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How do you watch foreign TV shows and movies?

  1. Dubbed all the time!

  2. Original version with subtitles at all times

  3. Subtitles only when I don't know the original language

  4. It depends on the show / movie

  5. I don't watch foreign things

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  1. With streaming services available world-wide and including national films and TV series (talk shows even) -- how do you prefer to watch foreign movies and series?

    Do you do it with every show or just ones where you really don't know the language?

    How much do you enjoy foreign films?

    Whether it be japanese anime, American drama shows (for the non-Americans out there), and creepy dark Scandinavian movies!

    Defintions for the sake of avoiding confusion

    Foreign: From another culture, regardless if the language is the same or not. I.e. Quebec vs. France, Australia vs. UK, etc.

    Dubbed: Complete voice-over acting, whether it's fan-made or official.

    Subtitles: Also known as closed-captioning (CC), subbed versions, etc. It means having the text from the voice acting translated at the bottom of the screen.
  2. My only real experience with 'foreign' TV and movies (that aren't in English to begin with... which I'll elaborate on in a second) is with anime... and one or two live-action Japanese movies that I've come across somewhere along the line. That being said, I watch subbed pretty much all the time. I find that I usually don't like the dub voice actors as much and that the Japanese ones usually give better performances -- and even when that isn't the case, I still just sort of like listening to the Japanese voices. ^^" I also find that the dub often changes a lot of the cultural things, too, and while I can understand why they do this... It often just feels off to me, and sometimes it just amounts to adding in Americanized jokes that are just kind of stupid, imo. >_>

    Now, like I said, this just applies to foreign things I've watched that weren't originally in English. I know you said that things in one's native language still count as 'foreign' so long as it's not from one's native country, but... I just don't think the poll options apply very well, in that case? I've watched a decent number of Canadian and British shows, and like, besides the accents and a few regionalisms... Not much about them really stands out to me as foreign. Heck, there are actually quite a few Canadian and British TV shows that I watched as a kid and I didn't even realize that they weren't American shows. @_@ I mean... Total Drama Island is a Canadian show, and I didn't even notice any accents or cultural things to set it apart from all the American cartoons I watched right along with it. Shows like that just don't feel very 'foreign' to me, and I see them as a very different beast than something like, say, anime -- or anything else with a language barrier.

    That being said, I do often like to turn on subtitles when I watch these shows on DVD... But then, I would do the same with American shows, since foreign-ness doesn't really have anything to do with that. Subtitles just help me stay focused on what I'm watching, and prevent me from spacing out and missing a line of dialogue or something. They're also great for shows/movies where, for some reason, the music and sound effects are all so much louder than the dialogue, meaning it's impossible to find a volume level where you can actually hear all the dialogue but the music/sound effects aren't obnoxiously loud. If it weren't for those reasons, though, I'd have no reason to watch Canadian and British shows with subtitles... It's not like there's a language barrier to conquer, anyway. :P Although!! I find it interesting that, on all the Doctor Who DVD's that I've watched with subtitles, the subs all have British spelling instead of American spelling -- which is interesting, since those particular DVD's were specifically intended for a North American release (given the fact that DVD's are region-locked) and there were even ads at the beginning that you could tell were specifically targeted at Americans. Interesting, that.

    Also!! I don't like closed captions. I consider them to be a very different thing from proper subtitles. O_O At least in regards to the closed captions that come up on a TV anyway... I just think they're plain ugly-looking -- and, a lot of the time, they're considerably out-of-sync with the words being spoken, which is distracting, and therefore works against the 'keeping me focused' thing that I like subtitles for. So... If I'm watching something on TV, I'd rather have no form of subs/captions than those ugly closed captions... But if I'm watching something on DVD or Netflix? Subtitles are nice sometimes. :P

    And if I'm watching something in another language? Then, yeah, I'll use subtitles -- but it's not like I watch non-English stuff on plain TV very often, so ugly closed captions aren't really an issue at that point. :P
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  3. I watch foreign movies and shows more often than not, mostly anime, sometimes jdrama and rarely kdrama and bollywood. The latter I understand perfectly but I always like subtitles anyway, even when watching English stuff.
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  4. I watch foreign stuff on occasion. I generally prefer to watch animated features dubbed where possible. With live action I won't generally care, so I'll go subs.

    The main reason for this difference is animated shows (like anime) tend to have a lot of clutter (especially in action sequences) that make reading tiny yellow words a pain in the ass. Whereas live action stuff, even in the midst of action, will usually take a pause to have close-up shots of actors spitting dialogue at each other. So when an actor is doing dialogue, I can read. When a voice actor is doing dialogue, especially during action sequences, they usually don't even bother putting the character speaking in the same frame--so it's easier for me to follow by hearing my own language.

