Forever Red

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  1. "Now take this girl, and remember if you want forever red, do it here!" The man with the smile drew a line across his face. The girl nodded and put a small folded knife in her pocket. "What about..?" the girl looked down. "Its happy now its part of the red now. ta ta." A drop of snow from a tree fell to the ground. A hidious white face sank into the shadows. A small girl sat at the edge of a cliff staring down at the bottom crying tears that would freeze on the ground near her feet. She too would freeze being ill dressed for this weather. The skies were starting to become dark and a voice cried out. "Jessica! Jessica! where are you?" A man in a wool coat came out of the woods and saw the girl at the edge of the cliff. He ran towards her, the snow barly slowing him down as the face watched unseen. "Jessica get away from there. What are you doing out here." The little girl turned brushing away tears.

    "The smiling man came to me daddy." She turned to look at the bottom of the cliff. Her father was beside her now and looked down. " What happened dear?" Jessica looked up. "The man with the smile gave me a raindeer and told me to teach it to fly. He said momma birds make their young fly by tossing them out of the nest. So I said the deer was big, and we could use the cliff. We tossed the deer over but he didnt fly." She sounded sad at the bottom of the cliff lay the body of the deer all the snow around it was red.

    The Joker woke up he knew not where running a hand through his hair he went outside his room. Oh yeah thats right he remembered. A strip joint. Rushing downstairs he pushed aside some girls and headed out into the slums of Gotham. "I know your out there Batman, but the game hasnt started yet he he ha ho ho" A smile crept across his face. He reached a new stand the title read 5 year old girl kills parents, She only wanted to see red. The joker tossed back his head and laughed and it was a knee slapper. "Ready or not here I come batty man!"
  2. Jessica Brenton looked into the mirror with little emotion. She didn't pay attention anymore to the lifeless body on the floor behind her, but he had once been the 'love of her life.' She lifted her hand smearing her face with the blood that dripped from her hands. That lovely, delicious red. A memory surfaced- just a flash of his grin- and then that feeling she had was gone again. "Uncle J." She said to herself in a whispered moan. He showed her once before...before she had been shipped off to boarding school. Another memory surfaced, a bitter recrimination.
    "Jessica, why did you do that to the neighbor? Why did you set fire to the house?" Now, though St. Mary's Catholic school could house her for one more month, she had frankly been expelled for lude behvior and breaking curfew.

    Jessica thought to herself for a moment, wondering how she could best get his attention. She had followed his career ever since that first meeting, and the thought occured to her then. She grinned in a cruel way and then left the hotel room without even a glance. She made her way to the Ace chemical company, looking at locked door. It never stopped him. Why should it stop her. She broke a window, not fearing the dumb little night watchman. Then crawling through the broken glass she entered. The place was dank and smelled acidic.
    "Little pig, little pig let me in." She said aloud, "so I can bath you in red," she whispered.
    "Who's there!" Said the night watchman.
    "Just a little girl."
    "Jesus! Look at you. Did you cut yourself."
    "Me?" she said feigning ignorance. "Am I in trouble?"
    "Let me call your parents." He said coming closer to her. She smiled weakly at him as he took her hand, and then she bashed his head in. She did it serval times until he was bleeding and unconscience. Then she hung him upside down above the VERY same vat of chemicals where everything began.
    "Why..." said the watchman.
    "Why?" She laughed as only a girl with her mentality could. "Why not? You just...wait there. Wait for him. And send him my message. He'll know who his little red riddinghood is." She then turned away from the cop and left him.

    Moments after she climbed out the broken window she heard the screams of the watchman splashing into the chemicals with no way out. She left with her calling card, a red ribbon-the one he had been hung with-still tied to his remains.
  3. Mr J as he was sometimes called walked the back ally ways of Gotham thinking this place had grown stake with so many fearing the batman "he's only a man who can't accept the joke of his struggle" he thoughts turned to tge many robins over the years. He always tries to raise and protect them but he is just crippling them they can't see the funny side

