EXERCISE Foreigners and Outsiders

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  1. Whether you are working on a small little town or a great big country, anyone that "ain't from around here" is an outsider or a foreigner. Places all around the world have their own opinions, reactions, and even manners when dealing with foreigners.

    In this exercise you are going to detail out how your people/location view and treat outsiders.

    Some Things to Consider

    • Is the response to outsiders/foreigners a cultural thing for the entire world/country, or is it just a localized thing in a small town?
    • Are they racist or suspicious of outsiders, welcoming of strangers, or completely uninterested?
    • How do they deter unwanted foreigners?
    • How do they welcome WANTED guests?
    • How are foreigners treated on a daily basis while in your town/country?
    • Are the foreigners just travelers? Refugees? Aliens? Something else?
  2. You see this a lot in real life, too!

    Example; I live in BC, Canada. My new boss (the guy who recently bought the business) is from Alberta.

    - He gets some light teasing about being a 'redneck Albertan'
    - We take more care to explain local slang and correct him so he doesn't sound silly (ie: CNC could stand for the College of New Caledonia, or the CN Centre. But if you say CNC, people assume the college. This is something that's obvious for a local, notsomuch for an out of towner)
    - There is some light teasing and competition over sporting teams (he cheers for the Flames, us British Columbians all hail the Canucks)
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  3. In Skylights City outsiders come almost every day, though mainly in the spring time. With it being a city where only the avian races and a select few other individuals reside, they have their own approach, which isn't too volatile since the city itself is amazing and a tourist attraction, meaning all kinds of people come to visit and are welcomed. Though even with them being welcomed and given nearly free roam of the city, they are always watched, as the residents are rather suspicious of anyone who is not proven to be trustworthy. But other than being very watchful, they do tend to be very welcoming to anyone visiting the city, providing tours and such, though as any good tourist attraction, outsiders tend to have to pay more for things around town, such as use of the brothels, restaurants, and places that require admission fees.

    Though when there are people the residents of the city want kept out, they won't be able to make it in. Sky patrols of the sharpest eyed people as well as ground and entry patrols see and catalog every single person who passes through the gates, or who flies in front surrounding land areas if they have wings. Any unwanted guests, such as known criminals or people that are just not allowed in because of various reasons are kept out with the full force the city provides, weapons and all, as the residents refuse to knowingly put their great city in danger.
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