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[Turner enters.] -04:31 Aug 14
[Astrid enters.] -04:36 Aug 14
France is now under German occupation and the Nazis are tightening their grip on power. In Allouen, a small town in southern France, the people are fleeing. Only the Musee de Sanguis, a repository of old art and historical relics, remains guarded by French militia loyal to the Germans. They are waiting to hand the museum over to the approaching Nazis forces. But the governments of England and America are determined that not ALL of the exhibits will be taken. -Turner
[Krystof enters.] -04:39 Aug 14
In secret, a small group of thieves have been assembled. Their mission - to parachute into occupied France and enter the Musee de Sanguis. There is one object they must locate - the Heart of Ishtar, a jewel that Hitler longs to possess. The team must ensure that the Heart never falls into the Fuhrer's hands. -Turner
[unanun spectates.] -04:43 Aug 14
[Hamish enters.] -04:43 Aug 14
Turner: "Ooof!" grunted Sergeant John Turner as he landed on the roof of the museum, his parachute fluttering around him. He stumbled a bit, almost falling over the edge and into the streets of the sleepy French town. But he managed to get his balance, only to be swallowed up in his parachute. "Bugger!" he cursed as the fabric swallowed him. -04:44 Aug 14
[Matt Dean enters.] -04:44 Aug 14
Hamish: There was a quiet thump upon the roof of the museum, followed by a heavily-accented "Shite!" Hamish, dressed in dark fatigues from the waist up and a dark kilt from the waist down, quickly packed away his parachute and checked his equipment. "Youse all here, aye?" -04:46 Aug 14
Turner: Turner pulled the parachute off his head and peered at the Scotsman. "Ah, Hamish. Jolly good." -04:47 Aug 14
Astrid: "Is 'zis how 'ze English break into museums?" Came a voice from the roof entrance behind Turner. A dark-haired cleaning lady leaned against the doorframe. -04:48 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Landing almost silently, the young male, Matt, looking puzzling around at the dark town. He tucked his parachute back into the bag of which it belonged and looked at the others that were around him. He waved his hand softly, implying that he was here and ready. -04:49 Aug 14
Turner: Turner drew his pistol and spun, levelling it at the cleaning lady. His whipered loudly to her. "The Green Fox is a lazy hunter..." -04:49 Aug 14
Krystof: "Watch out!" Krystof Sokol managed to choke out as he pulled his parachute just out of the way of the others who had landed before him. He adjusted his glasses, a simple civilian, he was unused to military-styled operations such as this but had somehow found himself here, a victim of recruitment when he had tried to escape his home, Czechoslovakia as it came under Hitler's control. -04:49 Aug 14
Hamish: "Oh fuckin' bastard!" Hamish hissed as he ducked just under the Czech thief passing overhead, "This frenchie our contact, then?" He motioned to Astrid with his head. -04:51 Aug 14
Turner: Turner glared across at Hamish, who had just given the game away. -04:52 Aug 14
Hamish: "...Oi, no angry glares you ponsy tosser!" Hamish snapped in retort to the glare, "I can just shoot her if she's no!" -04:52 Aug 14
Turner: "Well, now we'll never know, will we, dear boy? She could be a German spy who's now going to agree with you and thereby infiltrate our unit." He looked back at the cleaning lady. "I say again, the Green Fox is a Lazy Hunter..." -04:53 Aug 14
Matt Dean: He spun wildly around, facing the direction that everyone else was. Quite truly, the young male had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on. He only did what everyone else was doing. He heard the others around him, and he ducked out of the way of whatever had come towards them. He looked idly at everyone. Apparently Hamish had let go of something he shouldn't have. His brain took it all in silently, as he was ready to get off this damned roof. And who was the lady... He shrugged to himself, watching Turner and Hamish as they argued. -04:53 Aug 14
Krystof: "S-sorry..." Krystof muttered as he listened to the others speak while he tried, mostly in vain to shove his parachute back into its case while adjusting the belt that held his pistol a bit, shooting a glance at the cleaning lady. -04:53 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid arched a brow at Turner, before holding her hands up to show she meant no harm. "Oui. Agent Astrid Mercier. Vive La Résistance. "Astrid had been there for several hours, learning the layout of the museum, observing the guard patterns. She was their connection from the French Restistance, a former art thief. -04:55 Aug 14
Astrid: She had been assigned to meet with them and get them inside. -04:55 Aug 14
Hamish: Hamish glared at Turner for a second and watched Krystof vainly attempt to pack his parachute for not much longer before giving in. "Oh fuck me, son, what de ye call that noo?" He stormed over and assisted the Czech in packing the parachute away. "Your first jump, aye?" -04:55 Aug 14
Turner: "The Green Fox is a Lazy Hunter..." Turner said a third time, waiting for Astrid to complete the code phrase. He kept his pistol up. -04:56 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid grinned. "But 'ze winter has come early." -04:57 Aug 14
Hamish: "See?" Hamish chuckled at Turner, "She's oor contact. Ya fuckin' pommie bastard..." he added under his breath. -04:58 Aug 14
Turner: Turner smiled suddenly and holstered his gun. His features were dashing, like a Hollywood actor's. "Ah, splendid! Sergeant John Turner of her Majesty's Government. How do you do. Good to have your assistance on this one. Lovely night for a heist, what." -04:59 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof couldn't help but nod as the Scot came over to help him. "Yes, that would be correct. Before this I was just a locksmith..." He grinned, proud to explain his use in the group, before throwing the parachute sack over his shoulder and stepping over to where Turner was standing, not uttering another word. -04:59 Aug 14
Turner: He turned to the others. "You chaps alright?" -04:59 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt shook his head absentmindedly. "Inside?" He asked while looking into the dark sky and then back at the ground. He scrambled to the middle of the roof and looked at Astrid. -05:00 Aug 14
Hamish: "Well we're gonnee need a fuckin' locksmith the night, lad!" the scotsman chuckled, patting Krystof on the back as he got to his feet. "Corporal Hamish McAryn. I'm yer fire support the night." He was a tall, imposing man, with red hair and a beard clinging to his face despite regulation. -05:01 Aug 14
Hamish: "Ho lad!" Hamish pointed to Matt. "Gon' gee the lady an introduction, aye? It's only polite!" -05:03 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt stepped back slightly as he was addressed. He nodded a little. "M..Matt." He stuttered, not use to talking directly at anyone. -05:05 Aug 14
Krystof: The pat on the back sent Krystof lurching forward, his hands reaching back up to his glasses to place them back carefully on his nose. He was a small wirey man, still strong enough with a mop of dark brown hair drooping around his ears, his face boyish in some aspects scarcely any facial hair to be found on him. -05:05 Aug 14
Hamish: "Right then, lads and ladies," Hamish said with a positively evil grin, "Now we've aw' said hello and that sorta shite, shall we go rob some Nazis?" -05:07 Aug 14
Astrid: "Charming." Astrid slowly opened the door that led to a narrow stairwell. Before stepping inside, she checked the mirror she had fixed at the end, just to make sure no one was around the first corner. "Ze' stairwell should be secure. We can take it to ze' first level." -05:07 Aug 14
Turner: "Yes, quite," agreed the Sergeant. He pulled out a postcard as he followed Astrid, passing it back along the line. The card showed a picture of a bright red jewel, about the size of a hand. "This is what we're after, chaps. The Heart of Ishtar, moved her two months ago from the Louvre in Paris. Word is that Adolf has been looking for it and he's sent a unit of his very own SS to get it. We should have 6 hours before the bastards get here." -05:09 Aug 14
Krystof: Taking the postcard, Krystof studied it closely, fascinated by the jewel, and reveling in the fact that he could stick it to Hitler, even in a small way. He nodded, commiting the image to memory as he passed it back along the group as well. -05:12 Aug 14
Hamish: "Six 'oors? More an' enough time, tha'. We'll be long gone by the time they facist fucks get here!" Hamish seemed positively gleeful at the prospect. -05:13 Aug 14
[\"Kaizer\" is suddenly on the roof, a smirk on his face. Well, what part wasn\'t burn that is. \"You may have less time than you think.\"] -05:13 Aug 14
Matt Dean: He looked at the card of the jewel for a brief moment before handing it to the person behind him. The image of the jewel stuck itself in his memory. He was sure he'd need it for later. -05:13 Aug 14
Hamish: Hamish took the card and looked at it briefly before whistling quietly. "It's a beauty, tha'. Can see why 'zee fhooohrer' wants it." -05:15 Aug 14
[unanun has timed out.] -05:15 Aug 14
Krystof: "Speaking of...why exactly does he want this...bauble? It couldn't be for money, he seems to have enough of that..." -05:15 Aug 14
[\\\"Kaizer\\\" logged out of the chat.] -((05:17 Aug 14))
Hamish: "Who gees a fuck, eh?" Hamish grinned, showing several missing teeth. "He wants it; tha's a good enough reason te steal it, in mah book." -05:17 Aug 14
Turner: "Haven't the faintest, old boy," said Turner from the front of the line. "All Intelligence told me was that Adolf's been searching for it and he's been sending SS units to every corner of the globe." -05:18 Aug 14
Hamish: "Anyways, we've only got a six 'oor timeframe. Let's steal from some Nazis, aye?" -05:18 Aug 14
Astrid: "It won't be so easy. Ze' Heart of Ishtar is guarded by one of ze' most sophisticated security systems in 'ze world." She did not mention that she had been working a way to steal the Heart for herself in her head over the years. "6 hours will be barely enough time." -05:19 Aug 14
