the Highborn and Middleborn aren't. Finally, there is the Ravid. These are the "afflicted" plague velux members of society, slaves, criminals, and sometimes humans. They are used for hard, gruelling tasks that are dangerous and potentially life threatening.

        Currently, the world is at a stalemate. With Levania recovering from centuries of nonstop war, the Kingdom of Algeon simply biding their time so they might invade Levania, the USNSD preparing for a massive invasion into Estonia, and Estonia preparing to defend against the invasion from USNSD in the North, no one is ready to move. Tensions are high though, with diplomatic relations being strained between all of the countries because of the race to reach the center of Lutal. In the North, rumors of High King Arkhall's son being an adopted human have reached the ears of spy masters of other countries. To the South, reports of a massive rebellion against Emperor Bal have reached foriegn diplomats. In the West, sources say that Estonia is developing a terrifying new weapon that could change the course of war. Finally, in the East, troop placements along the Algeon/Levanian Border have lead many to believe that Algeon intends to invade Levania for the first time in over two centuries.

      • Humanity has existed for quite a long time. Stretching back over ten thousand years. However, in the year 2020, a powerful organization simply known as the "E.I." rose up and in a suspicious fashion united the entirety of the United Nations into one big super country. The other half of the world, fearful of the power that this new unification could bring to bear, banded together to form a coalition of nations. At the head of these nations rode an organization dedicated to fighting the E.I., and more importantly five heroes that led the Coalition's army into battle, wielding what could only be described as superhuman abilities in battle.

        This ultimately led to a massive confrontation between both sides. A single unimportant hill happened to be a point in which both side's decided would be a strategically valuable point in that they could use it to set up a communications outpost. The initial confrontation between the engineer corps of both armies turned into something much more massive. The fight for this mountain expanded, becoming more and more all encompassing until the entirety of both armies were engaged, including the leaders of both sides.

        After a week of non stop fighting, the entirety of both armies lay dead. The heroes included in this battle presumed dead along side the armies. This shocked both the Unified UN nations and the Coalition. With very few other troops available to fight the war, and facing the volunteer reserves of the Coalition, the Unified states of the UN turned their ICBMs towards the Coalition, and fired the weapons.

        The ICBMs were answered in kind, and before long the entire war devolved into senseless nuclear war. In a single night the world's population was reduced from 7 billion to 1 billion, and from there radiation sickness, disease, injuries, and the chaos of the new world led to little over 500 million humans being left alive.

        Out of the darkness came the Velux though. They strode through magical portals and pulled all the humans they could find through into safety. Though it was to be credited and given merit, they were only able to save 3 million people. From there the survivors of the human race were divided amongst the three Velux nations that participated in the rescue. 500 thousand went to Estonia, 1.5 million went to Dildania, and another 500 thousand went to Algeon. The remaining 500 thousand left, refusing to join any of the nations, and marched East to the sea. As odd as it was, the entire group disappeared. No Velux was able to find them. It is presumed that they boarded ships and sailed East to a large isle that Algeon sailors discovered, but no investigation was made to find out.

      • (To be added)

      • [To Be Added]

      • GEOGRAPHY: 1 major land mass covering 1/3rd of the planet. This is divided into 4 different "zones". The North, East, South, and West. The North is a cold, snowy forest. The East is a moderate temperature forest much like that found in central america. The South is dry, Arid deserts, and the west is covered in jungle.

        Major Geographical Features: "biomes" that are divided by North, East, South, and West respectively.

        Unique plants:
        Moly (Medical herb with extreme healing properties, it is used to speed up the healing of wounds. Does not cure disease. Very Rare and only grows during the storm season)

        Vrashta(Spice that adds a particular flavor that is pleasant to the eater. The flavor changes depending upon the taste of the user and ultimately always leaves the eater feeling full even if they only eat a little. Because of this, the spice is used widely, and is relatively inexpensive and easy to grow. The better the skill of the farmer and the more care taken care of the plant, the better the food will taste.)

