for those who have played skyrim,neverwinter ,baldurs gate

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    I am looking for those who are interested in doing a role play using the elements of these games I have an idea

    The plot goes something like this

    The governing body of the central church is making a grab for power they are spread though many kingdoms this is something of a crusade they are hunting down those who dont belong to the church those they view as heritics in a pub is where the beginning of this tale will start paladins from the church are searching for outcasts

    the church is after the person responsible for the spell Circle of Usurpation a very powerful spell which altered the very disposition of reality capable of allowing its user to become a god of their choosing, replacing a current god with themselves the moment the spell was completed. the spell merely allowed the caster to temporarily merge with the deity and wield their powers as long as the spell lasts.

    this spell caused ripples that swept through the church now they r hunting for the caster the gods have very little info because the caster had used wish spell in combo with this one which resulted in the memory record wipe everyone knows it happened but no one knows who did it

    anyone tell me does this have any interest
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  2. So would we play those Paladins or the Outcasts? Or do we have the opportunity to play as either?
  3. this is open you can play both roles creation of more than one character is good to be able to play both sides gives the rp a creative edge!
  4. That sounds good.
    Alright, count me in.
  5. ok great I will use this post to hammer out the details before creation of the rp itself main just plot and covering of different roles just so we have a good start and anyone else who has interest or ideas for the plot bring them here
  6. this plot the gods will not be played directly by players now outcasts or paladins are more than just humans elves or other typical beginning characters giant kin. dragons ,kings anyone can be any race or character class but for godmod or such is not allowed

    Im using the Deities
    {th=center}of the Age of Humanity{/th}
    {td=center}Ao the Overgod{/td}
    {td=center}Major Deities of Faerûn{/td}
    {td=center}Angharradh | Bane | Bhaal | Chauntea | Corellon Larethian | Garl Glittergold | Gruumsh | Horus-Re | Lathander | Moradin | Myrkul | Mystra | Oghma | Shar | Silvanus | Sune | Talos | Tempus | Tyr | Yondalla{/td}
    {td=center}Other Deities of Faerûn{/td}
    {td=center}Auppenser | Abbathor | Arvoreen | Auril | Baervan Wildwanderer | Berronar Truesilver | Beshaba | Callarduran Smoothhands | Clangeddin Silverbeard | Cyrrollalee | Deep Duerra | Deep Sashelas | Dumathoin | Erevan Ilesere | Flandal Steelskin | Gond | Hanali Celanil | Helm | Ilmater | Isis | Labelas Enoreth | Laduguer | Lolth | Mask | Mielikki | Nephthys | Osiris | Rillifane Rallathil | Sehanine Moonbow | Segojan Earthcaller | Selûne | Set | Sharindlar | Sheela Peryroyl | Solonor Thelandira | Thoth | Tymora | Umberlee | Urdlen | Vergadain{/td}

    now many characters appear at different times with different power classes no character here will be a god but there will be characters who r close to demi power class a prime example

    my character will be an Arcane devotee who was tricked ,framed by the church then exiled losing his faith hurt just before Ao distances himself from this plane he finds my character turning him into a (chosen) an individual imbued with divine power by one of the deities of the Realms, which grants them various abilities and boons, such as stopping the process of aging.

    Governance of the gods
    this ability is one of the few things that was my character was left with but because this is a mortal with this power u can think of it as a echo of the over gods power my character cannot directly command the gods but can bully them into giving him pieces of info or a smaller portion of power compared to their invokers but because he can do so over many gods this makes him a jack of trades but a master of none.

    now my character is a prominent member of the outcasts someone known to them as something of a rumor no on knows his face or identity for long another effect from Ao

    this plays a role in the church mistaking him for the one they r looking for