Krystof: He didn't have to be told twice, following behind the others, his hand feathering over the pistol at his side from time to time, just to make sure it was still there, before looking to Astrid. "Don't worry peach, I'm guessing that's a reason I've been picked to come along." Krystof smirked a bit, he believed that he was one of the best locksmiths around and he could break any lock they would come across. -05:20 Aug 14
Matt Dean: "If we trick the systems into thinking..." Matt idly talked to himself as his head moved in several directions, his eyes taking everything in that came into view. -05:21 Aug 14
As they reached the upper level of the museum, footsteps sounded in the corridor. A pair of tired, lazy voices were talking as cigarettes were being lit. "L'homme, je pourrais utiliser un minet en ce moment. Ce devoir de garde est complètement ennuyeux!" -Turner
Hamish: "Then there's no time like the present. Let's move!" For one final time, Hamish checked his equipment, drawing a wickedly sharp bowie knife from his belt, checking the safety on his handgun and patting the stock of his rifle to reassure himself it was there. Business hours had begun; time to do his job. -05:22 Aug 14
The second voice replied, "Reposer! Nous recevrons le fric fou pour cela. Alors nous commençons cette boulangerie dont vous rêviez toujours!" -Turner
The two security guards halted at the junction up ahead, lighting each other's cigarettes. Rifles were slung across their shoulders. -Turner
Hamish: "French security..." Hamish whispered, screwing a silencer onto his pistol, "Yoo wanne take them oot or keep movin', sarge?" -05:25 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof felt a shiver go up his spine as he saw the two guards just ahead, knowing he wouldn't be of any use if he were caught, nor would he be able to help fight, so he chose the route best suited for him, sneaking off to the nearest thing to hide behind while the others took care of what needed to be taken care of. -05:25 Aug 14
Turner: "Nowhere else to move to, old boy," Turner whispered back, peering around the corner at the two men. "That's our only way in." -05:26 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid sighed. -05:27 Aug 14
Hamish: "Then you take the one on the right, I'll get the fucker on the left..." Hamish whispered, "Unless someone's got theyselves a better idea they fancy sharin'?" -05:27 Aug 14
Astrid: "No choice," the Manouche pulled her collassal dress over her head. -05:28 Aug 14
Matt Dean: "Boomerangs." Matt said as he picked one up that lied in a corner. A kid must had come in here sometime in the last few days. -05:28 Aug 14
Hamish: Hamish stared at Matt as if he was insane for a second or two, then back to Turner. "Alright, quietly aye?" He peered round the corner and levelled his weapon upon the guard on the left... -05:29 Aug 14
Hamish: "On three." -05:30 Aug 14
Turner: Turner took out his pistol, gripping it by the barrel so he could use it as a clubbing weapon. He stood up and nodded to Hamish -05:31 Aug 14
Hamish: "Two... one..." he breathed in, and squeezed the trigger. -05:31 Aug 14
Hamish: "Two... one..." he breathed in, and squeezed the trigger. -05:31 Aug 14
Astrid: ((OOC: Was going to do something, but just assume my last post never happened. A thousand aporogies.)) -05:31 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt threw the boomerang and then elbowed Hamish, hoping it would make Hamish shoot on accident. The boomerang hit the guy on his head on the right. The boomerang must have hit the right spot, sending the guard on the ground. Matt smiled to himself. -05:32 Aug 14
"Qu'est-ce que ? Claude ? Que faites-vous ? Levez-vous!" The second guard turned and looked down as his dazed friend -Turner
Krystof: Even from his hiding spot he could see what Matt had done to Hamish had done, pulling his pistol free, he trained it on Matt while he waited for the other guard to be dispatched. -05:34 Aug 14
Hamish: The shot went wide and slammed into the doorframe. Hamish snarled in fury, but managed to bring the weapon to bear upon the second guard and let off two shots. Turner probably had the shot lined up, but no chances could be taken. -05:35 Aug 14
Turner: Turner rushed forward, using the distraction to sprint down the corridor. Before the second guard knew what was happened, the sergeant had clobbered him on the head with the butt of his pistol. Turner caught him as he dropped, laying him quietly across his friend's body. -05:35 Aug 14
Krystof: ((Sorry, butchered that..."what Matt had done to Hamish.")) -05:35 Aug 14
Hamish: The shots whizzed over Turner's head just as he tackled the guard... -05:36 Aug 14
Hamish: Steam could have been coming out of the Scotsman's ears. With a look of fury etched across his face Hamish rounded on Matt and slammed him against the wall, pinning the man there with his substantial muscle. -05:37 Aug 14
Turner: "Good god!" Turner cried as the bullet whizzed above his head. Hamish had never been that bad an aim. -05:37 Aug 14
Hamish: "If you..." Hamish snarled, hands clenched around the neck of Matt, "EVER, pull shite like that again, I will fuckin' skin you alive you twitchy little FUCK!!" -05:38 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt absentmindedly looked into Hamish's eyes. "Aye... Fun?" He smiled, his eyes whirling around in all directions. -05:39 Aug 14
Hamish: "Yoo alright, pommie?" Hamish called over his shoulder to Turner, "This twitchy CUNT here threw me aim off." -05:39 Aug 14
Astrid: While the others dealt with Matt, Astrid approached the two unconcious guards, checking over them. -05:39 Aug 14
Krystof: Though Matt was slammed against the wall Krystof stood from his hiding spot and put his pistol away, glad he didn't have to shoot him. "Ahem, Miss Astrid, which way is the jewel? I assume you know?" -05:40 Aug 14
"La mère..." mumbled the dazed guard as Astrid checked him over. "...arrête de me frapper... Je ne veux pas plus de jambon fumé ... " He passed out. -Turner
Hamish: Hearing his accent butchered by Matt, Hamish rounded on him again, arms clenching ever tighter on the man's neck. "Are you takin' the PISS? D'ye wanne fuckin' die here? Cos so help meh God, you're a fuckin' danger to this op actin' the prat like that!" -05:40 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Three thousand square feet from here." Matt answered Krstof, looking over to the fellow for a few seconds. -05:40 Aug 14
Hamish: "Why the fuck is this gibberin' wee maniac along, anyways?" -05:41 Aug 14
Turner: Turner stepped over the guards and frowned at Hamish and Matt. "Hamish... what's gotten into Mr Dean? Is he alright?" -05:41 Aug 14
Matt Dean: "The treasuure is coming close." A smile lined the man's face. "But there is problems." -05:42 Aug 14
Hamish: "Bastard shouldered me as I was tryin' te shoot the guard, then hucked a fuckin' piece e' wood at him!" Fury was still written across Hamish's face. -05:42 Aug 14
Turner: The sergeant stepped up next to Hamish and looked at Matt's twitching eyes. The young man had been quiet for most of the plane ride and the file on him had been woefully brief. He didn't really know what the young man was about. "Now now, Matthew. What's the problem here?" -05:44 Aug 14
Matt Dean: "We only have ten minutes. Ehehe." Matt mumbled quietly. -05:45 Aug 14
Hamish: "...I could hit him a bit if ye' want, sarge?" Hamish offered. "See if that gets some sense oot 'eh him?" -05:46 Aug 14
"Claude! Jean-Pierre!" yelled a voice, coming round the next corner towards Astrid. "Vous avez volé mes cigarettes, vous les bâtards! Où sont vous? Je dis aux allemands quand ils arrivent ici!" -Turner

Matt Dean: "Ten minutes... The clock is tickin', tickin', tickin'." -05:47 Aug 14
Hamish: Hamish brought his arm back and slammed it into Matt's stomach with unnecessary force, just as he heard the french voices. "Oh, fuck me..." -05:48 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof's eyes bulged as he heard the other voice. He grabbed Astrid's hand and pushed her out of the way before grabbing one of the unconcious guards. "Someone else, help get the other one!" -05:49 Aug 14
Turner: "No time!" Turner hissed. "We need to hide these bodies." He turned to Krystof, signalling for him to help as he grabbed the leg of the first guard and began dragging him. -05:49 Aug 14
Matt Dean: A small giggle emerged from Matt. "That guard will be taken care of by Astrid.... Weee need to go and...." The man yawned. He was sleepy. -05:50 Aug 14
Turner: Turner and Krystof dragged the guards into one of the exhibit rooms, which was full of Roman pottery. It was dark in here, and cold. They didn't know if the others were following. -05:51 Aug 14
Hamish: Hamish turned and looked Matt straight in the eyes, fixing the man with his best death-stare. "Any more shite that endangers the mission, and I will kill you on the spot. Got it?" With a growl he released Matt and moved to help the others move the bodies. -05:51 Aug 14
"Je ne deviens pas payé assez pour cette merde!" muttered the third guard as he rounded the corner. He was so busy checking his pockets that he didn't see Astrid and Matt still lingering in the corridor -Turner
Matt Dean: Matt got up on his legs and looked idly around. They were all going the wrong direction. The guards. They needed to head that way. Matt moved to where the boomerang landed and picked it up. "Ze guards, ze guards." He said as he sling the boomerang at the the new guard. -05:54 Aug 14
Astrid: "Merde," Astrid whispered and shoved Matt down the corridor, just as the boomerang whizzed over the guard's head. -05:54 Aug 14
The boomerang clattered against the wall behind the guard. He looked up, only to see a lone half-Manouche cleaning lady. -Astrid
Krystof: All Krystof could see from the door as he turned to peek out, assured the guards were out of site was a boomerang whizzing past again, his hand retrieving the revolver at his side, prepared to shoot if he had to, and he really hoped that he wouldn't have to... -05:56 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt glared at Astrid. She ruined his aim. He cursed lightly. -05:57 Aug 14
The guard looked up, blinking as a boomerang hit the wall behind him. "Que le fait de baiser?" He stared at Astrid blankly. "Hé! Que faites-vous toujours ici, la femme ? Ce n'est aucun temps pour nettoyer la merde!" -Turner
Hamish: The guard stared at Astrid, clearly taken aback by her appearance. That was all the opening Hamish needed. -05:57 Aug 14
