Forbidden Wishes

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  1. Liberty. Oh, how sweetly the word rolled off the tongue, how beautifully it sounded; unfortunately, as anyone could testify, those were the only qualities linked with it. 'Freedom' meant great many things in the human ghetto she lived in, none of them particularly pleasant. Of course, the government liked to use the mainstream definition that proudly boasted they weren't subject to daily spying via hidden cameras, but the residents saw it rather differently. First and foremost there was the freedom to die in any way that possibly seemed appealing to you; the variety would satisfy even the greatest connoisseur. Starving to death? No problem. Catching some exotic disease? No worries, the ghetto was a veritable paradise for bacterias with its nonexistent canalization and lack of fresh water! Or would you fancy something more personal, like a bullet between eyes? Nothing would be easier than try and climb over the fence separating the world of obscenely wealthy from those born in mud. The guards would be overjoyed to grant you your wish, provided the almighty electricity wouldn't take care of your little problem first. Doesn't everyone love surprises, though? The freedom the ghetto dwellers enjoyed had a lot of forms and nuances. For example, when the authorities called you for a public meeting, you technically didn't have to go if you preferred having your eyes gouged out instead with a rusty fork. The ability to choose was almost overwhelming; the old philosophers had been right in their assessment that free will loaded a great burden on our loins. Siana, however, didn't need to ponder over her possibilities for too long. She loved to read in her spare time and absence of her eyes would have made that task exceedingly difficult.

    The girl was standing in a small crowd of similarly old women obediently, her expression revealing nothing but apathy. Outright sorrow irritated the guards for it signified disgusting ingratitude to their lords who had mercifully decided to let the savages humans live despite possessing the power squish them easily. Happiness, on the other hand, attracted unwanted attention of her comrades who were all too eager to frame some unlucky fool as a collaborator and vent their helpless anger on them. Siana still remembered tortured cries of the teenage boy who had forgotten himself circa month ago. No, it was better to remain blank, to wear hide of a human chameleon capable of changing according to its environment. The Xenolian guards circled their little group at a leisure pace, apparently measuring them up. Not a word had been uttered since start of this gathering and worm of nervousness began to feast at her innards. The heat wasn't helping her at all; summers had always been unbearably hot here and Siana was bathing in her own sweat. The cheap fabric of her dress got stuck to her back, irritating her skin. Unwashed bodies around her smelled even worse than usual and awoke her desire to just run away. Don't think. Don't feel. There's nothing you can do. Just endure, she repeated her mantra inwardly. They will probably make a speech about how blessed we are to live in this glorious age of enlightenment, threaten to behead any traitors and ride off into the sunset. They're just building up the tension...

    One of the men suddenly grabbed her chin roughly and stared in her green eyes; it took all her self-control to refrain from spitting in his arrogant face. He turned her head around as a mineralogy expert trying to spot some blemish on a sapphire. The long nails scraped her cheeks, yet she remained silent, quietly wondering what the hell was going on. "Open your mouth, girl." Siana ignored the new question marks popping into existence and did as instructed; when a guard commanded you to jump, you didn't inquire why. You merely asked how high your leap should be. "Rather healthy," he noted with a visible contentment and finally let go of her face. "Alright, lass, it's your lucky day. A respectable family wishes to train one of you animals as their servant. You've got the job. I don't see the appeal, but maybe they'll go as far with your education to teach you not to pee on furniture," the man smirked. A wave of contradictory emotions rose in her chest. The dominant feeling was anger; wild, almost uncontrollable anger over her destiny as an underling of those who had brought human race to their knees. There was also humiliation over being judged like a dog on an exhibition and disdain for monsters who could put another sentient being through such ordeal. Yet underneath the wounded pride crouched relief she would actually leave this rat-infested hell-hole. She didn't know who to hate more; the Xenolians or herself for betraying her principles so easily.

    "Are you mute, girl? What are you gonna say to your saviors?"

    Poisonous comments were burning a hole into her tongue, yearning to be unleashed on the guards. "Thank you for this opportunity, mister," she heard herself saying, yet it didn't sound like her voice at all.

    "Good." A pair of strong hands caught her around her shoulders and yanked her forward. "Come with me. The rest of you is dismissed." Siana followed mechanically, her eyes glued to the ground, when a desperate female scream pierced the silence. "No!" A young blonde threw herself to the guard's knees and hugged them with all her might. "Please, please take me as well. I'll... I'll be the best slave you've ever seen, I promise. Just don't force me to live here anymore," she sobbed. The man looked to be thoroughly repulsed, as if he had stepped into something gross which ruined his new boots. He reached for his pistol calmly and kept shooting at her face until it was nothing but a large, bloody chunk of meat. The poor woman didn't even have time to feel pain. Siana bit her lip to stop herself from shrieking. "Anyone else wishes for a release from this ghetto?" The crowd did its best to ignore the cooling corpse on the ground that used to be a breathing, living person mere seconds ago. Not a single one of them moved or even acknowledged its existence; only empty, shell-shocked stares suggested they had witnessed something out of ordinary. "That's awesome to know. And as for you, let's get this over with," he said to Siana and escorted her to a nearby car. A strange buzz was eradicating all her thoughts as she went to meet her destiny.
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    At the right corner in the ceiling of his room, in the left corner of the bathrooms, in the doors of the cabinets inside of the kitchen, the walls, everything that surrounded him, the four walls, the ground he walked upon, the stairs and the roof above his head, everything possessed an eye or owned a pair of ears. Carefully observing him, watching him, listening in on his conversations with his friends or relatives. Every move was registered and a report was send out regularly to update the ‘center’ of his doings. Not that it was of any interest, but it was for the sake of ‘what ifs’. What if someone decided to discuss a rebellion, what if…? All paranoid questions that suited this power crazed government perfectly. Controlling their every movement and thoughts, his future had already been set to happen, no complaints and perhaps that was its greatest plus. They always knew where they were to end up at.