    Plus, a really good localization can help me grasp things that, in a pure translation, would be completely missed.

    Plus, for you language purists out there, translations can be absolute dogshit too.


    I swear if I watch one more fan translated TV show with homoeroticism suddenly shoved in for no fucking reason...
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  5. I watch foreign films/show about as much as I do local ones. If something has a dubbed version I will dip my toes in and see how it feels. Its really hit or miss on if I'll like it though. Same can be said for if I watch an English movie/show in another language. I don't know very much French, but the French dub of Shanghai Knight was entertaining.

    Anime almost has its own set of rules for dubs and subs. Sometimes anime is dubbed well, sometimes its dubbed poorly, and sometimes its dubbed poorly to make it better than the original(looking at you Ghost Stories). A few examples of the dubs I like are; Gankutsuou, Rurouni Kenshin, Full Metal Panic, Slayers(omg Xellos <3), Vandred, and Cowboy Bebop. Some that I prefer the subs for are Durarara!, Black Butler, Mononoke, and KHR. I mourn the lack of Engrish in the Sengoku Basara dub, but there's literally nothing you can do about it if they are now speaking English. I like it fine, but the Engrish though! TwT

    When it comes to the Japanese monster films, they must be watched both dubbed and subbed to get the entire experience. *nods knowingly*
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  6. Anime dubbing is usually a love it or hate it affair with me. Quite a few I dislike, but the ones I do love include Inuyasha, Ouran and Samurai Champloo. Those were pretty darn good.
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  7. Jennifer Hale and Steve Blum sassing each other is one of those unexpected things you didn't know you wanted in life, until you hear it.
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  8. I voted always subs, but I probably should have gone with the "it depends" option after reading the post. I thought you were asking about shows that aren't in your native language, not anything from outside your culture.

    I prefer subtitles and original language for things that aren't in English. Some dubs are fine, and I'll watch them if subtitles are crappy or unavailable, but I like to hear the original voice acting with all the tone and pitch and such that the creators were satisfied with rather than a dub that might gloss over such nuances. For foreign things done in English I'll watch them unsubbed unless there are accents I can't understand, in which case on go the subtitles if available.
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  9. W-we have those? Only one I know is Let the Right One In, which was good.

    And I watch pretty much only foreign films/TV — as do the majority here.

    It's not really seen as 'foreign', though, as we're all fluent in English and exposed daily to American/European culture through media. Some dislike it — which might be one of many reasons behind all the Nationalism and Jingoism movements around Scandinavia — but most prefer it this way, especially the younger generations. It also expands our purview in a plethora of things, which is cute, given the population of Scandinavia as a whole.

    So, yes, I like foreign media. I can only do with so much Swedish culture.

    And I like it when people are connected and influence each other internationally. As cool as different cultures are, we're all just humans in the end.
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  10. I forgot to put that sometimes the dub gets better. The first few episodes of Saiyuki are truly cringe-worthy if you've read the manga first. They completely fudged with character personalities at the start, but its much better later on.
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  11. Haha sorry but Kongen av Bastøy is pretty messed up! I absolutely love it though.
    I'm currently watching the Swedish TV series The Bridge on Netflix -- it's pretty good! You can tell by all the random natural nudity that it's a European filmmaker lmao xD
  12. I watch a lot of foreign films and tend to enjoy most of them. It seems like most of the ones that manage to push past Hollywood are completely worth a watch. Live action I always vote subs, but I find I really have to have the time to sit down and watch a movie in this case can't read while also doing a school project. So lately I've been postponing foreign films I've wanted to watch. :/

    I also watch German films with German subtitles, but that's for learning purposes.

    I also like a lot of British dramas, the accent isn't usually a problem. Well...Peaky Blinders was pretty darn difficult to get into the swing of that first episode. Had to resist the urge to turn on subtitles for Snatch as well. Admittedly, I hate using subtitles for my own language, but I'm biased as when home I'm in a constant war with my sister over the TV because the subtitles are always in the way.