        Voluub (An onion like bulb found in the roots of a dazzling blue flower with specks all over it that allow you to see through the flower. It is hailed for its ability to cure many major diseases known to mankind and the Velux. Very rare and only grows during the Storm Season)

        Calendar:16 Season Cycle Calendar

        Alternate Measures of Time: 365 Dawns (Days), 4 Seasons(Months), 16 Season Cycles(4 per Season), 32 Season Cycle Sets (2 per Season Cycle), +1 Rebirth Cycle(Takes on any excess Dawns). 1 year=1 Full Cycle

        Diseases of Lotal: Ravid- A disease that is born by human children less then two months old. It has no effect on humans, however, should a Velux come in contact with the child, inevitably they will suffer the effects of the disease within a week, after which they will go through a period of intense abdominal pains for three weeks. The effects? An change in their fundemental physical structure that results in them being incapable of processing anything aside from human flesh. In other words, anyone afflicted by the disease has to eat humans or die.

        105th Dawn, Algeon Independence Day
        28th Dawn, Dildanian Independence Day
        270th Dawn, Estonian Independence Day
        365th Dawn, Rebirth Day
        360th Dawn, Human Safety Day
        150th Dawn, Imperial Victory Day

      • Estonia

        "Every man an army, every hill a fortress."

        The People's Democratic Republic of Estonia. A nation united that has cast down the old ways of the Velux. They have integrated fully with the new human citizens. As a result, they have taken up using the human representative democrac, all members of society are equal, and they occupy the western part of the Velux world. They are advanced in that they have learned to utilize gunpowder and steam, and have turned away from the older Veluxian traditions, entering into something of an Industrial age. At its head, Madame President Alvain, a shrewd leader who lead her nation proudly in her first elected term, so much so that she was elected for a second. She was responsible for successfully bringing together the USNSD, Algeon, and Estonia to save the human race. The lands Estonia covers are those of moderate forests and plains, dotted with large lakes and rivers. They use the great forests and plains to their advantage, using the natural resources to fuel their industry of building and expanding themselves. However their lack of mineral deposits means that they require the trade relations with Algeon to remain optimal. Their greatest accomplishment? The capital of Estonia, a place of brick and cobbled roads, with great steamships and the newest Estonian invention, electricity. Estonia took on a large burden when it came to humanity, bringing in over half a million refugees from Earth, and giving them jobs and homes. The last two years they have spent in an Alliance with Algeon, and have had a steady supply of raw materials from Algeon as part of a trade agreement with them. While they have a relatively small army when compared to the other nations, they have a massive navy.


        "Not one step backwards."

        The Monarchy of Algeon. A nation divided into castes. Most still view themselves still as guardians, but ripples of sympathy overflowing from Estonia have made this nation remarkably more sympathetic towards humans. Like in Estonia, Humanity has fully integrated, and make up a sizeable portion of the middle and lower class, though few if any have made it into the Aristocracy. They have a mix of technology, utilizing a mix of medieval and gunpowder age technology, and they chose to honor the old tradition of the Velux. At their head, King Ajax, a wise but young leader who has reaffirmed the power of the Algeon crown by putting down an insurrection lead by the leader of the Church of Velux. He is respected as a wise and fair leader, who only goes to war where it is in the best interest of his people, and no other option left. His lands are those of jungle, with lakes and rivers dotting the land here and there, and his entire eastern border covered by ocean. Their greatest accomplishment is the great fortresses and walls that surround their town, built thick enough to withstand any siege equipment. Algeon also took on half a million human refugees, then used them to fill jobs in the new Algeon factories that have sprung up thanks to assistance from Estonian and Human engineers afforded to Algeon through the alliance and trade agreement. Though Algeon only has a moderately sized army and navy, every single member of their military is both extremely skilled and fight with a zealous fervor, preferring to fight and die then retreat. Combined with skilled military officers, they have a powerful army.


        "Numbers beat all."