    Hell, even his body was covered with sensors. One near his heart to make sure that his heartbeat was constant, one at the inside of his arms, nearing his arm pits to measure his temperature and keep check of his health and one on the inside of his cheeks, to make sure he had no infections or contracted a virus of some sort. Ridiculous, for as a Xenolian they were immune against human infections, but they couldn’t be too sure, never too sure when the cold virus had evolved itself so much to be actually harmful against them; the greater race. Everything to make sure that their kind was in their best condition and to keep control. Specially the latter; control. It was the governments way to keep the peace, to make sure that wars weren’t to break out and that the Xenolians wouldn’t do anything rash. Unlike humans they were forced to be, despite the fact that they looked like each other they believed that they –the Xenolians- were the cultivated and advanced kind from the humans, the savages. The fact that the Xenolians had successfully travelled through space and found Earth proved their point that they were the more intelligent and stronger race.

    Of course not everyone agreed to that point of view. Of course the humans wouldn’t have themselves pushed into holes and corners on their own planet, however the Xenolians somehow succeeded, growing in their own conceit as they casted down with them the few Xenolians who had tried to rebel against them. History that was taught at primary school, retelling the tale of generations ago, which brought them to their successful present. But no one cared anymore, unless they were destined to become a history teacher, then they would bother themselves to pass down this knowledge to the next layer, but otherwise it was a bore. Or at least supposed to be ‘boring’. It did make their lives easier, not having to fuss over a career or what they wanted to study or what university they should attend. It had all been decided, so the Xenolians just went along with it, playing along with the text relayed by the government. Less stressful and greater chances in success they believed, unlike how the humans had organized their world the Xenolians were determined to prove them another form of ‘freedom’, but everyone knew in the back of their mind that true freedom could never be attained.

    With another sigh Alwin tossed his books to the side, arm slung over his head as he let go of another deep breath. He had been exhausted, bored to the mind, but could not express any of these feelings out loud. The future that was laid out in front of him disgusted him to no end and honestly, his interest were far off from what the government had forced upon him. Though none of these wishes were ever to escape his mind, the safest place yet from the Xenolian politicians who tried to control everything. It was a good thing that they had yet to find out how to read thoughts or how to brainwash them completely, so as long as opinions stayed thoughts no one would get hurt. As long as any form of rebellions stayed dreams no one would have to even know about how disappointing and dull their lives were. Just pretending and to pretend they had. It was a silent rule between all of the Xenolians who felt the same, they knew better than throwing out their comfortable lives, knowing fully well how these ‘savages’ called humans lived. Just the thought alone brought shivers down his bone.

    Stories whispered that there was no running water in the streets that the humans lived in. That there was no heated floors for the cold and harsh winter nights and no air conditioner to cool them off in the hot summers. Some even went as far as to say that they all shared one toothbrush or that the loo they used as a simple hole in the ground, that rats ran over them, biting their toe nails short to the skin while they were asleep and that their hair was filled with leeches, smelling an hour in the wind because of the lack of hygiene. It was a horrible description, but no one knew how it really was down with the humans, they could only listen to the stories and imagine and that what they imagined was gruesome. Gulping a little the male opened up his clear orbs to the ceiling, pondering off inside of his thoughts that he must be a spoiled brat for complaining about his comfortable lives. After all, he could have been born as one of these savages and have bloodied toes because of biting rats instead of a clean pair of white socks each day.

    Sighing to himself again the brunette then looked up to the clock hanging on the wall cross of him, modern and slick in design, ticking peacefully as if nothing was happening. There wasn’t anything about to happen, as usual, however Alwin did know that he was about to meet one of these ‘savages’ that they all spoke so disgusted over. Freshly picked from the streets and bought from a trader, honestly it sounded a little barbaric, to keep something that was so much alike to them as a pet and a slave, but it seemed that either everyone ignored that similarity or just dismissed it and reminded themselves of the horrible stench that they brought with them upon entrance. With another sigh the male whipped himself up from the bench, tired of having to lay down, his eyes fixed upon the book he had just thrown aside as he rolled his eyes. There was nothing much for him than to give in and indulge himself onto this road he was destined for.
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