Former GaiaOnline Roleplayer has come to RP here.

Discussion in 'NEW ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES' started by Shadowstream-chan, Sep 30, 2016.


Would you consider roleplaying with me?

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  1. Hello. My name is Shadowstream-chan and I was formerly a roleplayer of Gaiaonline. I roleplayed since 2009 so I have had the experience.

    And I said formerly, but I am still over there roleplaying a little bit but it is slowly fading away since well..gaiaonline is not really a roleplaying formatted website.

    I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree of Creative Writing; more specifically Screenwriting and Fiction so I have writing experience as well as roleplaying.

    I am 21 years old and I am an adaptable, flexible roleplayer (I would like to believe), and also I like to draw (I recently got a HP ENVY 360 degree Tablet Laptop which makes it easier to draw digitally), so if you want anything drawn from me, let me know.

    How did I find this place? I looked up top roleplaying sites and this place was #1. So I would like to be part of this community ^_^
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you like it here c: