Forbidden love

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Cain woke up as soon as the sun shined threw the window on his face. He began the usual procedure, he started to get dressed then he tied his long blond hair up in a tail so it wouldn't get in the way for work. Before doing anything else he hurried threw the castle to the kitchen to get the princess breakfast before she came to the dininghall, as usual it was finnished the second he entered the door. The cook gave him the plate with the food and Cain smoothly recieved the plate and went towards the dininghall.

It had already been ten years since he came to the castle, he had been living on the street all his life and then when he were about to starve to death the royal family had taken him in because they felt sorry for him. He got to stay in the castle as long as he worked, he started to work as a dishwasher and slowly walked his way up, now his main work was to serve the lovely princess every need. Sometimes now and then the king and queen made him work for them, mostly when they were going to have a big party.
Caius liked the position he had right now, he didn't want to change it for anything in the world, he got to serve the most beutiful and pure human being on earth. There were no one sweeter or more wonderful than the princess. Caius had fallen for her the first second he saw her.

He entered the dininghall at the same time the princess head maid opend the door and led the princess in, at the same time the princess were at the left side of her chair Caius were on the right side, he bowed to the princess and pulled the chair out with his left hand while still holding the plate in his right. He pulled in the chair after the princess had sat down and then he put the plate on and told the princess what was served, and then kept on about the schedule for the day.

The maid stood at her left side threw the breakfast without a word and Caius stood on her right, in case the princess would need something.
Aria had gotten up a little early today. She wasn't surs why, but decided it be best to just stay up anyway. She dressed herself in one of thr many elegant gowns she owned, each one fitting perfectly on her slender figure. She wore her favorite this time, a nice crimson dress. After that, while a maid came to make her bed, she sat in front of the mirror and brushed out her raven black hair. She spent a few moments on that until she knew her hair was nice amd soft again.

Now that she was ready, she checked the time before leaving her room. She met her head maid in the hall and went down to breakfast with her. Aria always ate before he parents, and so expected the empty dining room. She saw another servant of hers, and actually lowered her gaze as she went to the table with im. Out of all the many servants that were in the castle, Cain was the only one to catch her attention. She never shows it, knowing how against the rules it was, but she was actually quite attracted to him. He was the only one she found to be very attractive.

Once she was seated, she thanked him quietly like always and then began to eat her breakfast..
Caius stood beside princess Aria waiting patiently on her to finnish like he did every morning. He tried not to glance at the princess, because if the maid saw him doing something like that she would get suspicious. After all, a servant shouldn't fall in love with the princess, they could never be together. But how could anyone not fall in love with such a beautiful creature like her, how could someone like her even be of human kind? She was the only one pure amongs all hateful, disgraceful creatures called humans, she couldn't be one of those dark creatures, she was an angel among devils. Even he himself was a disgraceful devil that never could deserve to even breath her air. Even he's dream about someday getting to marry her was a disgrace, he shouldn't be allowed to think about her. But it hurt to much not to, how could he ever stay away? Though he just were a servant of hers, he thought that was the only thing he needed. He could be so close to her, but still his selfish heart craved for more, something impossible. Love.

She finnished her breakfast and the maid took Arias plate and carried it out to the kitchen while Caius started to tell the princess what her father had ordered him to tell her.
"Princess, tomorrow prince Kail from our neighbour country will arrive, I suppose you remember him from some years ago" He said. "A banquet will be held for his arrival"
Caius knew that the prince had come to propose to the princess, but everyone held it a secret from her by her fathers order. He wondered if she would accept the proposal, one part of him wanted to take her far away from here so she wouldn't marry anyone.
Aria finished her breakfast after a couple of moments. She watched her maid take her plate, andbthen turned her attention to Caius when he spoke to her. However, she didn't seem very happy about the news she had been given. Kail was a handsome princd of course, and almost every princess wanted tp be with him, but Aria didn't. No one told her anything of course, but Aria already knew of the reason for his visit
She had recently became of age to be wed, so ot was clearly obvious to her that the prince planned to propose to her.

Aria sighed. "I honestly wish he wasn't." she couldn't help but to say while the maid was still away
She had to admit, shebtrusted Caius more than anyways. From time to time she spoke her feelings more freely around him, unless someone else was around.
"Your higness don't enjoy the princes company?" Caius asked, something he never would have done to anyone else in the palace. But the princess was different, even if he would never talk freely to her, they could have short conversations sometimes when they were alone even if he always kept his servant position.
Caius really enjoyed that Aria didn't like the prince, but would she say no to his proposal even though her father expected her to say yes? He hoped with all his heart that she would say no, but at the same time he didn't want to go against the royal familys wish, because they were the ones that had taken him in and saved his life.
Aria looked at Caius when he spoke again. "I already know why he comes." she said to him before eventually standing. "Many other girls would love to be in my position for such a thing." Before she continued, she looked around, making sure that no one was around to hear. She then stepped a bit closer to Caius. "Though my father and everyone else wants me to take part in it and accept, I do not wish to do such a thing." she told him quite quietly.

