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  1. ((question...umm im not sure about the man himself, is he a student or the teacher or what exactly if i may ask? it'll make a response a little easier if yo uwouldn't mind me asking, this seems a little interesting to me and wouldn't mind rping with you?
  2. (Hi- so glad you replied! <3 "The Man" (you can decide name if you want) is the new teacher- this will be the guy that the romance is with- that's why it's forbidden. If you don't mind me saying this, I'd like the plot to follow this loose plan: Aika tries to get close to him, he flirts a bit, but fights his urges toward her. As you can guess, they will give in at some time. I'd like to have scenes in school and out. He must have some connection to England, but I can leave that to you to decide. That makes it more interesting. Is that OK? Thanks again for replying. PS- please bring up the bar scene (in private with her)! <3 <3 <3 PPS- I just noticed: my profile pic looks kinds like what the bar scene was like....heh...coincidence. But that is the same guy, but not the same girl. If it helps, use that pic for talking to Aika about the bar scene and imagining it yourself. OK, now I'm done. :) )
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  3. (Heads up control your characters not others. You can control what happens to Anri when she is hit but not her feelings and reactions to it. Same thing applies in any scenario.)
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  4. (Thanks for letting me know. I didn't know, because I'm new at the whole concept of role play, but Im sure with help I'll get used to how it works.)
  5. And another thing don't post OOC content on the RP forum it just gets deleted later
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