Hamish: As the guard began to speak, Hamish surged out of the darkness and grabbed the man, clamping one arm over his mouth and the other around his throat. -05:58 Aug 14
Hamish: As the frenchman was choked into unconsciouness, Hamish dragged him into the shadows once more. Quick. Silent. Efficient. Exactly the way he was taught to do the job. "We're clear." -05:59 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt stood up, looked at the guard that was being handled by Hamished and smiled at him. He then quickly went behind and headed for the way the guard had come from. -05:59 Aug 14
Krystof: As Matt ran off Krystof shot a glance at the rest of the crew and dashed after him, the revolver still clutched tightly in his hand. "Wait! Don't go alone! We need the others!" He cried out as loudly as he dared while still following the strange man. -06:01 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid massaged her temples. "Right. Three bodies, two alive, one dead no problem." -06:01 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt turned his head in Krystof's direction. "Will I still be strangled against the wall?" He laughed a bit, but stopped and waited. -06:02 Aug 14
Hamish: "Dunne go forgetting one FUCKIN' loon-bag..." Hamish snarled as he watched Matt wander away. -06:03 Aug 14
Astrid: ((Oops, sorry, no one is dead. My mistake.)) -06:03 Aug 14
Matt Dean: He stood for several seconds before his mind gained control again. He jumped up and down silently as he began to walk the same way he was going. "Three thousand..." He said quietly. -06:05 Aug 14
Turner: Having hid the men behind a display case and disabled their weapons, Turner wiped his brow and moved back to Angus and Astrid. "Not the best of starts. Now, where are those two other lads?" -06:05 Aug 14
Turner: (Hamish, sorry) -06:06 Aug 14
Astrid: ((Also, Matt, we appreciate your quirky individuality, but for the sake of this game, could we please stop laboring under the delusion that the Allies would dispatch a barely funchtioning mental patient on a time-sensitive mission?)) -06:06 Aug 14
Astrid: ((Gah, there's a 'we' where there should be an 'I', you'll figure it out)) -06:07 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof kept an eye on where Matt had gone but stayed put, hoping the others would find him soon, he was worried that strange man would get them caught and that was the last thing he needed, especially if the SS were involved. "Turner! Hamish! Astrid! This way!" He cried out, his voice scarcely louder than his standard talking voice. -06:08 Aug 14
Hamish: "They went this way, sarge," Hamish motioned with his head as he began to move after the pair, "Let's catch up 'fore that nutter breaks summat." -06:09 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid righted herself and followed the others out of the stairwell. -06:09 Aug 14
Turner: "Roger," said the sergeant, following after the other two with his pistol ready. "The stress of it all must've gotten to the boy. No stiff upper lip and all that." -06:10 Aug 14
Hamish: "Honest, sarge?" Hamish kept his pistol drawn as well. "I reckon he was bonkers when he got on the plane. Typical o' fuckin' command, sendin' a madman along on this sorta mission..." -06:12 Aug 14
Turner: "They didn't even tell me what his specialism was," Turner whispered back to Hamish as they crept down the shadowy corridor. "They just said he 'knew things' and was invaluable to the mission." -06:13 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt turned abruptly after he got several feet down the hall and then came back down to where Krystof was. He said nothing and idly leaned against the wall. -06:14 Aug 14
Astrid: "Zere's a maintance closet in ze' room ahead," Astrid interjected. "We can hide ze guards in zere." -06:14 Aug 14
Hamish: "Well, you be sure te' write them a strongly worded letter aboot it when we get back, aye?" Hamish said with a grin. -06:14 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof turned to look at Matt as he returned. "Oh there you are, wait here until the others catch up with us...we need to stick together." He nodded seriously and pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. -06:16 Aug 14
Matt Dean: ((Dinner. ---> brb)) -06:17 Aug 14
Turner: "The guards can stay where they are," Turner replied. "We don't have time to hide them properly. We have to get the Heart." -06:17 Aug 14
Astrid: ((I seem to keep missing invaluable information. Reformatting, please continue as if I am trailing along zombie like for the moment)) -06:17 Aug 14
Turner: As they caught up with Krystof they found Matt leaning against the wall, his eyes glazed and distant. The sergeant advanced and slapped the youngster hard across the face. "Snap out of it, Mr Dean. You'll get us all killed at this rate." But the words didn't seem to reach him. Matt merely slumped against the wall, coming down into a crouch. -06:20 Aug 14
Hamish: "Fan-fuckin-tastic," Hamish grumbled, "first he nearly gets us caught, now he goes an' pitches a fuckin' hissie-fit." -06:21 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt looked up at both of them. He understood. They didn't want him. He stayed silent. -06:22 Aug 14
Matt Dean: ((Back.)) -06:22 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof was relieved to see the others finally catch up. "This one's a handful." he said, pointing to Matt before turning his gaze down the hall. "He started heading off that way, my best guess is to head that direction, unless Astrid has another way?" -06:22 Aug 14
Hamish: "Let meh know which pencil-pushin' bastard it was at command who decided it'd be a bright idea te' bring this fuckwit along," he continued, picking Matt up and slinging him over his shoulder, "I'll put mah fuckin' foot up his arse." -06:22 Aug 14
Ahead of them, an open gallery awaited, lit here and there by a few remaining bulbs. It was full of pictures from Persia and Israel - great oil paintings of angels and Biblical scenes. And down the centre were statues of saints and mythical creatures. -Turner
Hamish: "Still, leave nae man behind. Where we goin' the noo?" -06:23 Aug 14
Hamish: Hamish stayed in the middle, still assuming Matt to be unresponsive over his shoulder. As they stepped into the gallery he whistled. "Here sarge, what's the mission policy on lootin' again?" -06:25 Aug 14
Turner: Turner checked his map, which hung in a command pouch around his neck. "Right, the Statue Room up ahead. The Sumerian exhibit should be just beyond this..." -06:25 Aug 14
Turner: He ignored Hamish's question. -06:25 Aug 14
Matt Dean: "Put me down." He said in Hamish's ear. If it was one thing he didn't like, it was not being on his feet. But he did stop arguing when he saw the gallery. Looking around, it was quite pretty. He could feel it as they got closer to the statue. -06:26 Aug 14
Hamish: "Yoo decided yer moving again, eh?" Hamish said, placing Matt down on the ground but holding him in place long enough to whisper "Mind what I said, aye? You fuck around and nearly get us spotted again, and I'll fuckin' kill ye." -06:27 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof followed just behind the others, taking careful note of all the pieces of artwork around him, the jewel itself didn't seem to be in the room with them but he still holstered his gun and started pulling the pouch containing his lockpicking tools open to make sure he had everything he needed. -06:27 Aug 14
Across the room, near the double oak doors at the far end, moonlight came through the skylight and illuminated the fat, black-furred French bulldog that lay asleep there. It clearly belong to one of the guards. -Turner
Astrid: "Zere are three entrances to ze' Heart," Astrid pointed them out on Turner's map. "Zere are guards posted at each, zey work in twelve hour shifts. 'Zen, zere is ze' alarm system." Astrid glanced to the others present, before turning back to the map. -06:29 Aug 14
Matt Dean: From inside the back of his pants, Matt brought out a pistol. Something was obviously troubling him if he did this. His eyes flashed to Hamish as he bagan to fall into the man's footsteps near him. -06:29 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid trailed off when she spotted the dog. "'allo... he wasn't zere earlier." -06:29 Aug 14
Turner: Turner froze, standing perfectly still beside Astrid as he eyed the dog. "Is that a friendly pooch?" -06:30 Aug 14
Hamish: "He can be dealt wi' easily enough, love," Hamish muttered, nodding to his pistol, "It's a fuckin' vicious lookin' thing; best te kill it from a distance." -06:30 Aug 14
Matt Dean: He looked at the dog. "Dun think he'll harm us." He said. "But he will make a lot of noise." He whispered. -06:32 Aug 14
Astrid: ((6 hour shifts, not twelve hour. You guys are saints. :B)) -06:32 Aug 14
The dog rolled onto its back, giving a little groan as it dreamed peacefully -Turner
Hamish: "...I say we shoot it, jus' te' be safe." -06:33 Aug 14
Astrid: "... I say you say...'let sleeping dogs lie'?" -06:34 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt dug out a bullet and gave it to Hamish. "The bullet isn't enough to kill, but it will paralyze him." -06:34 Aug 14
Hamish: "...fuck tha', I say we shoot it. Wee bastard could alert they guards, set the whole place on us." Hamish was looking at the dog uncomfortably. -06:34 Aug 14
Hamish: "Bullet's a bullet, lad." Hamish looked at the offered round with a perplexed expression. -06:36 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof's gaze drifted across the dog and then towards other areas that he might find an alternate way around the pooch without killing it, although if they did decide to shoot it he wouldn't have many qualms. "Decide what you will Turner." -06:36 Aug 14
Turner: Turner raised an eyebrow at Matt as he held out a slightly smaller bullet to Hamish. Then he scratched his jaw and made his decision. "Right, take the shot, Hamish. Needs must and all that." -06:38 Aug 14
Matt Dean: "The bullet begins to dissolve once it's been fired. It's almost like a tranq dart." He shrugged. He could be smart sounding when he wanted to be. -06:38 Aug 14
Hamish: "Son, that's nae gonna fit this here weapon," he nodded to his pistol as he raised it into position, "Needs must indeed, sarge." He squeezed the trigger. -06:39 Aug 14