    Anime I prefer dubbed, but I haven't watched any with really awful work. In such case, I wouldn't hesitate to find a subbed version. I actually have a hard time balancing listening to the quickness of Japanese, Chinese, or Korean with reading subtitles. I just can't find the music in those languages. I'm sure they're wonderful, but my brain does not compute.
  13. Animated movies/Tv shows (non-Japanese only) - Usually watch them dubbed into Swedish. Especially shows from the 90's, the dubbing industry was great during that time. Now a days the dubbing seems to be a bit hit or miss, sometimes it's good and other times it's ugh, so new animated movies and TV-shows can be seen in either Swedish or English (depending on how good or bad the Swedish voices are.) If no dubs in English or Swedish exists and it's something I really wanna watch, I go for subs (in any language I know)

    English speaking live action TV-shows/movies - Non-subbed non-dubbed. I understand English just fine, and I did accidentally put on a dubbed version of harry potter once. HORRIBLE IDEA! Do not dub live action movies people o_o

    Non-English speaking live action movies/Tv-shows - Subtitled. When watching online, English subtitles, when watching DVD, usually English, but some DVDs only have the Nordic languages as options so obviously it becomes swedish then. (Also becomes Swedish if I watch with my mom, cause her English sucks xb That goes for English speaking live action shows too)

    Japanese animated movies/TV-shows:

    Kids shows such as pokemon and beyblade which I grew up with is always Swedish dubbed! I refuse to even listen to the English or Japanese version o_o MY CHILDHOOD IS HOLY! It's like hearing Aladdin in something other than Swedish. I don't care if it was originally American dubbed, it doesn't sound right D:

    Everything I didn't grow up with depends a bit. In rare cases, I will go for the English dubs. I mainly watches dubs if it is cause I need some background noise while doing other stuff that makes me unable to read the subs. Only shows I'm not super invested in but feel could be funny for a one time watch, or I just want friends to stop saying 'YOU HAVEN'T WATCH THAT ONE? NAAANDE DA YO???' cause it's either super popular (angel beats) or they have nostalgia googles on (old sailor moon). :p Generally I don't feel like English voices fits the anime style, usually only a few voices feels like a good fit, and only the show 'Monster' (from the dubs I've seen) actually had a voice cast I felt was completely perfect. (Which was the only show I started with English dubs going in as 'eh, everyone is saying to watch it, so can as well take a look while playing games' just to turn into 'THIS THING IS FUCKING AMAZING! EH, IT'S ALREADY MORNING, I'M ON EP 30? WHERE DID THE TIME GO???')

    In other rare cases I watch it in Japanese without subs. Usually it's for less complex shows with easier language. I tend to rewatch the ep subbed afterwards to make sure I understood it properly (sometimes I only check certain scenes that were a bit more complex), except if I'm simply rewatching a show I am very familiar with.

    And usually I just watch them in Japanese with subtitles.
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  14. Non English movies (and series), I watch with original audio and English subtitles.

    Exceptions to this are Filipino movies/etc (which I can understand) and Japanese baseball (no luxury of subtitles)
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  15. I watch anime dubbed always. I can't stand subs because most of the time the voice acting makes my ears bleed (especially for female characters) and reading subtitles gets annoying after a while. I'd rather hear my own language than hear a language I can't understand. If I wanna learn a language, there are far better ways than by watching subbed anime.
  16. when watching anime, I actually prefer both subbed and dubbed. Mainly because a lot of anime do not have dubbed versions. Funimation has very good voice actors and are a great company. When they do the dubs, I usually enjoy it. I enjoy the subs, because it is nice to get the voice inflection. Even if I don’t understand the language, I can still hear the context from the actors. Then if their is a dub, I like to go back and watch the Dub. I enjoy dubs because they tend to cater to the cultural differences. I love both the subs and dubs equally for Highschool DxD. If anything, I like the dub a bit more because the voice actors fit the characters personalities and the english culture stereotypes for the characters.

    If that makes sense. lol

    Due to my experience and fluent knowledge of British (proper) English, I usually understand everything I watch on BBC. Top Gear, Kitchen Nightmares, etc. Though sometimes, you get a damn scouser on the show and even other Brits need subtitles...... lol
  17. I'll tackle Anime first

    I prefer anime dubs, because I can multitask instead of having to be fixed on the screen reading subtitles. But if there's no good dub I'll make time for subbed episodes, although it's unlikely I will binge-watch or watch as often if it's subbed

    AS for non-anime foreign films/TV, I tend to prefer subtitles. Dubbed over live action throws me so far off, it's weird; pulls me right out of the narrative. I can't think of many foreign films I've watched though. I watched the original cut of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and there was another one, a German film about World War II, which was subtitled.
  18. I like foreign films a lot. I think different cultures tend to impart different "tones" to their media. I confess to quite liking British things like Sherlock.

    I'm not a fan of dubbing. Sometimes it can't be avoided but I prefer when it can.
    I DO like subbing and usually have English audio (most things out there) with Swedish subtitles.
    Things that are by default another language, English or Swedish subs are nice.
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