        The Empire of Levania. A nation of dictatorship and fear. They are by far the most destructive country in all of Lotal. Adhering strictly to the old ways, they looks down on humans as animals that ought to be treated as such, and gives no rights to humans who find themselves in the country. The lands they cover are desert and barren, with few bodies of water to speak of. At their head, Emperor Bal. An evil man and poor leader, known to take delight in torturing and executing citizens for the slightest impedement of law. Military law governs all here, and many are pressed into service. The Empire has been at "war" with every nation of Lotal since it was founded, but it has seen a series of treaties with other nations calling for a ceasefire over the past ten years. Their nation is stuck firmly in the medieval age, and propoganda from the Dictator is rampant, crowding the streets with misinformation. The greatest achievment of Levania? The conscription service and mandatory service. The philosphy of "Every citizen a soldier." has made a large impact upon the nation, and as a result they have set up a national conscription service. Every Velux citizen over the age of fifteen has been drafted into the military, for a mandatory minimum of fifteen years service, and anyone under the age of fifteen is required to attend military run schools. The result of this is a massive army and navy, by far the largest in all of Lotal. However, the trade off with for the massive army and navy is the training and morale of the men they have, not to mention the outdated equipment and supplies they recieve. The poor training, outdated equipment, and terrible morale has resulted in a force that is more likely to route then fight in the face of other national armies, and is better at just hoping to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers. Because Levania refused to enter the alliance with other nations to save humanity, they have very few if any humans in the country, and those that are in the country are slaves. While they have forces all over Levania, much of the army is currently on the Eastern side of the Empire, attempting to defeat a rebellion that is gaining more and more ground against them. Not only that, but they may soon have to deal with the


        "See. Go. Conquer."

        Finally, the United Soveriegn Northern States of Dildania, or USNSD. A collection of minor nations and tribes that banded together to build a mighty nations of unity, they are the youngest nation of Lotal. Their citizens are made up mostly of humans and the Half Velux that have fled the other three countries, seeking a new life in the north. They occupy the frozen tundras and artic forests found in the north, and have learned to use the frozen cold to their advantage. Technologically on the same footing as Estonia, as a result of taking immigrants from all three of the other nations. At their head, High King Arkhall, a tundra farm boy turned soveriegn leader. He sympathises with the plight of the lower classes, but understands the need for a caste system. However, he has passed extensive laws to provide the lower classes protection from the upperclasses. Arkhall is a good king and a superb leader, and with the support of the kings underneath him, he has created a strong country that worships him as a savior. As a leader, unlike the King Ajax of Algeon, he does not see any place for religion to influence the state, and has removed them from any political power altogether. The greatest achievment they have to boast about is their creation of "Ice Braker" Ships, and the usage of the massive iron industry they have to create buildings made of steel and concrete, and a connection of metal lines layed into the ground that long and fast steam trains travel along, increasing the travel speed of the world tenfold. When they recieved word of the human plight, they took in a massive ammount refugees. Well over a million new human citizens have joined Dildania.

        Political Structures:

        Algeon-Monarchy-Caste System
        Dildania-Monarchy-Cast System(more rights and protections for lower classes)
        Estonia-Democracy-Everyone is equal with a constitution
        Levania-Dictatorship-Caste System(humans have no rights and are slaves)

        Relationships Between Countries:
        Dildania, Algeon, and Estonia hate Levania. Algeon and Estonia are allies. Algeon and Dildania are friendly with each other. Dildania and Estonia dislike each other. Everyone is at war with Levania, but a ceasefire is in place for the moment.

        Noteworthy Wars and Conflicts:

        Imperial War of Unification 832-901
        Algeon War of Independence 1532-1549
        Estonian War of Independence 1601-1616
        Dildanian War of Independence 1784-2016
        Algeon/Dildanian War 1901-1910
        Dildanian/Estonian War 1834-1848
        Imperial Wars 1532-Present
        Lotal War 1918-1990

        Weapons Technology:

        Algeon- Medieval Age + Colonial Age weaponry, Dildania- Medieval, Estonia-Late 1800's muzzleloading firearms, Dildania- Very early 1900's Breech loading firearms
        Medical Technology Level: Early 1900's Medical technology and knowledge in most countries, however surviving human doctors are rapidly changing this.


        Dildania, Algeon, and Estonia have all agreed to use the newer paper money Lotal Chen System, while Levanian sticks with the older, outdated and useless Imperial Gold Coin System.