Astrid: "Zis is ridiculous," Astrid looked at the men in annoyance. "We are thieves, not assassins." -06:40 Aug 14
With a slight yelp the dog fell back onto its side, blood pooling around it as it lay still. The way was clear -Turner
Turner: "Right," said Turner. "Mr Krystof, the door, if you will." He gestured to the heavy oak double doors, which had been locked by the night staff to seal off the corridor to the Sumerian wing. -06:41 Aug 14
Hamish: "Ye might be a thief, love," Hamish said with a grin, "I'm jus' the soldier." -06:41 Aug 14
Matt Dean: MAtt closed his eyes as he heard the yelp. He gripped the pistol he had in his hand and then slowly opened his again, completely shutting out the dead dog on the floor. He looked at Krystof who Turner mentioned and then at the door. -06:42 Aug 14
Krystof: A small pang of sadness echoed inside Krystof as he stepped to the large oak doors, pulling his picking tools out and began setting to work. "This shouldn't be much of a problem, looks like a relatively easy lock." He nodded, one of the tools protruding from between his teeth. -06:42 Aug 14
Turner: Turner moved back to Astrid. "So three entrances, you say? And do you know exactly where the heart is being exhibited?" -06:47 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid turned her attention momentarily to Krystof, watching him work. The man certainly was skilled. Even she would have trouble picking most of these locks, but his tools made not a sound as he quickly worked the lock. -06:50 Aug 14
Astrid: Turner's question brought her back. "Oui. Three entrances. Ze Sumerian Exhibit leads to one of 'zem. Ze other exhibits are Ancient Greece and Rome." -06:52 Aug 14
Astrid: "In ze' center is ze fourth exhibit: Ancient Egypt. Ze Heart is sere." -06:53 Aug 14
Hamish: Hamish checked his watch. "Then tha's where we're gonne need te' head straight te'. We're starting te' run oot e' time." -06:54 Aug 14
Matt Dean: "Rome. Wouldn't Rome be a good choice to follow through? Greece was a lot of happy and love and stuff. Rome had a lot of wars and fighting, something that wouldn't be expected for a Heart Statue. Probably with less guards, too. And we can think of a good plan to get around the systems while we don't have any guards to worry about." Matt sighed. "Hamish right. Time." He pointed straight. "Time. Guards are time consuming. Left would be rome and right is greece." He looked over to Astrid. "You?" He asked, as he tucked his pistol back into the back of his pants. -06:57 Aug 14
Krystof: With a couple of clicks Krystof had finished unlocking the door and pushed it open as quietly as it would go, his tools being put back in their place, he meticulously checked to make sure they were all just as he had removed them, his hand resting on his pistol and looking back at the others. "After you." -06:58 Aug 14
Astrid: "Ze Heart of Ishtar is being held in 'ze Egyptian exhibit." Astrid gestured to the door Krystof was currently opening. "Through zere is 'se Sumerian exhibit. Each exhibit leads to the Heart at 'ze center exhibit. But each entrance is guarded. It makes little difference which exhibit we take to get zere." -07:00 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid directed her explanation more toward Matt. -07:01 Aug 14
Matt Dean: He grunted. -07:02 Aug 14
Hamish: "So we pick the one closest, kill the guards, grab the statue and get the fuck outta here." Hamish reloaded his pistol. "Simple enough, aye?" -07:03 Aug 14
Turner: "Good work, Krystof," Turner said, before looking back at Matt and Astrid. "No time for debate. The Sumerian Exhibit is the most direct route. If we don't want Gerry on our heels, we'll have to take it." Leading the way, Turner moved into the corridor ahead, adding over his shoulder. "And we don't know for sure that it's a statue." -07:03 Aug 14
Hamish: "Aye, let's get--" Hamish stopped mid-sentence and mid-step when he heard what Turner had added. "Sorry, come again on that last part, sarge?" -07:05 Aug 14
Turner: "All we know is it's a jewel. Intelligence has no idea whether its a separate piece or part of something else. When they moved it from the museum in Paris it was in a closed truck, guarded by French military. We don't have any information on it except the picture on that card. -07:06 Aug 14
The whispering came softly into Matt's head, a language that he knew and did not know... a voice that promised and pleaded... a voice that would reward him... -Turner
Krystof: Nodding, Krystof followed the others, he didn't dare raise any objections or questions, he was just happy to be working against Hitler, after all, his civilian viewpoint probably wouldn't be as important. Besides it all, he was actually having fun, something he hadn't thought was possible up until recently. -07:08 Aug 14
Hamish: "Oh fuckin' great..." Hamish muttered, moving in behind Turner... -07:09 Aug 14
Astrid: "No one has ever seen 'ze Heart of Ishtar up close," Astrid added she accompanied the men. "It has never been open for public view. Not since it was discovered." -07:12 Aug 14
Hamish: "Makes us the lucky ones, I guess," Hamish said with a chuckle, "I jus' wish I could see the look on Hitler's face when he finds oot we pinched it fe' right under his nose." -07:14 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt looked up. "It's a jewel that is worth more than any man could imagine. It is the last known artifact of something....great. It can be used in ways thought possible. It is a part of something else, but that other half has been missing for milinia. But this is the center peice, the heart of the jewel." He spoke in an absent tone. "The jewel is fixated into place by a four-hinged piece of metal that is bolted into a cement stand. The cement stand itself is cemented into the ground. And the security system is..." He stopped, and looked at everyone. "You live or you die." -07:14 Aug 14
Matt Dean: (( thought impossible *** )) -07:15 Aug 14
Hamish: ((Thought Tegs and Asmo were the GMs...?) -07:18 Aug 14
The voice whispered gratefully in Matt's ear, thanking him for saying this. It was a woman's voice, soft and loving. It longed for him... it loved him... it moaned as he said the words. -Turner
Matt Dean: ((x___x; I thought that was what Turner meant... You guys can ignore that if it wasn't. )) -07:19 Aug 14
Turner: ((It's okay. We're like the Borg. We've adapted)) -07:19 Aug 14
Up ahead, the corridor widened to a lobby area. There, before the grand archway that led to the Sumerian Exhibit, a table had been set up. Four guards were sat around it, a haze of cigar smoke above their heads as they dealt the next hand of poker. -Turner
Hamish: Now they moved into Hamish's area of expertise. "Jus' four of the bastards, eh? Reckon we can handle that, sarge?" -07:22 Aug 14
Krystof: "Do prdele!" Krystof murmured as he looked at the group of guards ahead with their game of poker. He wondered if he should hide again or make a stand and try to take out the guards with the others. He finally decided on a wait and help approach, he'd follow whatever lead the others decided to do, his hand retrieving his revolver yet again. -07:22 Aug 14
Astrid: "You don't understand," Astrid shook her head, looking troubled, before they moved on to the lobby. She eyed the four guards, noting the bored expressions on their faces. "We don't want to make a commotion, zere is an alarm against that wall," Astrid pointed to a red button, encased in glass, against the North wall. "We cannot let 'zem set of 'zat alarm." -07:24 Aug 14
Turner: Turner crouched behind a statue in the corridor, looking ahead into the lobby. "Gonna be damned difficult keeping things quiet now..." -07:24 Aug 14
Astrid: ((...She shook her head in response to Hamish's statement)) -07:24 Aug 14
Hamish: "Shite, frenchie's got a point there..." Hamish muttered, scanning the room, "We could try encircling them and taking them oot 'fore they could raise the alarm?" -07:26 Aug 14
Hamish: "Or should we do things a wee bit mer quietly?" -07:26 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt looked at Hamish. "The bullets I have... They're silent and take two minutes to take place. If you can shoot four rounds in two minutes, I think....think you'll be fine." He mumbled, taking his pistol out and offering it to Hamish. Matt couldn't shoot a gun if his life depended on it. -07:27 Aug 14
Turner: Turner looked at Matt again, watching him offer the gun to Hamish. It didn't look like anything he recognised. If he had to guess, he would say that Mr Dean was an American. No wonder he had got on the team, if the people backing him could design such technology. -07:30 Aug 14
Astrid: "Non!" Astrid hissed, crouching between Hamish and the guards. -07:31 Aug 14
Astrid: The woman's eyes were angry and wild, as if she would pounce on Hamish at any second. -07:32 Aug 14
Astrid: "If you accept 'zose bullets, I will stop you." -07:32 Aug 14
"Bien," said one of the guards around the table as he sorted through his poker chips. "Je verrai vos vingt et vous élèverai... Matisse, mon bouledogue." The others laughed and drank their wine. -Turner
Krystof: Krystof couldn't help himself as he reached out and grabbed Astrid, pulling her back and away from the soldier. "Go ahead, it's probably our only option..." He spoke quietly, wrapping his arm around the French woman's waist as best he could. -07:33 Aug 14
Hamish: "Alright love, calm yer wrath..." Hamish said placatingly, shaking his head at the offered pistol, "if you dun wanne go the violent route what de you suggest?" -07:33 Aug 14

Turner: "Ridicule!" said another guard. "Ce qui je faire avec votre vieux bouledogue puant? Il est gros et indolent. Je ne le mangerais pas même!" -07:34 Aug 14
Astrid: Some of the fury cooled from Astrid's eyes as she regarded each of the soldiers. "Know 'zis: I am a thief and I am French, like 'zem. I will not allow you to kill 'zese innocent men." -07:36 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt looked at Astrid. "They do not kill. They paralyze." He said simply, hoping she'd calm down. -07:37 Aug 14
Hamish: "I could jus' shoot them a little, if that'd make ye feel any better," Hamish said with a grin. -07:37 Aug 14
Matt Dean: "They last for an hour." -07:37 Aug 14
Krystof: "JUST DO IT!" Krystof shouted, forgetting to keep his voice down, and he cringed as he knew that the guards had heard him. -07:38 Aug 14
