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  1. So everyone has that one movie, book, comic and/or music that nobody else remembers or even knows about. And when we run into people who actually do know about those comics, we get really freakin excited about them. So, what are some things you have grown up with that nobody else knows about?

    For me:

    Elf Quest

    This is a comic about elves and wolves, living in the wilderness, facing various problems such us 'round ears', or 'five fingers' invading and killing their people. These are some pretty great comics made back in 1978. While I am not surprised that some people don't remember this because they might be too young, but I remember playing this outside as a child, and I miss roleplaying it.


    Watership Down

    Now this might be something many of you remember, it's just I haven't seen anyone discuss this in such a long time. While this wasn't something I read before bed because it scared me, I am surprised by how many people don't know about it.

    Hank the Cowdog

    Oh man; this. Every trip with my foster family, we listened to this. It was completely ridiculous, but hilarious at the same time. It's about this investigator cowboy like dog and his dumb assistant. They solve cases, and get in many misadventures.


    Along with Elf Quest, I used to play this outside. Four men living and thriving on a ranch (all related, father and his three sons), solving Virginia City's problems. Not very many people lay claim to knowing this show very well.

    Marty Robbins

    Yes, he is a country singer, but a damn good one. he sang about the old west. Whenever I ask, nobody I know remembers him.

    Johnny Horton

    A man that was famous for singing about historical events, he made learning history that much funner. I am surprised by how many people don't know about him.

    That's just a small selection of things I grew up with that I don't meet too many people who know about them.
  2. I didn't grow up with it, but I found out about the band Red when I were around 15 I think, and I fell in love. But no one had heard of it. Probably since it's so hard to find because of their name. If you google Red then other bands with the word Red in it comes up instead. So you'll have to know their album names to actually find them. I found one person in my high school that had actually heard of and liked their music.

    I did grow up with Sarek and Nordman (Both Swedish bands), Nordman was very popular, not among the young people though but they at least knew about the band. Sarek on the other hand was not very well known, and I rarely found anyone who had heard of them, even though they had the same music style as Nordman and were as good as them. I don't think I've met a single person outside of my family that listens to Sarek. (As far as I know of).
  3. Well, Johnny Cash isn't exactly forgotten, but he does seem to be irritatingly overlooked by my generation. Some of my fondest memories are of lazy Saturday mornings spent listening to some JC while plotting out my next adventure down to the creek. Now I'm pretty much a rock & pop girl, but I have a few dozen JC songs in my library and they're some of my favorites. He's not "good, for country", he's just plain "good". I wish he wasn't blown off as too old or in the wrong genre. :c

    As far as books go, The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass comes to mind. I fucking love these books. Read them for the first time in middle school, and let me tell ya, these are right up there with Game of Thrones and the like as far as being fun to read. She takes the epic in epic fantasy very seriously. The plot isn't terribly original and most of the characters are seriously overpowered, but the struggle feels very real and the emotional roller coaster is just painfully, especially at the end of the first book. I cry like a bitch every time. For some reason, though, even pretty dedicated fantasy readers in the USA don't seem to have heard of the series.

    With comics, I wasn't much of a comic reader, but The Far Side entertained me for hours. Just a little one-shot of strangeness, sometimes just odd and sometimes hilarious. My favorite still has to be the crocodile farm next to the skydiving school. XD Or the hyena ranch next to the daycare.
    Not exactly sure why no one else in my generation seems to know these exist. They're pretty damn awesome.
  4. Prometheus and Bob
    A quick little 2 nd a half minute claymation that played between episodes of KABLAM or nick commercials

    I was little but I had the castle in the clouds along with every freaking action figure. not to mention I was quite the girly girl when I was little.

    Courage the cowardly dog
    easily one of my most favorite things to watch when I was young that many people don't even know existed

    Here is something from when I got older I thought know one knew about.

    Golden Boy
    I found this on youtube when I was about 15 and just laughed and laughed so much it has always stuck with me.

    Here is the my mother load of FORGOTTEN VIDEO GAMES and COMICS!!!

    I broke three Gaming controllers to beat this game

    Hands down the hardest game I ever played and the Theme song is EPIC
    CHECK it out!

    How my MOTHER introduced me to SAILOR MOON by accident


    I easily sank a year of my life into these game only to discover there was a TV show, Special ordered along with what is now known as Final fantasy 6. all neatly packaged together in a box, I ripped to shreds at the age of 4-5.

    ((This is just too much fun @LogicfromLogic ^_^))





  5. I remember this series! Oh god do I remember this series… A few summers back, I went looking through my parents' library of fantasy novels and found these books. I didn't know which was the first, however, so I started with Sinner, and was very confused on some of the mythology and history within the book. Eventually tracked down the first few books and it's mostly clear now. I was not emotionally prepared for this series. I love these books, I really do, but there were times I had to put it down and just walk away, cause holy balls some of the stuff she writes! o___o
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  6. I know! The second trilogy really makes no sense at all without the first. But damn, the end of StarMan... my eyes! ;_; Poor Faraday is the Bad Luck Brian of the series until the very end. She was always my favorite character, too. Axis is just... augh! I do kinda enjoy how she doesn't feel the need to make her heroes be in any way less dickish than the villains, but I have to be prepared to read these. You don't just jump in blind. XD
  7. Skyroads, Chip's Challenge, and Baby Joe.

    GOOGLE THEM. DOS games are best games.
  8. [​IMG]

    Have you fuckers read Transmetropolitan?


    Please locate the nearest heavy object and hit yourself with it, then go and read Transmetropolitan.

    You can thank me later.
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