Fortune's Fools

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  1. "You like me?" Anya have plenty of men after her but it's all selfishly for her looks and she usually entertain it for a while but it never became anything. Anya find Aeleosir's attention to just her quite different. "I'm not sure either."
  2. The Story So Far...

    1. Professor Randolph Stern, an Oxford academic, has invited a number of mercenaries, convicts, freelancers and explorers to his mansion in England. He is recruiting them for a top secret expedition... something concerning the legendary Tomb of Ishtar...
  3. Please submit 2 characters.

    The first is your hero who will embark on the adventure. They can be a mercenary, an ex-convict, a scholar, an explorer - anyone with a special skill that the Professor might need.

    The second is a villain who will be working against the expedition. They can either be rival thieves, Nazi officers, enemy cultists, Japanese soldiers, Gestapo agents - whatever you can think of.

    NAME: (Plus rank, if any)
    APPEARANCE: (Image preferred)
    PERSONALITY: (In 5 words or less)
    EQUIPMENT: (Keep to WW2 time period)
    SKILLS: (No more than 3 main talents)
    INTEREST: (Why they want to find, destroy or hide the Tomb of Ishtar)
  4. NAME: Roger Darcy
    OCCUPATION: Butler
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    PERSONALITY: Panicky, inexperienced, pompous but educated
    EQUIPMENT: He carries a map, the academic books and a small science kit.
    SKILLS: Darcy is useless, but he has memorised all the Professor's research and knows a few academic things about science, geology and languages.
    INTEREST: Darcy has been ordered by the Professor to join the expedition and take field notes.

    NAME: Colonel Ludvik Seiler
    OCCUPATION: SS Officer
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    PERSONALITY: Brutal, sadistic, terrifying and unquestioned.
    EQUIPMENT: He carries a Luger sidearm, a leather coat and gloves, plus a selection of torture-blades.
    SKILLS: Seiler knows how to inflict every kind of pain. He kills without remorse. He is also ruthlessly fit, a fast and wily predator on any battlefield.
    INTEREST: Seiler has been ordered by the Fuhrer to claim the Tomb of Ishtar before the Allies do.
  5. NAME: Thompson Marion
    OCCUPATION: Intelligence Operative
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    PERSONALITY: Exciting and Devious
    EQUIPMENT: On Field he is allowed to carry a Colt M1911, small rations, two clips of extra ammo, and a thin steel wire.
    SKILLS: He is good at judging the underlying meaning of words and is a pretty good shot with his pistol. He also works in string assassination if he does not have a weapon on hand.
    INTEREST: It his Thompson’s job to investigate the Tomb of Ishtar to see if it has any use for the Allies or a possible under cover Axis base.

    NAME: Abas Vechino
    OCCUPATION: Blackshirt Sniper
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    PERSONALITY: Cold, spiteful, caring to his family
    EQUIPMENT: Carco Rifle, M1935, one extra clip for the pistol and ten extra rounds for the rifle, and a black and white picture of his family he defends.
    SKILLS: He is an excellent long shot but is a bit rugged on the short range. He’s well practiced in dodging and hiding for sniper camping and relocation.
    INTEREST: He believes that this tomb could hold some kind of advantage for him and the country of Italy. He hopes that this will be his final mission.

    Let me know if anything needs to be changed.
  6. "I'm glad we're out of the house. Aria is too young to notice but the sexual tension was really strong in the house. You made Diane very angry." Anya sigh, "Diane is a very devote angel and lover to my sister, she turns a blind eye to Mars indiscretion but she doesn't like demons so she really didn't like you with both Mars and Lilith."
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    NAME: Amelia McCallister "Amy"
    OCCUPATION: (Early)College Student
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    PERSONALITY: Spunky, Courageous & Determined. Bad temper
    EQUIPMENT: A notebook and writing materials, an old fashioned camera, a simple handgun, and a pocketknife.
    SKILLS: Photographic Memory, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Can Lip-read
    INTEREST: Living with Uncle Stern was the last thing Amelia looked forward to with college, but that was before she overheard him about Operation Ishtar. Cunningly outwitting her uncle's security, she managed get her hands on a copy of the letters he had sent out; able to decode it over a short period of time~ she wasn't going to college early for nothing. She now plans on convincing her uncle to let her join the team or sneaking into the adventure if he refuses.