The Guards jolted, turning in their seats, cigar dropping from their mouths. Four pairs of eyes peered down the corridor and clocked the team. -Turner
Astrid: Astrid stared at Krystof in horror, then quickly hissed to the others. "Hide!" -07:39 Aug 14
Hamish: Hamish was rising to his feet before Krystof had even finished shouting. The pistol came up... -07:39 Aug 14
Hamish: ...and he began firing in quick bursts. -07:39 Aug 14
"VOLEURS!" screamed one of the guards and the others lunged for their rifles. -Turner
Hamish: Stacked together, the guards were easy targets. -07:40 Aug 14
One of the guards fell back, riddled with bullets, while another was caught in the arm and chest, crashing down through the table, which broke beneath his weight. The other two dashed to left and right, taking cover behind the lobby pillars as they yelled for help. -Turner
Matt Dean: Matt grabbed Krystof and Astrid as Hamish fired, pulling them away and slipping around the guards as they got shot at. He headed for the other side. "Stay here, we should. As they finish the guards off!" He knew they were calling for more. Something had to be done quick. -07:42 Aug 14
Turner: "You damned fools!" Turner yelled, rushing forward into the lobby and diving behind a display case. It wasn't long before the two guards were returning fire, snapping rifle shots at the corridor. -07:42 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof pushed Astrid to the side and pulled his revolver free as he fired at the two guards that had survived the first barrage of bullets, his aim left something to be desired however and he missed all three of his shots before he dashed to the side with Matt -07:42 Aug 14
Matt Dean: ((eheh... ignore my post. ^^; )) -07:42 Aug 14
Hamish: "CUNTS!!" Hamish snarled. The pistol snapped back into it's holster, the rifle came up. It's rounds were powerful and heavy-hitting; with luck he could punch through the cover the soldiers were behind. He dove into cover and brought the rifle up, squeexing off shots as the guards appeared from behind the pillars. -07:42 Aug 14
"AIDE! AIDE! RECEVEZ LE FAIT DE BAISER DANS ICI!" The shouts and the roar of the rifle shots filled the museum, signalling the rest of the militia. Beyond the windows, dogs were barking and vehicle engines stuttering into life. -Turner
Astrid: "Amateurs!" Astrid shouted over the bullets and hellfire, livid. From her place on the marble floor, she could just spy the body of the first guard, behind him was the Sumerian exhibit entrance. These men were completely incompetent, she could sneak her way in while they drew fire, she was sure of it. -07:45 Aug 14
Turner: Turner leapt from behind the display case, landing on his side with his pistol outstretched. He squeezed the trigger and the bullet tore through the ankle of the third guard. The Frenchman fell backwards, screaming and clutching his foot. -07:46 Aug 14
Hamish: They were up shit-creak now, and they seemed to be missing a paddle... -07:46 Aug 14
Hamish: As the fourth gaurd pulled himself from cover to fire upon Turner, Hamish snapped the rifle off and put two through the man's chest. -07:47 Aug 14
The voice called to Matt... painful, longing... waiting for him. It seemed to echo from beyond the Sumerian exhibit, like a hand outstretched... beckoning him to her -Turner
Astrid: She'd been working it in her head for years. Matt and Krystof were busy holding off the remaining guards, Hamish and Turner on the other side of the room. As the soldiers exchanged shots with the guards, Astrid crawled, quick and silent, until she was past the exhibit entrance. -07:48 Aug 14
Hamish: "WE ARE IN FUCKIN' TROUBLE THE NOO, LADS!" -07:48 Aug 14
Krystof: "Maybe we should send out the girl, they might like her better or at least she can take the fall!" Krystof shouted over the gunfire as he reloaded his own revolver and peeked around the corner to see how the others were faring. -07:48 Aug 14
There were shouts and clomping boots as the statue gallery behind them flooded with militia. Krystof and Matt were still in the corridor leading from it, and shots began to thud into the wall around them. -Turner
Hamish: More guards stormed in from other parts of the museum; Hamish managed to pick off a few as they were moving but most made it to cover. "MIND YER HEEDS, BOYS! GET TE' FUCKIN' COVER!" -07:50 Aug 14
Matt Dean: He looked around as he heard the rest coming. Maybe they could.... But how would he be able to get the team together again? In his head, he heard it. He looked back at the exhibit... In the mayhem, he pulled Astrid aside. "You're a thief? Me and you need to get in that exhibit, get the heart, and get out. The guards will then be after us. The rest of the team will be able to get away. There's places in here that we can hide." He looked around. "We only have ten minutes" -07:50 Aug 14
Hamish: ((Isn't Astrid now on the others side of the room from Matt?)) -07:51 Aug 14
Hamish: ((Teleportation, yo.)) -07:51 Aug 14
Astrid: ((*types faster*)) -07:52 Aug 14
Matt Dean: ((Let's go with Astrid typing faster. >.> )) -07:52 Aug 14
Astrid: ((Sorry for the leap of implausibility, preventing clusterfucks)) -07:52 Aug 14
Turner: Fuller returned to the corridor, taking cover by the statue opposite Krystoff. They fired towards the statue gallery, keeping the miliitia away from the oak doors. "Should've locked them behind us, what!" he yelled across to the locksmith. -07:54 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof ducked down as the statue he was hiding behind was peppered with gunfire. With a smirk he pushed his glasses back up and nodded to Turner. "Still think we should sacrafice the girl though!" He cried out, reaching around and shooting at the fresh onset of guards pouring in. "And if I'd thought we'd run into this I would've locked the door!" -07:56 Aug 14
Turner: "Bit too late for hindsight, old boy!" Turner yelled back, reloading and firing again. -07:57 Aug 14
Hamish: Diving to and from cover, Hamish slid into a heavy case nearby to Krystof and Turner. "HINDSIGHT'S A WONDERFUL THING, BUT NOW'S NO THE TIME; KEEP FUCKIN' SHOOTIN'!" -07:57 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof's aim was slowly getting better as the gunfight seemed to wear on, although his stock of bullets was being rapidly depleted and he'd soon have to use other tactics if he wanted get out of this alive. He nodded to Hamish and turned back to continue shooting. -07:59 Aug 14
Hamish: ((I'm afraid I must depart, all; I leave Hamish in the hands of Asmodeus. Cheers for the game!)) -08:01 Aug 14
[Hamish logged out of the chat.] -((08:01 Aug 14))
[Astrid ] -08:02 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid and Matt had to crawl their way to the Sumerian exhibit in bursts, occasionally stopping under and around statues and remains of ancient architecture to avoid being filled with bullets. "Oui!" Astrid lied between bursts of gunfire raging behind them. "We can get to 'ze Heart if we work together!" -08:02 Aug 14
Astrid: ((GRAAAAGH)) -08:02 Aug 14
The voice pleaded... it sobbed... the tears of a lover... longing for her beloved... longing to be reunited... The whispers became louder, echoing through Matt's mind. -Turner
[Astrid was timed out by force!] -08:02 Aug 14
[Astrid was timed out by force!] -08:02 Aug 14
Matt Dean: ((-__-; either that was my fault, or there's two mods in here..)) -08:03 Aug 14
Astrid and Matt crawled into the Sumerian Exhibit, where pieces had been carefully placed to tell a story. Astrid remembered some of the legend on display here. It was the Epic of Gilgamesh, the human king who sought immortality and caught the eye of the Goddess Ishtar. -Turner
Krystof: ((We're both too quick on the draw >_>;)) -08:03 Aug 14
[Astrid that quick to get rid of me, huh?] -08:04 Aug 14
Gilgamesh fought the beasts of the old world, with his friend and companion, Enkidu, ever at his side. And when he rejected the love of the Goddess Ishtar, she fell into a rage and convinced the other gods to drown the world. The Great Flood came and disaster overtook the world. -Turner
Matt Dean: The voice rambled in Matt's mind. It was there, calling to him. Sadness filled his heart, yet his heart pounded fast as it wanted to get to the voice....he wanted to hold and comfort it. He looked at Astrid. "We, together. We work." He said. -08:06 Aug 14
Enkidu was mortally wounded, and Gilgamesh was forced to watch him die... his only friend... his brother in arms. Grief-stricken and terrified of his own mortality, Gilgamesh travelled through the flooding world and sought the secrets of immortality, hiding always from the lustful chase of the Goddess Ishtar. -Turner
Turner: Turner ducked back behind the statue, sighing as he unclipped something from his belt. "Damned shame to be using this in such a pretty place." He swung back and tossed the grenade down the hallway. "Hold onto you hat, Krystof." The sergeant covered his ears. -08:09 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof did as he was instructed, plugging his ears and closing his eyes, waiting for the inevitable "boom" that was to follow. He could only hope the others wouldn't be caught in the blast. -08:11 Aug 14
Astrid: They were making their way deeper and deeper into the museum, the sounds of gunfire were farther behind now, and if they heard guards coming from the other direction, towards the main lobby, they merely had to hide in the massive exhibit. "We're almost 'zere, Matt. 'Zere will be more guards around 'ze Heart, we will have to get past 'zem." -08:11 Aug 14
BOOM! The oak doors were blown from their hinges and back into the statue room, flattening a dozen of the militia and showering the best in dust and shrapnel. -Turner
Matt Dean: Matt nodded. He knew all about that. He guessed he could get around those guards. Astrid would have to help. He stuck by her as they neared the exhibit. -08:13 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof coughed as the dust settled where he was hiding. "Is everyone okay? At least, those of us that shoudl be?" He called out, hoping the two other men were still in fighting order. -08:14 Aug 14