Aria could not tell that to anyone else, for they definitely would not have liked it. But since she was able to trust Caius, she felt no harm in saying such a thing to him. She knows he wouldn't tell anyone else, andbthat is what she liked about him.
She started to leave after that but then stopped. She looked back over at Caius. "And, if anyone askes for me Caius, just tell them ai'll be in the garden" she said to him with a soft smile and then continued leaving the dining room without the head maid, and then making her way out into the castle gardens. She couldn't help but to smile at herself when she was now outside. It was the first time she had actually spoken Caius' name before.
Somehow her words warmed him, he were really happy that she didn't like the prince and wouldn't accept him. But as a servant of the royal family that was something he couldn't say, but maybe if it was just to her he would be able to say it.
She went out from the room to the garden leaving Caius in the room, he was a bit stunned because he was certain that the princess had said his name, she had never done that before. Was it just his imagination? or had she really said his name? It was unbelievable, the fairy queen, the angel of angels had said his name. He blushed a bit after she had left the room and tried to get controll over his facial expression. He had just been able to get himself together when the head maid had entered the room.
"Where's the princess?" She asked.
"She has gone for a walk in the garden" Caius said while bowing and excused himself while leaving the room.

Now he was forced to get everything prepared for the princes arrival, nothing he looked forward to.
He hoped the princes visit would be short.
The thought of ever going through with marrying that prince, was something Aria couldn't do. She wasbn't going to marry a man she barely knew, let alone rarely see. It didn't seem right to her. She believed that people shouldn't marry for wealth, or even for bringing kingdoms together. They should marry for love. And this clearly wasn't one of reasons. She didn't love prince Kail, no matter how interested he was in her. She would not go through with it.She went into the garden maze after finally making up her mind about the situation she would soon be in. Aria walked through this frequently when she wanted to clear her mind or just pass the time. It was a very beautifulmaze and she enjoyed every moment she was in it. She hoped this could help waste some time as she purposly tried to get hersrlf lost, though she knew the maze better than anyone.
Caius prepared everything to the banquet the next day and instructed everyone what they should do. Everytime the royal family held a party everything in the castle got exchanged for new things. Caius were taking down the old curtains and exchanged them in to the new ones when he noticed princess Aria in the maze. Even though he were three floors up he could see her clearly, walking around graceful, shining like a star. He suddenly got waken from his thoughts when one of the other servants wondered why he spaced out instead of working.

Caius excused his behavior and kept working, while sometimes now and then glansing towards the princess in the garden, going around as beautiful as a gazelle. But he fast realised that he didn't have time to do that, it slowed his work down and they had way to litle time to lumber around. He got back to work and tried to not think about the princess, but how could he stop thinking about her? that beautiful being that actually had put his disgraceful name in to her pure mouth. It was impossible to stop thinking even though he knew how impure his thoughts were.
As Aria was walking, she couldn't help but notice Cauis watch her from the window. No one usually paid her any mind like he had. It was nice. When she saw him get back yo work, she turned her attention away from the window and went back to walking. She let about an hour pass her before leaving the maze and then making her way back into the castle. Most of the peparations were dobe and some were still working. For some reason, she wondered if Cauis was still working and actually wandered around the castle to see if she'll spot him anywhere.
Caius were still preparing, he had been left alone in the dinning hall to do the last details. He didn't want the others to be in his way, he was always in charge for this kind of things and the others always needed to check with him before doing anything. Now when it finally started to get finnished he didn't need to tell people what they should do and he could concentrate on his own work better.
Suddenly someone opend the door, he guessed it was one of the servants that didn't know what to do.
"If your finnished with your assigned duty then we don't need you for the decoration any more the last things have already been distributed" he said while putting out a cloth over the table then turned around to see who it was.
The princess?
"Excuse me for my rudeness princess" He said a bit chocked and bowed.
As Aria opened the door, she heard Cauis speak. His words however, made her laugh a bit. It was obvious he had thought a servant had walked in, and it didn't surprise her. she never did come here before she was needed to. She smiled when when he then apologized to her. "That's quite alright." she said. "You're doing the rest on your own?." she asked, noticing there was no one else around them. Of course though, she also noticed everything was pretty much finished as well, but still, she was surprised to see him working alone.

