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  1. Somewhere down the line humanity messed up bad, like really bad, like so bad not even the conspiracist could see this coming. Honestly I don't even know where to begin with this hellhole, but I guess I can just start with how things are now. Pretty much the world went to ruins before anyone could snap their fingers, but it wasn't by some zombie apocolypse, alien invasion, or even that whole Mayan calender mumbo jumbo. It started off small a few ripples here and there that died down almost as quickly as they came no big deal right? Well....apparently they left a few more scars then people thought and after the right kind of pressure was applied in the right spot everything went to hell. Now its every man for themselves...atleast that's what the smart ones do if you ask me. There are those little pocket civilizations with some rag-tag police force the walls making them feel safe, that is till some bloodthirsty raider rolls into town and starts shooting the place up. But you'll see that soon enough, so yeah pretty much its your standard barren wasteland that you saw in the games and tv shows with all your little fluffy monster running around in search of some poor sap to rip to shreds. Yes, out here you have everything you need to wind up in an early grave, now the question is...what are you gonna do about it?

    Character sheet:

    How you stand: ( you a loner, live in a pocket town, raider etc.)
    Weapon(s) of choice:
    Abilities: ( No super powers sorry)
    Car: (A make up for new super powers just a fyi the streets are a little bumpy)
    Pets: (Another little make up for ya if you want it)


    If your on board/intrested post a character, if you have any questions feel free to ask. I do wanna keep this alittle fast paced if you have something coming up or something unexpected happens I only ask you let us know ahead of time. You don't have to specify what it is just a quick "hey I'm gonna be off for awhile I jump in later" is all I really need. As for rules nothing too much

    ABSOLUTELY NO GOD MODDING I can't stress that enough...
    all in all the usual rp rules
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  3. ill make a character soon
  4. Name: Tristian Grant
    Age: 22

    How you stand: Loner
    Weapons: pocket knife and .42

    Car: Lexus GT 3000

    Pets: [​IMG]