"The Epic of Gilgamesh has many parallels with the story of Noah... the story of a man fleeing the floods and trying to save what little was left. The tale of Gilgamesh predates the bible and is hailed as the first recorded story ever discovered by archaeologists." This was the message written on the plague above the second archway of the Sumerian Exhibiton. Passing through it, Matt and Astrid were now in sight of the final chamber, where the Heart of Ishtar lay. -Turner
The guards posted around the Heart of Ishtar were much different from the ones in the lobby. First of all, they wore only uniforms of black, second, they were obviously not French and third, they appeared ready to shoot anything that came near the Heart. -Astrid
Turner: Turner and Hamish got up and stood beside Krystof, looking down the corridor and the ruined statue room, where the militia were dazed and defeated. Hamish gave a cheer and Turner grinned. "Well, chaps. I think we've won the d--" BAM! A shot tore down the corridor out of the smoke and ripped through Hamish's chest. The Scotsman fell, coughing a spray of blood. "No!" Turner yelled, catching his teammate and pulling him back into cover. -08:19 Aug 14
Astrid: "We'll have to work together," Astrid murmured as she pulled her cleaning lady dress over her shoulders. Beneath she wore a men's vest and trousers, strapped under arms her arms were twin blades. "Zink you can do 'zat?" -08:19 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt nodded and pulled out the pistol that Hamish had not taken earlier. Could he shoot the gun? He'd have to try. -08:21 Aug 14
Krystof: "DAMN!" Krystof cried out reaching out to Hamish as he saw the bullethole appear in the Scotsman's chest. Checking his pistol for how many rounds he had left he cautiously looked around the corner, ready to shoot the assailant that had managed to kill one of the team. -08:21 Aug 14
Turner: "Hamish... hold on, old boy... it's alright... you're going to be fine..." The Sergeant held Hamish close, even as the Scotsman's eyes fluttered. The Scotsman's breathing was growing shallower, blood oozing from the chest wound. -08:23 Aug 14
Astrid: "'Zen take 'ze two to 'ze right," she kicked Matt square in the back, sending out in front of the guards then reached into her vest and withdrew her own pistol, -08:23 Aug 14
And then a voice, powerful, confident, and clearly not French, boomed down the corridor from the smoke. "You vill surrender now, Eenglish. Ve 'ave you surrounded." The accent was unmistakeable.... German. -Turner
Astrid: Astrid grinned when the guards started firing, before crouched low and shot at the two to Matt's left, covering him. They weren't French, she could afford to get her hands dirty if it would save time. -08:25 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt quickly pulled up the pistol, closed his eyes, and shot the bullets at the two on the right. He heard the bullets hit home, as the two minute perioud began to place and before long paralyzed both of the guards. -08:25 Aug 14
Matt Dean: ((began to take place** )) -08:25 Aug 14
Astrid: The guards Astrid was taking care of did not go down so easily. She was not as good a shot as Matt, but in the end, she managed to take one out by shooting out his kneecaps and the other with two bullets to his right shoulder. Astrid watched as Matt made his way toward toward the central display. She was hoping the guards would help her be rid of him. -08:29 Aug 14
Astrid: She would have to take him out soon, so she could escape with the Heart. -08:31 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt made his way to the Heart, looking at it; studying it. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. His heart jumped and pounded for it. He would say this was love. -08:36 Aug 14
Hamish's eyes fell shut and his body became still. Through the smoke beyond Turner and Krystof, the Germans advanced, a full squad of SS Commandors with rifles raised, and at their head, in black trenchcoat, the smiling Gestapo Offier. "Come out, little thieves. Your game is up." -Turner
[Astrid ] -08:38 Aug 14
[Astrid was timed out by force!] -08:38 Aug 14
The chamber Matt was standing in was small and dark, cluttered with old relics. Behind him, a sarcophagus was mounted to the wall. But the heart was mounted in the centre, lit by a single bulb... the centrepiece of the relics. -Turner
The voice groaned with delight, laughing joyfully as Matt approached. -Turner
Krystof: "Tch, I don't think I'll be giving up that easily." Krystof said aloud, firing blindly around the corner of the statue until it was empty and then stood, hoping that he might be able to push the statue over on anyone coming near him. -08:40 Aug 14
The exhibits joined in the center of the museum, there they placed the Heart of Ishtar. Matt had gotten ahead of her, Astrid had to run, full speed through the statues and scrolls to catch up to him. -Astrid
By the time Krystof had emptied his pistol in wild and wayward shots, the Commandos had charged in. A rifle butt slammed into his head and knocked him to the ground, Nazi boots pinning his arms and legs. Beside him, Turner stood and dropped his pistol, surrendering as the Gestapo Officer smiled and removed his gloves. -Turner
"The sarcophagus..." whispered the voice, pulsing from inside the Heart, "Take me there.... please.... please...." -Turner
Astrid: Astrid skidded to a halt, just at the chamber's entrance. She was sure Matt had not yet heard her come up behind him, by the way he was staring at the sarcophogas. Such a strange man, but she would never know what his story was. -08:44 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt looked at the heart. He wanted to hold it. He looked at the sarcophagus. He needed to put the heart back into the.... Suddenly, his hands began to work. His eyes went dull, as if in space, as his hands worked their ways through the system, to the the heart. -08:47 Aug 14
Matt's hands worked as if possessed, releasing the catches and disabling the locking mechanisms with dextrous skill. In seconds the Heart was in his hands and he raised it, crimson light filling the chamber, the jewel heavy and warm within his hands. -Turner
Astrid: As he held the Heart aloft, Matt felt something hard and metallic pressed against his spine. "I believe you you say... keep your hands up, or I shoot." -08:51 Aug 14
"Now..." spoke the Gestapo Officer as Turner and Krystof were forced against the wall and held at gunpoint. "I vill ask you only vunce. Vere is the Heart of Ishtar?" -Turner
The voice gave a painful sob. It wanted to go to the sarcophagus. It begged Matt... pleaded with him... -Turner
Astrid: "I want you to put down the Heart, and step away, slowly..."Astrid continued, oblivious to the voice. -08:53 Aug 14
Matt Dean: Matt giggled. "I said it earlier. The Heart gives impossible powers." He smiled, the Heart in his hands. He spun around, quickly kicking the gun out of the girl's hands and headed to the sarcophagus. -08:53 Aug 14
In front of them, cast in the crimson light, the Sarcophagus of the ancient king... Gilgamesh... awaited... the human loved by Ishtar... the human she would give her heart to... and grant eternal life. -Turner
One of the Stormtroopers slammed his rifle into Krystof's stomach, knocking the air from his lungs. -Turner
Krystof: Krystof groaned, his head was killing him, he felt like his brain was throbbing against his skull. He looked up at the Gestapo Officer. "I don't know exactly...but if you find a french girl around here she seems to have a better idea." Krystof didn't want to lie, they'd know if he was, and he didn't want to end up like his bretheren. -08:56 Aug 14
Turner: "Not that you'll ever find her, you Nazi bastard," Sergeant Turner said, his upper lip stiff as Krystof gasped for air beside him. "I think your Fuhrer is going to be very disappointed tonight." He grinned, even as the Gestapo Officer struck him hard across the face. -08:58 Aug 14
Astrid: Tapestries and scrolls fluttered as Astrid was sent reeling backward from the force of the blow. She was able to catch herself on the empty altar before she joined her pistol's fate: clattering across the floor. Astrid whispered harshly, wiping the blood away from her mouth. "'Zen children like you shouldn't have it." She didn't know what manner of strange magic was happening, now. But she would stop it. "Matt, put down the Heart! It made 'ze last team go mad and murder one another!" -09:00 Aug 14
Astrid: In an act of desperation, Astrid rushed forward, drawing both of her long, mean knives. She would have to kill him if he didn't stop, their time had run out. -09:01 Aug 14
"The sarcophagus" screamed the voice, desperate and loving, "Please... just touch me against him... just let me touch him..." -Turner
Astrid: ((Gaah, scratch out the blood bit. *misses the edit function like crazy*)) -09:02 Aug 14
"I vill count to three," said the Gestapo Officer, drawing a pistol and holding it to Krystof's head. "Tell me vere your companions vent." -Turner
[Matt enters.] -09:06 Aug 14
[Matt Dean was timed out by force!] -09:07 Aug 14
Matt: Matt pulled out the pistol again and pointed it at Astrid. "Two Minutes." He said with a grin. -09:08 Aug 14
That was why the Heart of Ishtar was not shown to the public. The archeological team to originally discover the Heart one by one went mad and killed each other on the night of the Heart's discovery. Investigations into the matter proved fruitless. Museums had kept the artifact out of the public eye out of a strange sense of superstition. -Astrid
Astrid: ((FONDLE THAT COFFIN MATT)) -09:09 Aug 14
The Sarcophagus of Gilgamesh was a foot behind him, within arm's reach. The legend was completed. He who held the love of Ishtar... he who held the Heart of Ishtar... would have the power over life and death... the thing that Gilgamesh had always searched for... the thing that he sought as the Flood drowned his world... -Turner
Krystof: All Krysof could do was roll his head in the direction he had seen the others go. "Th-that way, but it's probably too l-late..." He coughed, a bit of blood coming up and dribbling out from his lips. -09:11 Aug 14
For he had watched his beloved friend, Enkidu, perish in agony and darkness... and for all his days Gilgamesh sought the secret of immortality. -Turner
And for all those days the Goddess Ishtar loved him. -Turner
And now, at last, she had found him again. -Turner
Krystof: ((Krystof)) -09:12 Aug 14
