Forgive Me

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  1. Lucius gave a final thrust before he came
  2. Good luck, you will be missed.
  3. Good luck on getting things worked out!!

    I remember what it was like when I had to get ready for those tests while still taking regular classes. I still think it's stupid how it works that way considering how big a deal they make out of them. So seriously do your best since your whole life is still ahead of you! Give it everything you've got!

    Plus I have this gut feeling you'll be a shoe-in for the writing portions of the tests!

  4. Good luck with everything, sweetie!!

    I remember being in those EXACT. SAME. SHOES.

    TOK... Fun, but yow.

    Anyways, if you need a buddy with any of the IB/AP stuff, don't hesitate to IM me. As a matter of fact, you should have my phone number!! Why haven't you texted me yet?! I'm sorely disappointed, Missy!

    Just kidding. You take care of yourself and conquer school, you hear me?! And don't hesitate to even call me! *many hugs*
  5. Keep coming back to Iwaku! >< Even if it's just a short visit to check in. ;__; We want to know how kitti is doooiiing.
  6. Good luck, and take care!
  7. I'll miss Kitti but if anyone can do all that stuff Kitti can..come back someday
  8. GOOD LUCK! I wuv you.
  9. Welcome to the Ballroom is a fun "B" ride. Not my A-list, but still enjoyable.
  10. You don't get any sympathy from workload from me, because the SAT and ACT were easier than a New York hooker and really determine absolutely nothing about your future career, whatever it may be.

    You do get sympathy for waking up at godawful hours. Survive!
  11. Thanks Raz :P
    I think it would be ok to do these tests if every figure in my life with any power in my education were not making it sound like I must be the first person to complete the test so well I get 150%. -_-

    They make it sound like the end of the world when really, I just need some numbers to throw at colleges, along with my diploma and gpa.

    Seiji! Dearie, my old phone crapped out on me so I'm temporarily stealing borrowing my cousin's for texting my friends contacting my study group, volunteer coordinator, etc. I can IM you the number, and email it to people who email me.
  12. No one cares how fast you finish these things! Just finish 'em. And score high. Take your time with 'em, too. Try to rush and you might miss something vital!

    Feel free to send it to me. I won't bug you too much; you need to be focusin' on yer schoolin'!
  13. Kitti just needs to do her best..everyone should be happy with that..and if their not..>>...well you don't wanna know..