For those cat owners out there :D

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  1. Here are some fun facts :D I personally found these out myself except the leg rubbing one, couldn't have guessed that one no matter what happened XP I knew it was a hello, just didn't think it was THAT kind of hello. woulda been fun to know that it was a cats version of a warrior hug back when my cat will still alive.

    I also didn't know that only the owner could really know what a cat could meow about as they create their meowing in a way specifically for their owner(s) which explains how my dad couldn't understand my cat for the life of him XD I'd sit there like "It's so obvious what my cat wants, how can you possibly not understand???? DX (In other words, cats create an entirely new language to communicate with their owner the best they can. My cat didn't really like my dad and my dad didn't really like my cat so it's no wonder why they were never able to connect)

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  2. The video only mentioned three.

    So you got 1/3 correct? :P
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  3. I am a cat whisperer. o___o For they are my familiars. 8D
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  4. DX ish then. I knew the rubbing was a hello/welcome back. I knew meowing was for humans and they don't meow to eachother. I just didn't know a few specifics. So round it all up, it'll be like 2 thirds I knew XP
  5. So you only half-knew two of them. That's still just 1 total... Or 0 if we're a hard marker that requires full and complete answers. :P
  6. We ain't in no school anymore XD you're allowed to know half an answer and let it add up. Add it up and you got 2/3 :D
  7. 1/2 + 1/2 = 1.

  8. Plus the 1 I knew already. So add another 1 equals 2. 1/2 plus 1/2 plus 1 equals 2. Sooooo

  9. In your OP you admit to semi-knowing the hello. 1/2.
    No idea about their own language, but that it was mainly for humans. 1/2.

    And you mentioned nothing on purring.

    1/2 + 1/2 = 1. :P

  10. Wanna know why I mentioned nothing on purring? Because I already knew all that XD so add back that extra 1 boi ^^
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  11. Dammit this isn't Algebra! Stop leaving out Variables! >:C
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