She would grant him what he longed for - the immortality he had sought. For Gilgamesh had seen the face of death upon his friend, and had been terrified by his own mortality, -Turner
And, like Noah, he had tried to save the fragments of his world, haunted by death and suffering, even as he spurned the love of Ishtar. -Turner
Astrid: ((No really, Matt, fondle the coffin plx you don't have to wait for me it's cool)) -09:15 Aug 14
Astrid: ((Asmo's starting to ramble)) -09:16 Aug 14
But now... surely... surely he would give in. Surely, as the Goddess returned him to life... he would consent at last to love her... -Turner
Astrid: ((HE'LL DO THIS ALL NIGHT)) -09:16 Aug 14
Turner: "No, you fool!" Turner snapped at Krystof, but then a rifle butt sent him reeling. -09:17 Aug 14

The Gestapo Officer smiled and waved his commandos through to the Sumerian Exhibit. "Many thanks, Herr Krystof. He pulled the trigger and put a bullet between Krystof's eyes. -Turner
Krystof: His last thoughts were that he didn't care what had happened, he wasn't a soldier, nor was he anyone important, he just hoped his soul would be taken in Heaven. -09:22 Aug 14
Turner: ((Matt, if you're writing a post let us know, otherwise we'll take control)) -09:23 Aug 14
With a manic grin, Matt turned away from Astrid, his eyes clouded and dull from Ishtar's control. Astrid was too late, as the edge of her blade grazed the back of his neck, he lowered the Heart of Ishtar to the sarcophogas. -Astrid
The SS Commandos rushed into the chamber of Ishtar, yelling out as they raised their rifles. There was a crackle of gunfire and Matt was blasted back against the sarcophagus. The Heart tumbled from his hands and rolled against the stone casing of the relic. And then, as if in some bloody torrent, red light pulsed through the room. The soldiers reeled and Astrid buried her head, curling up as the chamber shook. A great rumbling, building from below, rose to deafening pitch, and as Astrid looked up again she saw the Sarcophagus cycling open. -Turner
Turner: Turner lunged up as the vibrations shook the room, knocking aside the pistol of the Gestapo officer and wrestling him to the ground. -09:28 Aug 14
There was laughter, thick and powerful, the voice of a woman in delight. The Heart broke apart like glass around the base of the sarcophagus, dissolving into a swirl of red mist that hovered in front of the vessel, waiting hungrily... -Turner
And then... the lid of the sarcophagus opened fully and inside they saw..... -Turner
Astrid: There was no quietly slipping away this time. It was all Astrid could but to shield herself against the hard floor and look on in horror. -09:31 Aug 14
... Enkidu. -Turner
The red mist - the voice of Ashtar - released a howl of despair, seeing that it was not her beloved inside the coffin, but HIS beloved... the one Gilgamesh had held dear, the one he had cherished... the one he had loved instead of a goddess. The one whose life was so dear to him that he placed his body inside his own coffin for millenia... waiting for this day, -Turner
and in the centre of his mummified chest... the other part of Ishtar's Heart... the part trapped there in the flood, when Gilgamesh had taken it... -Turner
With a scream the mist was dragged inside, the two parts of the Heart united in violent fusion. And as they did the museum shook and the ceiling began to crumble, the rumbling noise building a roar that eclipsed the screeches of the goddess -Turner
And in the cataclysmic light... Enkidu... the champion of Gilgamesh... was reborn. -Turner
From the Sarcophagus he stepped, 7 foot tall, carved in muscle, long dark hair hanging over deep and feral eyes. He stepped over Matt's body, advancing on Astrid. And from behind came all the things that Gilgamesh had buried with him... all the parts of his legacy... all the creatures he had promised immortality from the Flood.... -Turner
And they came out, two by two. -Turner
[Matt has timed out.] -09:40 Aug 14
The first of the Commandos screamed as he was crushed by the foot of an elephant, the mighty beast appearing from the coffin in a twist of flesh and light -Turner
The second elephant - it's mate - came after it, and tore through the wall of the chamber. -Turner
Around its legs, a pair of lions, rushing into the ranks of the Germans and mauling all in their reach. -Turner
Bird flew over Astrid's head, monkeys shrieking around her, snakes and insects slithering in pairs across her hands. -Turner
a Rhino stampeded past Enkidu and slammed into another Nazi, plouging him through the wall. And all the while, Enkidu advanced, his dark eyes beholding this new world -Turner
[Matt Net totally went bonkers. D:] -09:46 Aug 14
Matt: ((Am I still in?)) -09:47 Aug 14
Turner: "My regards to the Fuhrer!" yelled Turner as he broke the Gestapo-man's nose. Getting up, he staggered and blinked, trying to get his bearings. The museum was shaking and dust was falling from the ceiling. "What the devil is going on?" -09:47 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid's eyes flew wide open, and she felt a sudden bolt of panic rise within her. She kept it down. She needed to think. In a surge of controlled motion, Astrid was on her feet, her back to Enkidu as she ran through the swarm of animals. Her blades still drawn and eyes focused ahead, Astrid slashed her way through clouds of insects and swarms of razor-taloned bords. -09:47 Aug 14
Turner: ((You dead, Matt. It's just me and Tegan left now)) -09:47 Aug 14
Astrid: ((Birds.)) -09:47 Aug 14
Astrid: ((I want my bord.)) -09:47 Aug 14
Matt: ((alright! XD )) -09:48 Aug 14
Krystof: ((We get to float around and be ghosts or something)) -09:48 Aug 14
Astrid: The half-corpse of a Nazi was thrown into her path, Astrid kicked it out of her way before rushing through the door, after Turner. -09:49 Aug 14
"I vill see you in hell, Englishman!" roared the Gestapo Officer as he rose behind Turner, pistol extended. He wrapped his finger around the trigger and then !BOOM! The wall of the lobby collapsed and a massive shape moved through it. With a reptilian squeal the Tyrannosaur swung down and closed its jaws around the man's head, lifting him from the ground and devouring him in a single gulp. -Turner
Turner: Turner stood transfixed, his mouth open as he looked up at the T-Rex. And then Astrid came running out of the exhibit and grabbed his arm. -09:51 Aug 14
Astrid: "Merde!" So coming out this way was not the best idea, but she might as well take Turner with her, since she was there. "We can take one of ze other exits!" she shouted over the roars and shrieks. "Where's Krystof?!" -09:53 Aug 14
Turner: Turner was shaken from his senses, finding himself in a world of animals, rushing two-by-two around him. "We're the only ones. Let's go!" -09:54 Aug 14
Camels and gazelles bolted through the breaches in the wall, jostling with cows and sheep. And amid the swirl, Enkidu, with power over life and death, moved with regal stride, bringing down the museum around him. -Turner
Astrid: Astrid sheathed one of her knives and swiftly unbuckled her belt. "Stay with me!" She shouted before pressing her back to his and looping them together at the hip. -09:57 Aug 14
Astrid: ((Calling a takie backie and changing it to wrist to wrist)) -09:59 Aug 14
Astrid: ((*Yowls over Krystof's body*)) -09:59 Aug 14
[Krystof 's body is carried rather uncerimoniously in the horns of a moose] -10:00 Aug 14
Astrid: "Ze Greek Exhibit! We have to get 'zere!" Astrid called as she tore off into the fray with Turner in tow. -10:00 Aug 14
Turner: They ran, their wrists bound together, jostled by the stampeding animals. Birds rushed past their heads and the floor was thick with snakes and rabbits and flailing fish. The stumbled down the corridor to the Greek Exhibit as the museum resounded the crash of tumbling relics and shattering glass -10:01 Aug 14
Astrid: "Zere's an exit that way!" Astrid drove her blade into the flank of a wildcat, before kicking it away. -10:02 Aug 14
With casual sweeps of his hand, Enkidu brought the bodies of Krystof and Matt arching to their feet. The bullets were ripped from them, the blood flowing in reverse and draining back into the closing wounds. Their eyes were replaced with darkness and their hair blanched white. They came onto their feet and moved amidst the swarming animals with newfound purpose. -Turner
Astrid: "Left! Left!" Astrid shrieked as they dodged falling chunks of masonry. -10:04 Aug 14
Turner: Turner saw the east lobby, down a flight of stone steps. He sprinted with all his might, pulling Astrid with him, and they took the steps in double bounds, flanked by horses and grizzly bears. And with a crash they sailed through the glass doors and out into the gardens. -10:05 Aug 14
A troop carrier awaite them at the edge of the courtyard. It was the one the SS had arrived in. The driver had already abandoned it and was running across the fields, chased by leapords and wolves. -Turner
Krystof: Wobbling uneasily, the massive surge of animals around his new-found life lead him towards the team members from before, not knowing anything he teetered along calmly, following behind Astrid and Turner. -10:07 Aug 14
Enkidu moved with his new servants, sweeping through the ruined halls of the museum. His friend, his brother... his mentor... had brought him back, and now he would fulfull the legacy Gilgamesh. He would declare war upon the gods who dared to flood this world... who dared to kill him so horribly... who dared to invent so terrible a thing as death. -Turner
Astrid: The two stumbled in the grass, slick from a fresh rain, the ground quickly trampled to mud. "Do you know how to fly 'zose things?!" Astrid swung herself on Turner's wrist, using his heavier weight to feed her moment as she spun around, delivering a rib-crushing kick to Krystof's chest. -10:08 Aug 14
Astrid: "Watch out!" Astrid's eyes narrowed on the reanimated soldier. -10:09 Aug 14
Astrid: ((*drive)) -10:10 Aug 14
Astrid: ((Momentum)) -10:10 Aug 14
Krystof: A hoarse cry was loosened from his lips as he was kicked. He fell back but charged forward again, grabbing at Astrid's hair, or leg, or whatever it was that he could find a handhold. He was going to bring them back for his new master, his old life slowly fading to the back of his brain. Although it wasn't completely erased. -10:10 Aug 14
