For The Record

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  1. For The Record

    I am one of many shards
    sparkling, split up and fractal
    reflecting some inner core
    This one, she's a writer: sitting
    in her garret, her wonderful company
    thousands of words. That one:
    she sits by the water,
    Thinks of dipping her toes in,
    stares into the rippling grey-green.
    Here, she lights up in the midst of company.
    There, she quietly smiles, sits, and knits.
    Once the shards were facets of a whole,
    unbroken, happy girl-child.
    The shattering devastated,
    cracked into pieces.
    The core, now, hidden by thick shards
    Layers of protective fa├žades.
  2. Wrote this a couple of weeks ago for my grandmother. Sent it to her this weekend, so I guess it's okay to share.

    Grandma Kate​

    I played some cribbage today.
    I played and thought of you.
    You taking a quiet moment for your wordsearch
    When I was young, and you taught me cribbage
    When it leaked out of my brain, you taught me again
    You were so hungry to play
    Those games of wit and mind
    Like how you always needed to see the sea lions
    Off to Fisherman's Wharf we went
    And, Grandma, even when you could barely walk
    You beat us fair and square at crib
    What manner of mind hit itself behind its
    Concealing labels and slight body?
    I played a game today, Grandma.
    And I wished I'd known you better.

    RIP ~ 20 October 2012
  3. granted, it's been said before:

    is a big, frustrating word
    that means you're human