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    The Tomb of Ishtar


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    First of all, well done! If you've decoded this letter then you're clearly the person we're after! Sorry for the cloak and dagger games, but we had to be sure those Nazi swine couldn't intercept the message.

    I've been instructed by Her Majesty's Government to put together a team for a top secret mission behind enemy lines. You'll find all the necessary travel papers and expenses enclosed with this letter, as well as a full pardon for your crimes should you need it.

    I'd be very grateful if you'd all join me for drinks and nibbles at my mansion in Oxford. The mission briefing will be at 2000hrs on June 16th.

    The mission is codenamed Operation Ishtar, and it's sure to be a jolly difficult yarn. But Her Majesty's Government has promised you all a very substantial reward for the risks you'll be undertaking.

    If you're interested, I'll have a glass of sherry waiting for you!

    Oh, and be a good chap and destroy this letter once you're done reading it!

    Yours sincerely,

    Professor Randolph Stern,
    Blexford Manor, Oxford, England

  2. "You're just being difficult." Lucius took another sip of his coffee, sounding like Astorath more and more as he loosened up.
  3. "Easy for you to say... she doesn't try to dice you up and watch you heal." Melissa mumble grumpily.
  4. "You can't just run off when it's just you two." Astorath offered her Melody.
  5. Melody sulk as she eat her fruit loop.
  6. NAME: Colonel Mishenka Tolenka,
    OCCUPATION: NKVD Operative
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    PERSONALITY: vengeful, hotheaded, loyal, likes laughing.
    EQUIPMENT: flask of vodka, PPSH 41 sub machine gun, rations, ciggerettes and a Tula Tokerov pistol
    SKILLS: brawling, stealth and Explosives
    INTEREST: It is Mishenka's mission to ensure that the other allied powers do not exclude the Soviet Union. his orders come from Stalin himself, and Mishenka will follow these orders to the death if need be

    NAME: Oberstfuhrer Richtor Von Trippenhoff
    OCCUPATION: Waffen SS Officer
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    PERSONALITY: (arrogant, apathetic towards non arayans
    EQUIPMENT: Walther P38
    SKILLS: firearms and hunting fugitives/spies
    INTEREST:Himmler has given Richtor orders that he is to support Oberstfuhrer Seiler, but where Seilers interest is in the tomb, Richtor has been tasked with capturing the enemy operatives
  7. NAME: Beallara "Lara" Calatheas
    OCCUPATION: Evolutionary-oriented biologist
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    PERSONALITY: Curious, but mild-tempered and logical.
    EQUIPMENT: Suitcase filled with beakers, testing supplies, and chemicals.
    A wide knowledge of flora and fauna, as well as common themes to evolutionary processes.
    An immense compilation knowledge of chemicals and their uses and interactions.

    INTEREST: Lara was sent along to analyze any living creatures discovered in the tombs, as well as fossils. With her storehouse of information related to chemicals and life processes, she can also act as a medic to the team.

    NAME: Delariel Majoram
    OCCUPATION: Demolitian Scientist
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    PERSONALITY: Cruel, efficient, and falsely warm.
    EQUIPMENT: Colt M1911, a kit of materials to improvise an explosive.
    SKILLS: An almost encyclopedic knowledge of explosives and their chemical interactions.
    By being lovely and feigning kindness, Delariel can often win people over with charm.
    INTEREST: Fearing that the tomb might hold knowledge of weapons or something yet to be thought of, her government ordered her to investigate, collect samples, and if all else fails, destroy the tomb.
  8. Asmupuu :) I'm going to take a HUGE risk with that first character, so don't kill me xD I can't help it :D

    && I might need some help with the guns~

    NAME: Amelia McCallister "Amy"
    OCCUPATION: (Early)College Student
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    PERSONALITY: Spunky, Courageous & Determined. Bad temper
    EQUIPMENT: A notebook and writing materials, an old fashioned camera, a simple handgun, and a pocketknife.
    SKILLS: Photographic Memory, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Can Lip-read
    INTEREST: Living with Uncle Stern was the last thing Amelia looked forward to with college, but that was before she overheard him about Operation Ishtar. Cunningly outwitting her uncle's security, she managed get her hands on a copy of the letters he had sent out; able to decode it over a short period of time~ she wasn't going to college early for nothing. She now plans on convincing her uncle to let her join the team or sneaking into the adventure if he refuses.

    NAME: Natalie Dupont
    OCCUPATION: Espionage Agent [France]
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    PERSONALITY: sneaky, clever, apathetic.
    EQUIPMENT: A handgun, a Vial of Poison, & some espionage supplies (powder for discovering fingerprints, hidden camera set up supplies, a voice recorder.)
    SKILLS: Stealth, Socially Adept, Quick-thinker
    INTEREST: Agent Dupont was sent by the French government to compile intelligence to aid the French investigation of Operation: Ishtar.
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  10. Lucius thrust as he held her kiss.
  11. "NO, mother didn't really like you at first but I talked her down."
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