Turner: "Of course!" Turner replied as he jumped up into the cab of the troop carrier, flinging out a badger that had decided to curl up in the seat. "Remembering which side of the road to drive on is the hard part." -10:10 Aug 14
Enkidu followed to the Greek Exhibit, Matt and Hamish moving behind him with empty eyes. He would find the way out, and he would swarm across the land, raising the million-fold dead who had fallen in this war. -Turner
Astrid: Astrid screamed, a mixture of pain, terror and rage. She had Turner dragging her by one arm and Krystof yanking at her legs. "Would you just drive?!" She bashed at Krystof's head with the butt of her knife, cursing in French. -10:12 Aug 14
Turner: Turner twisted and pulled Astrid up into the cab, falling with her across the sits. They were squeezed together, wriggling as they tried to get up again. -10:14 Aug 14
Krystof: Whatever pain Krystof would've felt before his previous demise was completely washed away, his grip loosened on her but he continued to flail and come after them, scrabbling at the door of the vehicle, wishing just to fulfill his master's will so he could finally get an eternal slumber. -10:15 Aug 14
Enkidu turned into the main lobby, descending the stairs like a conquering Emperor, Hamish and Matt holding out their arms for perching birds as they followed. At last, Enkidu could see the outside world, a smile forming beneath the stands of his coal-black hair. Soon he would be free. -Turner
Astrid: Astrid brought her knife down in one practiced motion, cutting through the leather that bound them. "Get rid of 'ze zombie! I'll cover us from behind!" She clambered over the seats, to the back of the vehicle. "What to use..." Her eyes widened to saucers, like a child on Christmas morning, as she beheld the rocket launcher lying casually on the floor. -10:17 Aug 14
Astrid: "...Merde." -10:18 Aug 14
Turner: Turner sat up, twisting the key in the ignition and starting the engine. Then he yelled as Krystof came through the door. He fell back across the seats with the zombie on top of him and in the struggle the handbrake was kicked lose. The truck began rolling down the hill away from the museum. -10:19 Aug 14
[Matt has timed out.] -10:20 Aug 14
Enkidu stood in the doorway of the museum, beneath the massive archway, his animals swarming around him. His eyes looked out at the moonlit sky and he raised his arms, ready to proclaim his war against the gods. -Turner
coyotes ran on both sides of the car, barking at them -Astrid
Krystof: Finally! A chance to do his master's bidding! He scrabbled at Turner, his hands grabbing at the man. His hands were wild and crazed as he tried to wrench Turner free from the vehicle, grinning widely. -10:21 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid's hands scrambled over the rocket launcher, checking over it, making sure she had everything in the proper place. Damn, she had never actually gotten to SHOOT one of these before. Astrid hefted it upwards, strugglng under the weight, when the car started to shake then move. "How's it going over 'zere, Turner?!" Astrid called as she tried to take aim to the spot just above the hill. -10:22 Aug 14
Turner: Turner wrestled with Krystof, punching and kicking as he lay beneath the zombie's weight. He couldn't see where the truck was going, but he kept his foot on the steering wheel, keeping the vehicle straight. -10:23 Aug 14
Astrid: "Come on, just a little more," she whispered, her brow beaded with sweat as she strained to hold the heavy weapon steady. -10:23 Aug 14
Turner: "HELP ME, DAMN YOU!" he yelled -10:23 Aug 14
Astrid: "REALLY?! I'm supposed to shoot 'ze big guy!" Grunting, Astrid unsheathed one blade and passed it, onehanded, over the seat to Turner. -10:25 Aug 14
Astrid: "Can't handle your own man?!" -10:25 Aug 14
Turner: He rolled with Krystof into the foot well, the two of them landing against the accelerator. -10:25 Aug 14
Krystof: A loud groan of frustration erupted from Krystof's mouth, if only he could speak! He could ask them to help him escape to the next world! If he could disobey the master he would! His back slammed against the accelerator and he cried out, reaching for Turner all the while. -10:25 Aug 14
Enkidu was free. It had begun. He lifted his foot, and stepped over the threshold -Turner
Turner: Astrid's knife clattered into the foot well beside him. Turner reached for it, but Krystof was holding back his arm. The two men strained against each other. -10:27 Aug 14
Astrid: "TAKE 'ZE DAMN KNIFE I NEED TO MAKE 'ZIS SHOT!" Astrid dropped the knife onto the seat for Turner to take, and returned both of her hands to the rocket launcher. -10:27 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid took a deep breath, before exhaling. "I really wish I knew what I was doing," and fired. -10:28 Aug 14
Krystof: He continued to groan, now reaching for Turner, then reaching for the steering wheel, maybe if he killed the two he would be able to appease the master! -10:28 Aug 14
Turner: Turner gave up reaching for the knife and grabbed Krstof's arms as they reached for the steering wheel. He didn't know what 'shot' Astrid was making, but he hoped it was an important one. "AAAAGH!" he yelled as he pulled the zombie back upon him -10:29 Aug 14
WHOOOOSH! The rocket flew through the windshield of the truck and sailed across the courtyard, the upward angle sending it slamming into the archway of the museum. Enkidu, Hamish and Matt looked up, their eyes going wide as the stones gave way. With a great crash the roof came tumbling upon them, burying them in stone as the museum went up in a ball of flame. The shockwave sent animals scattering and turned the night to crimson hue. And inside the truck, Krystof's eyes snapped back to normal, his mind returning in a heartbeat. -Turner
Krystof: Another groan escaped Krystof's lips, this one however a bit different than the others. His hands stopped grasping for Turner and he stopped thrashing about, releasing the man. "Wh-what happened?" He spoke softly, unsure of where he even was. -10:35 Aug 14
Turner: "Welcome back, soldier." Turner felt Krystof go limp, the struggles ceasing. He pushed up past the man and into the driver's seat. Then he noticed the rocket launch hanging over his shouder and held by Astrid. "Bugger me!" Then he turned and peered ahead though the shattered windshield. "BUGGER ME!" He threw the truck into gear, steering it around as it rolled onto a country road. He applied the brake, and righted the vehicle on the road. -10:37 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid stared ahead, wide-eyed and speechless, at the explosion she had just caused. Her hair had come free of its binds, and now hung around her face in a dark, tangled heap. "..." She didn't seem to notice that the vehicle was still moving. -10:37 Aug 14
Astrid: It was the vehicle's stopping that brought her back to life. -10:38 Aug 14
Turner: Without hesitation, Turner threw the vehicle into gear and surged forward, driving the truck away from the museum as more soldiers and townsfolk arrived to witness the chaos. They sped through the raining debris and between the paths of the fleeing animals. -10:39 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid blinked, then turned to face the two soldiers. "..." A heavy rain had begun to fall, pelting the druck with heavy drops. -10:39 Aug 14
Krystof's hair remained white and a red mark between his eyes showed the gunshot wound that had killed him. But he was alive... and he was himself. -Turner
Krystof: Krystof was speechless as he sat in the passenger seat, looking back at Astrid and then back to Turner he smiled, "Somehow I think I owe you both my you." He smiled, unaware of the change to his hair or the new mark between the eyes. "So did we get the jewel? Did we beat Adolf to the prize?" -10:41 Aug 14
Astrid: "You see? Zat's what happens when you send soldiers to do a thief's job!" Astrid frowned. -10:41 Aug 14
Turner: "I think it's safe to say..." replied Sergeant Turner, "That Hitler won't be getting his jewel..." He looked back at Astrid and gave a grin. "And if there were more Frenchmen like you, my dear, this country would never have been occupied." -10:42 Aug 14
Turner: His smile faded as he looked ahead, steering the truck onto the northward road. "It's a long way back to England. Astrid, I hope your Resistance contacts are worth their salt." -10:43 Aug 14
Turner: "And Krystof... I think Her Majesty's government is going to be very interested in having a look at you. It's not every day a soldier cheats death." -10:44 Aug 14
Astrid: "Cum gran salis,"Astrid laughed. " No need to worry, my tin soldiers, ze French know how to treat guest." It was no wonder the Nazis didn't want to leave. Astrid smiled, ear to ear. "So, zis is the part where you Englishmen have your tea and scones that taste of brick, no?" -10:46 Aug 14
Astrid: ((Cum grano salis, damnit)) -10:46 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof nodded. "Well, I suppose it is my duty for part of the Allied army." He couldn't help but chuckle at Astrid, he wasn't going to get in their Anglo-Franco squabbles, he just hoped someday his own country would be liberated again. -10:47 Aug 14
Astrid: Astrid angled her head to look at Krystof. "Ze hair, it suits you." -10:48 Aug 14
Turner: "This is going to be one hell of a debriefing," Turner said, flicking on the headlights. -10:49 Aug 14
Krystof: Krystof smiled, noticing his hair in the mirror and nodded back at the woman. "And the rocket launcher suits you madame." -10:49 Aug 14
The truck trundled down the lonely, leaving behind the town and the burning museum. They headed north, into the shadows of occupied France, into the land where war was raging and death was inescapable. -Turner
Turner: THE END. -10:50 Aug 14
Astrid: WE DID IT -10:51 Aug 14
Krystof: HUZZAH! -10:51 Aug 14
Turner: THAT WAS ALMOST GOOD -10:51 Aug 14
Astrid: *Brofists all around* -10:51 Aug 14
Krystof: Yes, this character will be saved for future RPs *files away while brofisting* -10:52 Aug 14
Astrid: Thanks for hangin' in there! -10:52 Aug 14
Turner: It's sequel-worthy, I think -10:52 Aug 14
Krystof: I'd be willing to join in a sequel! -10:53 Aug 14
Astrid: I think it's forum worthy :B -10:53 Aug 14
Astrid: *Is eaten by a raptor* -10:54 Aug 14
Astrid: I will preserve the logs -10:56 Aug 14
Astrid: Should we have such a day -10:56 Aug 14
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