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  1. This is the OOC/Signup location for my first ever thread, based on an RP from forums on a game that I played years ago. Please follow the character chart that is in the IC thread, to make my life easier. PLEASE, NO OP CHARACTERS. YOU SHOULD NOT BE INVINCIBLE AND OTHERS SHOULD NOT BE ONE SHOT BY YOU.

    Now for the new guidelines:

    This is not in the Libertine nor Liberteen section for a reason. Relationships and romance are permitted. HOWEVER. IF YOU AND THE OTHER PERSON DECIDE TO HAVE SEX, YOUR CHOICE OF LANGUAGE MUST BE VERY CAREFUL. OR, YOU MUST DO SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF THIS: "Falling onto the bed with her, we began kissing and had passionate sex." I have nothing against this type of content, I am involved in RPs in the Liberteen section, but that is why that section exist.

    Any questions or comments, PM me, and I will answer as quickly as I can. If you see this immediately after it is posted and wish to join, either PM me or wait a few minutes as I setup the OOC/Signup page.

    Character Sheet Layout
    Picture (Optional, if you have one in mind go for it)
    General Character Description
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  2. This portion of what's in the IC may be better to put in this thread, so that people don't accidentally sign up in the IC. Just a bit of advice that you can take or leave. ^_^
  3. Thanks
  4. No problem~ Good luck with this RP!
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