INTEREST CHECK Formula Front: The television phenomenon of the future.

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Formula Front is the worldwide phenomenon in which unmanned, AI-controlled ACs [u-ACs] are pitted against one another in fiercely contested arena battles. These events are so popular that they have attracted over one billion spectators since being introduced.

Although only twenty-five years old, Formula Front arena warfare is now the world's most popular form of entertainment. The excitement derived from watching two hulking masses of metal shred each other to pieces has proven irresistibly alluring.
At the heart of Formula Front's success are the architects. These are the individuals responsible for assembling and programming the u-ACs entered into league matches, and it is through their innovative spirit that the "unlimited possibilities" inherent in Formula Front have been showcased to the world. As long as they continue to deliver the thrills fans clamor for, Formula Front's popularity is sure to endure.

Now that the background data is over, I might as well tell you what this is all about. What you just read was the background info off of the game Armored Core:Formula Front from Wiki. The idea of the game is a lot like IGPX. Its interesting enough to give me this idea.

In Formula front there is the Bottom League and the Regular League. The Bottom League is of the less experienced and less talented teams. Amoung them is Team Pax Arma, the lowest ranking team of the Bottom League. They aren't the newest either. Thats the 4th ranked team, Anaconda.

The reason that the team is ranked so low is because, instead of using an AI-system Team Pax Arma pilots its own ACs', which is allowed and could even be a good thing but the team does not mesh well together. Lots of conflicts in the team on the battle field and the pilots (4 of them) not following the advice of their Architect/Operator/mechanic leads to a lot of lost tournaments.

With the removal of one of the pilots, a new one comes in and seems set on getting the team out of the Bottom League and into the Regulars. This isn't to say its purely a mech story. This should be quite a bit different, more like an emotional one as well.

Sorry you had to sit through all that. Tell me if you want to change anything. Oh, and I will be playing the pilot that will be removed and the support guy. Also, at first, don't expect your AC to be god like. Its pretty damn weak.
You could try checking this thread to see which players are into Mecha.

From personal experience, these games have not been overly successful on Iwaku. It's hard to roleplay a pilot just sitting in a cockpit pushing buttons, and even harder to describe aerial manouevres as part of an ongoing narrative.