While she then waited for his answer, she looked around, admiring the decor. If onlu it wasn't for prince Kail's arival, she might have enjoyed neing in the room.It was such a shame she knew she wouldn't enjoy it all.
It wasn't surprising that she forgived him but it came as a chock when she asked him about his work.
"well, the most is finnished and the others are mostly in the way when they don't even know what to do so I do the last myself." He told her "I'm the only one who knows how you.. your parents want it so I often get to be the head of the decorations." He said, he had almost said 'how you want it,' he often decorated after what the princess liked then her parents just happend to like it everytime. But ofcourse he couldn't tell anyone that.
He kept working the hole time while he was talking to her but tried to look at her as much as possible, both to show respect by looking at the one he talked to and to just be able to see her.
Aria smiled at that. "Well, I must say, you do a wonderful job with ot, Cauis." she said as she looked around more. There was no one around but them, and so she decided to just cal him by his name. She liked his name, and it actually felt nice to say his name. She had to admit, it felt weird to her to talk to him, without calling him something. She hoped he didn't mind it, but it also seemed like he didn't anyways. "I...saw you watching me from the window.." she soon said to him.
She said his name again? So it wasn't a dream or a dilusion the first time. Caius became so happy he blushed, lucky for him he were turned away from her cleaning the table before he was completely done with everything. Finally he were able to stop the blushing.
"I... saw you watching me from the window" She said, and there the blushing returned, damn it.
He calmed down faster this time and turned to her finnished with the cleaning.
"Excuse my rudeness, looking at you in that kind of way when I should have been working" he said bowing down, thinking she probably had thought it anoying. He promised himself to hold his inner demons locked in from now on, never should he desire such a wonderful creature as her because that was the biggest sin of them all. He would never be worthy to even get to look at someone like her, less be in love with her. But know when he were he needed to suffer for that sin because he could not regrett it now.
"I promise it wont happen again and I will stay focused on my duties" He said as going up from his bowing.
Aria watched him when spoke. For somereason, the thought of him not doing that again, had made her frown. She shook her heard after he spoke. "I don't want you to stop." she told him. "I liked it, really I did." she said. She knew it was wrong of her, but she didn't really care. When she thought for a moment, she looked to make sure no one was around before she spoke again. "Cauis...will you walk with me in the garden tonight?" she asked. Aria enjoyed walking in the garden at night, but for once, she didn't feel like doing it alone. She really did hope he'd say yes though would understand if he would say no.
She liked it? His heart almost stopped for a second when he heard her ask him to walk with him in the garden. Aria, the princess, wanted to walk with him in the garden tonight? It would probably be easy to make up an excuse if someone saw them, like saying that the princess thought she saw a stranger and wanted him to come and see so it wasn't anyone there or simply say he saw the princess go out and couldn't let her go alone. But still, that he would walk with her? Had his inner demon come out of him and made the princess do things he always wished her to do? No, his demons was only in himself, they couldn't even touch such a graceful being as her, neither could he. But if she wished him to go with her then he would even if it would hurt him just to look and never touch.
But he would definitely not give in to his desires, especialy not tonight, the day before the banquet. Even this was wrong, going with her in the middle of the night. But he couldn't deny her that wish.

"Yes, If you don't mind then I would love to do that your higness" He replied.
Aria smiled happily when he agreed to walk with her. She had the feeling he wouldn't have agreed, but it aseems she was wronh. "You can just call me Aria." she sai to him with another smile. "When no one is around of course." she added.
She wold have liked for him to call her by her name all the time, but ten everyone woud start quetioning, even if she were to call him by his name when someone ws around. Being of royal status, wasn't really fun or nice to Aria. Alot of times she would wish she can leave. She wanted to make her own choices, love whoever she wants to love That is why she wasn't going through with the wedding. She didn't like that her parent agreed for her to marry prince Kail. It would nrver work out. It was only a marriage for the kingdom, not love. To be honedt though, she was starting to feel luk not tryin to narry anyonr from a noble family. She wantef to find some outside the cstle however, therr was on person within the castle she was acually luking already..
The princess smiled happily and all of a sudden she asked him to call her by her name. He couldn't believe his ears, how could she even suggest something like that. What they already did was forbidden how could he go further in what they were doing? He, whom shouldn't even be alowed to breath the same air as the princess, couldn't put her wonderful name in his mouth. But how could he refuse? If she told him to do something then he didn't have the right to refuse nor correct her.

"If that is what you wish your hign.. " He paused to collect his thoughts "Aria" he continued, almost forcing himself to get it out. He wanted to tell her how wrong this was but at the same time he didn't want to change what was happening. It was so wrong but so right at the same time. But she was a princess that should be marrying a prince in the future, and he was only a servant. How could he be alowed to love someone like her, how could he even think about imagine a future with her. It was something that could never become. Finnaly Caius had finnished the work in the room.