Foreign Premiere #1

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    Greetings to all you who have entered this thread!
    The first "Foreign Premiere" contest was ellaborated and organized for foreign members of Iwaku (by foreign, I must point those who don't have English as their main language/aren't natives in the U.S.A/U.K./Australia)
    This contest is meant to strenghten your knowledge English language, so you fit even better in this great community, full of people from everywhere worldwide, although with a language to be spoken in it, English itself.
    I'm Portuguese, although I was born in England and my father is half-English and half-Portuguese, and I've lived in Birminghan until I turned 7. Yes, English is my main language, but Portuguese has became my main language as well (second language, actually).
    Most of my education was in Portugal, Azores, although I've kept contact with the English world through the internet (not since I was 7, but when I turned 10), not letting my English knowledge fall.
    I wanted to make this contest in order to see this community with a better vocabulary and also to integrate people that don't speak English everyday. Not meant to be judging/prejudice about other countries, I just want to help out people in here, for a better community communication.

    How to participate? Easy. First, you need to do the following:

    Native Country: (The country where you were born in/educated at, e.g.: Portugal, Spain, Bahrein, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, etc)
    Main Language: (The language you speak more often/learned since a child, e.g.: Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese (traditional/simplified), korean, etc.)
    Level of English Education: (The school level you've reach, e.g.: Middle School, High School, private lessons, none, etc.)
    Years in Role-playing: (How long have you been role-playing on-line?)

    After that, I'll only ask you to write 3-5 paragraphs about your birthplace or where you're living now. You could also choose to explain the location of one of your characters, feel free to do that instead.
    It should look quite like this:
    By participating this contest, you compromise yourself to follow these rules:
    1- Do not argue about it if you lose this contest, it is meant to be to friendly;
    2- Any question you might have, please, private message me, this thread is for entries for the contest;
    3- Do not comment about others' entries/give suggestions about judging it, I've been leading with non-English speakers for quite long;
    4- You can't have English as your main language; otherwise, this contest wouldn't make much sense;
    5- Have fun, and good luck!

    The winner of the contest will be judged after next week's Saturday, I will be awaiting a lot of entries in here.
    The contest will have three kinds of medals:
    The winner: English Pedigree;
    Best vocabulary: Tough Vocabulary
    And best grammar: Right Grammar To Use.

    Have fuuuuun! Woof-woof~!
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  2. Well, I decided to give this a try and put a tiny bit of Sweden on here:)

    Native Country: Sweden
    Main Language: Swedish
    Level of English Education: High School, although I learned more about English by watching movies, reading books and through internet than in school.
    Years in Role-playing: Around 3 years I think.

    I'm born and raised in Västerås, a relatively large city in Sweden, in the largest neighbourhood there, it had very few stores and workplaces and were mostly a residential area. Västerås is also called the Cucumber City because the Västerås cucumber (gurkan) is farmed here, this is an odd city yes. But while it is the fifth biggest city in Sweden it is actually quite calm and feel safer in my opinion than other big cities here, it could be because I'm born here but there generally isn't much happening here. The article on the first page of our newspapers have often been on a theft, a football match result or that there stood a house on the road one morning. Although we have more serious crime as well but not all that often.

    Around my neighbourhood there was a riding school, a sports centre, an outdoor arena, a petting zoo with Swedish farm animals, a few schools and one larger store. Everything was pretty much within walking distance and in between our row-house and the one opposite us there was a large sandbox with a small wooden house that we kids could play with, against all parents wishes all kids climbed on top of the small house and jumped down into the sand, not such a good idea really. We had a forest nearby that was called Viper Woods although there wasn't that many snakes there at all, I don't think anyone really saw a snake in those woods as long as I was living there.

    A few streets over there lived a couple who had a quite large, ill-behaved Dalmatian that all kids were scared off, daring each other to pass by the house. Our neighbours had a terrible little Dash-hound that was King off his house and his owners and was a pain to all who lived near or passed by.

    Later when I was seven we moved to the country, about seven miles outside the city, between Västerås and the small town Hallstahammar. It is a great place with only three other houses surrounded on three sides by a forest and our house is on top of a hill, which is not all that great during winter. It's minimum fifteen minutes to the nearest store, gas station or high/middle school, in a little church village as it's called with barely a thousand inhabitants there is a lower school, a pizzeria and church of course.

    The weather over all in Västerås is good, our summers are painstakingly hot in the middle of summer but it is very rarely above 17 C during the nights. The winters are a pain where it snows, melts away partially then it freezes over before it snows some more. This continues throughout the entire winter and as far as into April/May, using winter tires is pretty much a necessity unless you want to spend a few hours in a ditch somewhere. Despite it's shortcomings I wouldn't want to live in any other area of Sweden