        Economic structure:

        Levania- Farming based, with all available state income thrown into the military
        Dildania- Factory based, with state income being distributed amongst the government according to need and taxes being raised individually by the kings of each city state.
        Estonia- Factory based, with state income being distributed amongst the government according to need and taxes being raised from the general population
        Algeon- 75/25 split between Agriculture and Factories. Taxes are raised from the general population and then distributed among various state departments with military usually having priority.

        System of Law:

        In Algeon, Estonia and Dildania, a congress has been assembled to pass laws and decide upon changes that they wish to make to the country. However, in Dildania and Algeon, the representatives are chosen by the king and high king, while in Estonia they are elected. In Levania the Emperor decides the laws.

        Law Enforcement:
        Algeon and Estonia have a dedicated police force, while Dildania relies upon military forces (who recieve training on policing) in the area to carry out justice. In Levania law enforcement is carried out by the Emperor's investigators(people picked by the Emperor to interpret the law and enforce it) with the support of the Imperial Military.

        In Estonia crime rates are astoundingly low, as is the case with Algeon and Dildania, but not in Levania. While in Algeon, Dildania, and Estonia small crimes such as pickpocketing are rare occurences and larger crimes such as murder is rare blue moon event, in Levania murder, thievery, mass lawlessness, crime sprees, and mass murder are not unheard of. This is due in part to the fact that Algeon, Dildania, and Estonia have dedicated police forces that are always on the lookout, while Levania does not, encouraging criminals to migrate South to commit crimes.

      • (TO BE ADDED)

      • Needed Characters:

        These characters will be approved on a first come, first serve basis.
        Emperor Bal of Levania
        Madame President Alvain
        High King Arkhall
        King Ajax
        4 Minor kings or queens of Dildania

        Info to keep in mind:

        Races: Humans and Velux, Velux are typically divided by the location they are from, for example, darker skinned Velux are refered to as "South Lotal Velux", while the fair skinned members of Dildania are often refered to as "North Lotal Velux". The tanned members of the East are known as "East Lotal Velux", and the olive skinned members of the west are known as "Western Lotal Velux". In this way they are divided by pigment of their skin similar to the way humans are as well.

        Population: Human: 3 Million, Velux: Estimated to be 1.52 billion

        Population Ratios: Human Male to Female: 32-68, Velux Male to Female: 52-48, Halfbreed to Human and Velux population ratio: estimated 1 person per 10 million persons

        It is important to note that Highborn blood can be transfered via any means, including the consumption of Velux Highborn blood. However, Highborn blood must be willingly given, or else the magical property simply won't stick (so no vampiric rampages to get magic). Highborn blood can also be transfered to humans as well. Children of highborn are of course highborn.

        It is also important to note that the Veluxian world frowns upon halfbreed children. Halfbreeds are viewed as a plague. Something that should not have been. Both Humans and Velux alike find the Halfbreed race shun them and their parents. Due to this, fewer halfbreed children exist. The nation of Levania, already fearful of humans in the first place, have gone to great lengths to actually exterminate them, as all halfbreed children can be identified by multi colored eyes.

        Finally, please note that halfbreed children are something of a mix of the Velux and Human race in the most literal sense. Halfbreed children inherit the pointed ears of the Velux, but retain the short canine teeth of humans. The eyes of these children are also multicolored, and the pupils differ in either eye. One eye takes on the round pupil of a human, but the other takes the triangle of the velux. They also have an increased sense of smell and better sight, however they are physically weaker then a normal velux and a normal human. However, while their physical strength is decreased, they are quite fast.

        Your character will be subject to review once you have posted it.

        Character Sheet

        Appearance: (An image of some sort preferably some kind of artistic drawing, or animated type image, but pictures are fine as well.)

        “Quote of something the character says here (for example “Never give up!”) ”

        Name: (First then Last)

        Age: (Any age, but remember, if it's a child, it is very likely that they will have a parent in the nations of
        Algeon, Estonia, and Dildania)

        DOB: (Date of Birth, Month, then year.)

        Country of Origin: Estonia, Algeon, Dildania, or Levania?

