Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned (MxM)

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    || Pairing ||
    Priest/Exorcist x Demon

    || Genres ||
    Dark Fantasy, Gothic, Psychological, Horror, Romance, MxM

    || Looking For ||
    Seke Demon

    || Method ||
    I would like to RP over PM, although will do thread if you absolutely want to.

    || Plot ||
    It was never meant to end like this.

    Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. Perhaps the young Wilhelm, apprentice of the local clergy should have kept that in mind before he picked up the mysterious silver ring and put it on his finger. Once he’d put it on, it was impossible to take off. Furthermore, there was definitely something wrong with it. From time to time he would suddenly feel the strong need to enter his masters study; something the old priest had under all circumstances forbidden him to do; at least without permission.

    To begin with the compulsive feeling of wanting to open that small, ornate, wooden box was easy enough to ignore; as was the voice calling trying to get him to do so. Yet once it started haunting him in his dreams, whispering sweet promises in his ears as it ran it's clawed fingers over his exposed skin, offering the young cleric in training the most intimate and sinful of experiences... it became increasingly difficult to do so. Terrified and ashamed, he never found the courage to consult his master about it. Instead he desperately tried to find ways to get rid of it on his own. Eventually the demon promised him that if only he opened the box, he would bother him no more.

    In all of his desperation Wilhelm agreed to the bargain, one night sneaking into his masters study to unlock the box. Little did Wilhelm realize that in doing so, he would unleash a great evil upon the world. As promised, he was now able to remove the ring, but the very same night a mysterious murderer started reeking havoc in the village.

    Will Wilhelm take responsibility for his actions and face the demon? Or will he run from his mistakes and turn his back on the people of who's demise he was indirectly responsible for? And if he does confront the demon: how will he handle it?

    ❥ You will be playing the demon.
    ❥ I would prefer if he's seke, since even if my character starts out on the more submissive side of things, I'm intending for him to develop some back bone. I can definitely see him being on top from time to time - so prepare for a power struggle.
    ❥ Their relationship will probably start out as a love/hate one.
    ❥ This may be a spoiler, but I think it's important I tell you where I'm planning to go with this. Wilhelm will put the ring back on and summon the demon. As he's too weak to vanquish him, he instead offers his soul in return for the demons loyalty. After that, he sets off to become an exorcist. His master the clergy may or may not have been killed by the demon at that point.
    ❥ Where we take the plot after that, is entirely up to us.
    ❥ I want you to be capable of playing multiple characters in this. Even if the demon and exorcist are our main characters, it will be needed.
    ❥ This is not a plot for the faint hearted. There will be blood, death, torture and gore. Just as a warning.
    ❥ I hope all of this made sense. If you have questions about anything, don’t be afraid to ask.
  2. Totally up for this. Color me interested! Send me a PM? :3
  3. Oh man im too late, this sounded awesome.
  4. Yes, I'm sorry to say you are. >_< Would you like go perhaps still RP but figure out another plot instead?
  5. Sure! I would still love to rp with you! Shoot me a pm anytime!
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