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  1. (Here we go guys...not as hard as I thought I guess...)​
    ~ Cali ~ Female ~ Harpy Eagle ~ Soldier ~
    My claws dug deep into the soft wood of my perch, my eyes searching for any possibility of weakness. My pray a small bundle of large rats and mice. My wings folded in a perfect arrow, the tips only just over lapping. I went to leap at the oppurtunity when a fox launched itself at them. I screeched in anger. "You fool!" Beating my large dull, grey wings I lifted myself aloft and dove down pinpointing the fox exactly. My talons, unfurled neatly and clucthed the fox's back. My feathers, muffled the sound of it's screams and cries as my claws dug deeper into it's spine. Blood oozing from the wounds as I dropped it. The fox was still breatheing, but it wouldn't live the night. Landing back on my perch, I waited once more. The mice would not come back for hours if they had the choice. "This is buzzard work...." I mutter under my breathe.​
    ~ Butch ~ Male ~ Eagle Owl ~ Leader Of The Striga ~
    I sighed, my flock was small, just me and another bird. "Where are the females?" I had always wondered, I had always heard there may be one flying about as a free flier. Though some times I have wondered what the other flock is doing. I would send a scout but that would leave me alone. Sighing again, "Will we need to join forces with the Falkon?" Shaking my large head, I fluttered to the edge of my nest, I had built it a couple of weeks ago just to settle in, take off, soaring silently down behind my only member, Mathius. "You bird..." I boomed, "Go scout the Falkon lands...how strong are they, how many?!" I stared at him, my eyes locked onto his every move. "What are you waiting for?" I asked.​
    ~ Charlie ~ Male ~ Common Barn Owl ~ Free Flier ~
    My wings hedl strong as I soared above the alnds, heading back to ym roost, after a long night. My stomach was full and I no longer had the case of the rumblies. I chuckled to myself, "They will never have heard that one before..." I smile as I land, my wings folding back in an untidy fashion but got there in the end. Hopping down, my little tree hollow was mine all mine. I loved it, old feathers, moss and of course grass. There was plenty of prey and I didn't have to share. "How cool is that? Not having to share???" I laughed hard, "Why am I talking to myself?" I had always wondered this. maybe it was because I was alone most of my days.​
  2. Envek landed on one of the highest branches of the tallest tree in his territory, his sharp claws easily gripping the dead bark. He could land no higher, for no other branch above him would support the weight of such a large bird. Folding his wings, he surveyed the green hills around him, knowing that the leaves were too thick for even his sharp eyes to penetrate. He wished he could rip this forest apart and lay it bare for all to see. Maybe then he could find the cowards who took his flock from him. He smothered these angry, violent feelings in favor of more logical ones. They would search the forest, in groups, and see what they could find. If they found anyone suspicious, they were to bring them back, by force, if necessary.
  3. -Areiz-Freeflyer-
    Areiz flew through the air, enjoying the breeze that ruffled her feathers. She knew she was flying over Striga Territory, but she was on her way home and she didn't want to take the long way. She glanced at the trees below, but she didn't see anyone. She dived a little so she could see the trees better as she looked ahead. The cool air...the warm sun... She thought, enjoying the freedom of flying.
  4. “Eep! Eep! Eep!”

    Nestled in the crook of a tree limb, a nest of hungry babies waited impatiently for nourishment. A male hawk looked over them without any hassle, but seemed to be getting a headache from their incessant chirping. He started going into a trance, but was jolted awake by a loud cry over the treetops. Flying faster than the breeze, a female hawk screeched victory as she carried a large rodent in her claws.

    “Eep! Eep! Eep!”

    Their cries became even shriller as she landed next to her mate, dropping the dead mouse alongside the chicks. The male nuzzled her fondly, relieved by her presence. “Wonderful, Quyen! You have no idea how hungry these buggers are; they’ve been screaming since midday!” He hopped onto the nest and began preparing the meal for the babes’ consumption.

    “Thank you, Gauvain, I just had to relax. The flock’s getting agitated—“

    “No work at home, fluffs. Can you help me with this…?”

    She leapt over and helped tear apart the rodent, nuzzling her children as they struggled to find the best feeding spot.
  5. -Areiz-Freeflyer-
    Landing on the top of a tree, Areiz rested for a moment. she loved flying, but she also loved sitting for moments, and just feeling the wind brush past her. After a few moments she took flight again, diving into the trees and coming up, soaring high into the sky.
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