        Race: I.E., are you a Velux, Human, or a halfbreed?

        Class: (Does not apply for characters in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Estonia. However, those
        in Estonia may still have the blood of highborn, and therefor have magic) I.E., Highborn, Middleborn,
        Lowborn. Ravid are not open to be played.

        Skills: (Are you a good tactician? Are you great at counting cards? Perhaps you are a great cook? Maybe your character has become a skilled firemage?)

        Peculiar traits: Do you have some sort of unique feature? Or perhaps a personality quirk? Anything that isn't really a "skill" can go here.

        History: (What’s your character’s background? Are they a street urchin forced to thieve for money? Perhaps they are the bastard child of the king of Algeon? Or a fallen highborn who is setting out to get revenge on all those who wronged them? Or perhaps they are just a regular, ordinary human trying to live out their life? This doesn’t have to be especially long, but the longer the better.)

        Personality:(What is your character like? Are they a dispicable villain? A righteous hero? Perhaps a sociopath with no regard for the way others feel?)

        Magical Ability: (This only applies if your character is a highborn or has highborn blood. This does not have to be super specific. The ability to cast fire spells is an acceptable description. However, the more specific you can be the better.)

        Likes: (What does your character like?)

        Dislikes: (What does your character not like?)

        Pet Peeve:(What is it that your character really just can't stand?)

        Theme Song: (Insert Song of your choice here)

        Extra things: (Anything that didn't belong above)

        After your character has been approved, you will be placed at the capitol of your character's nation of origin. You may travel to other cities, but you must make a post that details the events of your trip.

      • (ADD LINK HERE)
  2. [size=-2]
    Beallara adjusted her long red locks of hair, tucking wisps that had fallen from the neat knot at the back of her head behind her ear. Eyeing the manor before her, she lifted the briefcase from she spot she had just set it.

    "Time to do this, I suppose," she said absently, looking around at the lovely English country with a mild, almost blank, stare. The light click of her sensible heels on the steps barely registered in her head as she ascended to the door, her long green skirt falling around her ankle thankfully did not impede her movement.

    Looking around before she knocked, Lara made a small face as she heard a sort of commotion inside. Am I early?

    Delariel rolled her eyes sarcastically as a man next to her nearly babbled. She tilted her head, smiling at him, as she heard his inquiry. Something about going out for drinks sometimes. The cruel edge to her was maked momentarily as she flitted her eyebrows at the man.

    "I'm kept so busy with my work, I don't know..." she said, engineering a longing in her tone - a false wish that she could go for drinks with him. "Come to think of it, what do you do?" she asked conquettishly, knowing already the answer. The man smiled at her and she could tell he wasn't giving up either detail easily.

    Leaning closer to the man, she maneuvered her lithe body near his so he could stare in awe at her undeniable... charms. The man knew something about the tomb, and she needed more information.
  3. "Well that isn't very specific. I guess I'll have to but our angels on high alert." *he waved his hand sending out a memo
  4. Alena continue to moan into his mouth as she continue to wrestle his tongue.
  5. "The demons are lurking in every city. I got ambushed coming over from the Eiffel Tower." Anya said plainly. "Demons are rebelling and I doubt they realize you're home, that's why Mars took Diane into your hidden city. Diane is out there?" Anya look worried.
  6. Shit, forgot about to add a power. It's telekinesis, being able to lift objects(and people) with the weaknesses that the more mass a thing has, the more energy it requires to be lifted, requires a constant energy flow to maintain, and can only affect one object at a time. You don't mind if I add it?
  7. Yeah just put your idea in the thread. I only move it to the blog if it's seriously being considered.
  8. "I've been there when she was growing up. You saw how the Phoenix respond to me." Mars stood defensively.
  9. The title explains the reason of this section by itself. If you think you have a great idea ti be included in this whole roleplay or any suggestions, feel free to share it here. Who knows, maybe I actually like it and approve it and incorporate it somewhere around here. The ideas and suggestions can be:

    -For Missions
    -For Main Stories and Events
    -New Locations for Athena Land or a specific place in the Human World
    -Random Events that could affect the whole world of Magica☆Girls

    You can share any other ideas or suggestions as well. So, please, don't hesitate to say something here if a light bulb just appeared in your brain!
  10. Ashley yawn softly.