    Joker neared an Irish pub filled with many contacts pushing the doors open he walked in like he owned the place and anyone who tried to tell him different wouldn't be saying ever again
  4. A man looked up from his beer, which had not been touch. "Hey Mr. J! Good ta see ya in a good mood, considering what happened. " He looked over his shoulder and watched as the Joker walked but behind him. "Things in the streets are pretty dead. Penguin is keeping his fat ugly beak outa out business. And the others...well their still looking for Harley and the plant lady. Did you hear about the incident in the chemical plant? And the other one that followed it? Seems somebodies using joker toxin like the way you did. Sorta. Its kinda funny, because they get it wrong every time."
  5. The jokers head snapped around and he drew a pistol placing it at tge mans head " funny? Funny! I make the jokes in this town sonny. But since u think u know what's funny," jokers grin went ear to ear with a devilish twinkle in his eye, " you tell me a joke and if I don't laugh ..." he cocked back tge trigger. Everyone was watching now and the place had grown quiet. No one even touched their drinks.
  6. The man at the bar cleared his throat and calmly turned to face the joker. "A joke huh?" He said nervously. "Oh ok. Yeah. These three guys are walking on a beach...a white guy, a nigger and a spic....they find a magic lamp see. The Mexican dives for it first and rubs the lamp. When the genie comes out he says. "I will grant you three wishes" So the spic says "I want me and my ombres to all be back in mexico and happy." So the genie says "Granted" and the mexican disappears. The Black guys then snatches the lamp and the genie gives him the second wish. And he wishes much the same as the mexican. So he disappears. Finally the white guys picks up the lamp. The genie looks at him and asks what he wants. And he say "you mean to tell me all the spics and niggers are out of america?"
    "Yeah." says the genie.
    "Ill have a coke then." saiys the white guy.
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    The joker blinked and then roared with laughter " oh fuck that's a good one you get to keep your brains for a day kiddo." he lowered the gun. " so either someone really stinks or they trying to get my attention either way I tell them to try harder. Any news from the local gangs has Hush come back? He used to be a player."
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    The man pulled a chair around and offered it to joker. "Ol bandage face? Not since they laid that one robin to rest again. I heard though that someone who looked like bruce wayne was seeting some shindig up to celebrate the birthday of ol bats. Think we ought to crash the party?"
  9. Suddenly a young man walks in through the back door in a long brown coat and jeans. He walks over to a nearby small table next to the window, he turns around and casually watched the two people chatting.
  10. Victoria watches from a distance.
  11. "You know I never liked Wayne rich and snobby ." Joker got up and jumped on the bar " who's up for a real party. Lets go show Wayne how it's done." Joker hopped off and headed for the door, the streets would run red.
  12. Victoria walks in. "I like the sound of that."
  13. The bar erupted into a flurry of cheers and shouts as the whole joker gang got pumped up to raid the Wayne party. The guy however simply took a drink from a glass of water. Then everyone there began to leave the room and make their way.

    Elsewhere: Jessica had made a name for herself in society, a sort of cover for herlsef. She was not exactly a guest of honor but she had amassed a little wealth from some of her victims. 200 grand worth. And then she had invested it in some Wayne stock. It had seemed the smart thing to do as the company never went bankrupt. Here however, she had arrived with something stashed in her pocket. And at the right time she had released a certain toxin-which mixed with another caused the muscles of the face to arc and external bleeding through the pours-into the punch. The second half of the toxin was placed into the soup d jour. Then all she had to do was wait.
  14. The joker led his gang on a merry high speed chase as he headed to Wayne manor. He knew who Waybe was but wasn't interested in the man he wanted the bat. Jerking the wheel to sent a cop car flying iver the rail and landing in the roof, while jokers head went out the window he made a gun gesture at the fallen cop car and laughed as he raced to the manor.
  15. Victoria just stands at the door in aw. He ignored her and left without saying a word. Now she's standing where she walked in dumbfounded by the fact he didn't even notice her.

    She now realizes that was just another freaky daydream of hers and is sitting next to the Joker in his car. "Wow that felt so real."
  16. A second cop car came racing up the road to catch up with the joker's. The officer in the passenger seat picked up his radio and called out the joker. "Pull over! This isnt funny!" Then there was a loud screech as the driver was struggling with his partner.
    "Gonna get us killed kid."

    Meanwhile, back at the bar, Bruce Wayne-the real one-pulled off his disguise.
    "Someone has been repeating the Joker's old files." he thought to himself, "And I will get to the bottom of it." He clicked on something on his wrist.
    "You there?" He was calling out to his son, who was in the bat cave monitoring things.