Forgive and forget

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  1. Forgive and forget

    Are you forgiving person? Or are you the type that holds long, bitter grudges? Do you think that forgiving people for wrongs they have committed makes you a weak person?
  2. I neither forgive nor forget. Does that make me a difficult person? I don't think so. I try not to hold a grudge once I've had a chance to put my own emotions in order. To forget history is to doom yourself to repeat it. Forgiveness is not something that should just be handed out, though understanding should be strived for. Self forgiveness is much harder for a moralistic person to achieve and much more powerful.
  3. I can hold a grudge like no other, sometimes it doesn't even have to be me who was slighted but someone else that I'm close too and I'll stay mad at that person for -ages- and I've been known to be vindictive at times, but I really try to forgive people when I think they genuinely didn't mean to offend/slight the person or myself.
  4. I can let most things slide, pretty thick skinned that way. You cross me once I'll let you know then not mention it again. Twice, I'll retaliate to lesser degree that you get to me then let it drop. Third time .... You've made a fool and that fool pitties you but won't forgive you.

    There are exception. like if you hurt someone close to me you will be put down and then if will be dropped so long as it doesn't happen again. You disagree with me, I enjoy a good debate, as long as it stays a debate and doesn't become an argument...

    Easier way of saying it:

    I work on the assumption people act 90% of the time with fair intentions. So unless I see otherwise or you're an ass repeatedly its water off a duck's back.
  5. It depends on the situation before and after. c___c

    There are things I brush off, forgive and never think twice about!

    But there are things that I hold as a grudge FOREVER and I get very bitter about.

    It kinda depends on just how deep of a betrayal it was to me personally. The one thing I haven't been able to forgive is a betrayal of my trust and friendship. :/
  6. It depends. I stay mad for as long as I'm still in pain. But forgive and forget... hm. I'd like to say yes but no. If you hurt me I'm more likely to shun you than confront you about it but if you corner me yea I have been a pretty nasty back fighter. I think the saying is 'I don't start fights but I will finish one.'
  7. I find it very hard to forgive somebody for committing a hurtful wrong. If it's something minor, though, I can let it slide. :3 Sometimes, I'll even forget it because of how small of an issue it was. I can't let the people I love feel like they're upset with for that long. I feel it necessary to show them that I've moved on.

    Otherwise, I can keep a grudge going pretty damn long. Handing out second chances ain't something I normally do. Once you betray my trust, we just aren't going to have the same relationship anymore, if one at all. I know it's cold, maybe even unfair, but you know what? Life is unfair. So bleh.
  8. I'm pretty laid back, so I can forgive most things. If someone hurts me, which has happened more than once, I won't stay bitter at that person. Not openly, at least. However, I don't forgive them either. If someone hurts a friend of mine, on the other hand, I will openly hate that person for life, I have no problem with that. I'm far more concerned with the happiness of my friends than my own happiness.
  9. It really depends on the situation. After living with someone who takes EVERY SINGLE THING personally, I've realized that I'm a bit of a laid back person. Typically if someone is making me angry WITHOUT meaning to, I've gotten to the point where I can say how I feel about it to let them know they're pissing me off, and then be completely fine afterward. Though if someone decides to be vindictive towards me, that only encourages me to do the same towards them.
  10. +1

    Agreed. Getting stabbed in the back sucks, so burn the bridges after; from then on, its cooly professional, but that's all its gonna be.
  11. I'm pretty forgiving person. Not one to hold a grudge
  12. Depending on what the other person did to me, I can usually forgive them for it but I won't forget about it.
  13. I can forgive. How long that takes, depends on how I was spurned to begin with. It's something to be earned, not simply handed out like candy on Halloween. Though, for one to strive for that forgiveness, they have to demonstrate they, at the very least, give a damn to begin with.

    I will, however, never forget. To forget history is to doom yourself to repeat it.