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The year is 2213 humans have made colonies all over their little solar system but two hundred humans went out to explore more than what they know leaving Pluto and the rest behind. Humans thought it was impossible to find any other intelligent life.

Little did we know, we found many intelligent beings in a new solar system. Once they landed the humans were ambushed and brought to the cheiftess and told all humans will be tested with whose the strongest and who isn't. The weak humans where put in zoos and some forced to reproduce for alien pleasure. Aliens who found the strong ones were brought to a labor camp where they constantly are mining for a gem the death risk is high but the Aliens either seek humans for love or for property or maybe for food (human skin is a delicacy). Though many humans try to escape the unknown planet with these far more intellectual creatures.

This rp can go many ways. If anyone is interested pm me or message here.
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