    "She's sleepy." Lyra said.
  11. Yes that is acceptable. I did state pretty much what you did could happen. Just didnt think someone would actually do it lol.
  12. Lucius massaged her breast as he sucked before switching to the other.
  13. He chuckled and lightly splashed Melody.
  14. I've completely forgotten about this.
  15. Mishenka smiled warmly at Amelia, doing his best not to laugh at Darcy's utterances
    are all capitalist slaves so absurdly spoken? he wondered to himself as he followed the girl to the study, a hearty, warm smile creasing his face as hedid so
    "Is he always so.....queer?" Mishenka asked on the verge of laughter, still as he entered the study behind amelia he immediately set his suitcase on a desk and strode over to the professor
    "Professor Stern, it is a pleasure to see you again, i hope your time since Vladivostok was pleasant" he said, speaking of the time Stern gave a lecture to several soviet 'academics' just a few years previously, Mishenka, then a Luitenant, had been Stern's "protective aide".
  16. Darcy hovered behind Amy and Astrid as they crossed the hall, trying to cut in, trying to offer drinks. But the two girls seemed to have plenty to talk about and never gave him a chance.

    Finally, the butler ran around in front of them and blocked the study doorway, placing his drinks tray down on a side-table with a clatter.

    "Right! Now look here!" He pointed his finger in Amy's face. "It is MY job to introduce the guests! You just take the coats!" He glanced at Astrid. "And hats... take the hats too..."

    Amy stared at him and Darcy cleared his throat, puffing up his chest. "I'm sorry, Miss McCallister, but I must insist on putting my foot down, so to speak... as it were. You see there are rules, and rules must be followed in the Professor's house." He moved towards the front window, gazing out. "Why, when I was just a young stable-boy at the Hindley Estate, we used to get regular thrashings, and - by George - that sorted the wheat from the chaff. The master liked to start the day with a good caning. Any my behind, let me tell you, was sorer than a..."

    Amy and Astrid slipped into the study behind him while he talked.


    In the study, Professor Stern gave Mishenka a warm handshake. "Ah, Colonel - jolly good! Welcome to the humble abode, old fellow. Good to have the Ruskies onboard, what! Now, might I introduce Doctor Calatheas, our filly of the biologist persuasion."

    He showed the Russian over to the armchairs, where Beallara was sitting. "And before you ask, old boy, I'll explain shortly why I need a biologist onboard." He gave the Russian a playful wink and slapped him on the shoulder.

    Leaving the two, Professor Stern turned to see Amy bringing in Astrid. He smiled and crossed the room towards them. "Ah mon cher, bienvenue à notre pays merveilleux. C'est un honneur pour rencontrer un entrepreneur d'une telle grande estime!"

    He took Astrid's hand and bowed, kissing it like a gentleman, then ushering her into the room. "Ayez sans doute que j'ai le besoin exprès de vos services sur notre expédition. Svp, soyez assis, et j'expliquerai tous."

    He showed her to the armchairs then whispered to his niece. "Amy, dear, could you fetch my maps? Eastern Europe, Egypt and Persia - you know the ones."

  17. [color="#Gray"]Amelia McCallister ♪Amy[/color]

    Amelia was delighted with her uncle's guests, especially with her newfound friendship in Astrid. The woman's sense of style was uncanny, but it was just the thing that Amy loved to hear about. She turned to see the others taking their places in the room around Uncle Stern. Even the scary-looking general had a nice side, Amelia noted, with a lopsided grin. As her uncle requested his maps, she nodded cheerfully.

    "Of course. I'll only be a minute," Dramatically, and only because she was in a such a good mood, Amelia flourished a quick curtsy and skipped out of the study towards the library. She knew precisely which maps he was talking about as he'd shown them to her earlier. She snuck a quick glance at Darcy's befuddled face before skittering away to the library. After she'd obtained the maps, she hurried back towards the study.

    Mhm...Is this everyone, I wonder ? Uncle Stern sure did pick a strange variety of people.