    NAME: Natalie Dupont
    OCCUPATION: Espionage Agent [France]
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    PERSONALITY: sneaky, clever, apathetic.
    EQUIPMENT: A handgun, a Vial of Poison, & some espionage supplies (powder for discovering fingerprints, hidden camera set up supplies, a voice recorder.)
    SKILLS: Stealth, Socially Adept, Quick-thinker
    INTEREST: Agent Dupont was sent by the French government to compile intelligence to aid the French investigation of Operation: Ishtar.
  8. ALIAS: Astrid

    OCCUPATION: Professional Art Thief

    AGE: 23

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    PERSONALITY: Good humored, precise, quick thinking, fiesty

    EQUIPMENT: Several different types of cigarettes, lock picks, various knives, homemade smoke bombs, flask with unknown contents, Tokarev TT-30, a carefully maintained pocket watch

    SKILLS: Extremely flexible and agile, Astrid is able to move about quickly and stealthily, a skill most prized for thievery and espionage. She is also adept at picking locks and finding passages of the secret and impromptu nature. Finally, due to the nature of her work, and her past, Astrid is adept at hand to hand combat. Though not formerly trained, Astrid tends to exploit her agility, biting, kicking, basic joint locks, and striking the vital points on her opponents body-all in all, a dirty fighter.

    INTEREST: Previously one of France’s most wanted art thieves; the French government has offered Astrid a full pardon of her crimes, in exchange for serving as a thief and spy against the German army.

    CODENAME: Kaspar

    OCCUPATION: Hired Assassin

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    PERSONALITY: Silent, detached, methodical, merciless, manipulative

    EQUIPMENT: Garrote, various poisons, syringes

    SKILLS: Kaspar possesses a vast knowledge of various drugs and poisons, and believes she can make a human being do whatever she wants, given the right doses. She has a way with getting into her victim’s minds, and seems to know exactly what makes them tick.

    INTEREST: Kaspar is to kill anyone who tries to take anything from the Tomb of Ishtar. Not much else is known about Kaspar, and her employers are a total mystery, even to her. All that is known that Kaspar enjoys her work, and once hired, will carry out any mission to the end.

  9. NAME: Eugene Brisbee (Eugy by his friends)
    OCCUPATION: Big Game hunter/Mercenary/amateur archeologist
    PERSONALITY: Jolly, braggart, competitive, driven, addict
    EQUIPMENT: Elephant gun, Ivory dagger, hand gun, machete, bed roll, survival gear, opium supply and pipe.
    SKILLS: Hunting, Marksmanship, Middle East History and Mythology
    INTEREST: Traveling back from Africa, Eugene heard of this Tomb of Ishtar from a friend, and realizing that there might be more adventure hunting ancient legends then anything Britain could offer, Eugene offered his services as a translator and guide in some of the area the expedition will be visiting. As both his parents were archeoligists with wide interests in the Middle East, Eugene was raised in that knowledge...simply found he enjoyed hunting and shooting better...hence his squandering of family inheritance for safaris around the world.

    NAME: Malik (Maleek) Hassan
    OCCUPATION: Leader of Al Kamir
    PERSONALITY: Passionate calculating religious merciless, excitable
    EQUIPMENT: Al Kamir mostly battles with scimitars, knives, poison, and other traditional weaponary...after Lawrence of Arabia however, their group now possesses firearms consistent with the time period. Malik currently owns a rifle and a pistol, preferring his blade and knives to machinery
    SKILLS: Leadership, Weapon mastery, Desert survival
    INTEREST: Al Kamir has hidden the tomb of Ishtar for centuries. Knowing the power within that place, the group has remained vigilant through the years keeping a strict hold on membership and maintaining absolute secrecy. The very purpose they exist is to keep the tomb of Ishtar closed...they will fight to a man to keep it that way.
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