For you Gaians out there! An RP Guild that NEEDS members!!!

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  1. Alice Town is a small guild that is made for those of us that still roam around Gaia, wishing for friendships we just can't seem to grasp. It is a place created by a fellow writer that is still growing into her new feel of RP. But in order for us to role play, we need MEMBERS!!!!​
    If you are a Gaian (or wish to become one), and you need somewhere to crash, rant, goof off, and role play, please, please, PLEASE check this guild out! It has wonderful potential. All it needs is writers!​
    So, if you're interested, just click the link below, and it'll take you right to it (as long as you're logged into Gaia, of course). Thank you, my Iwaku buddies and Gaia buddies alike! I hope to see you there!!!​