For the love of Frost

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  1. It was like any normal day. Sighing, he slid across the ice, twirling his staff ever so slightly. What mischief could he cause today? Pursing his lips he twirled a bit on the ice then shot into the air, letting out a shout of joy. Soon after, snow flurries twirled around him. This was his favorite moment! Just him, the sky, the loneliness. Slowly, a frown pulled at the corner of his lips.

    Jack landed back on solid ground and dragged his staff along in the cold grass. Was this how he was doomed to be? Alone. Groaning, he just stopped walking and leaned against his staff, gazing up at the sky. It wasn't like he had much to live for anyway, right? Anytime he went into town no one saw him. Even though many parents talk about Jack Frost nipping at noses, still, no one can see him. Digging the end of his staff into the ground, he grumbled.

    "What really is there for me to do? I enjoy a little of this and that, but they don't see me."

    Contempt and sadness bubbled up in his heart. Closing his eyes, he just collapsed on the ground, allowing his staff to fall next to him. He opened one eye at a time and saw the moon, faded in the sunlight but the moon none-the-less. What do you have for me? Why can't I hear you anymore?

    The last time he heard the moon was when he was being drawn out of an icy lake. Everything was so black, so cold. He was tempted to be scared if it hadn't been for the silvery light that pulled him from the water, pulled him back into life. That's really the only reason he was thankful for the moon because since then... he had just been abandoned. Abandoned and left unseen by society, not believed in by the children around the world.
  2. The shakey invisable spirit of Valantines day slowly flew into unknown teritorry. Her bright red hair stood out against the sky of clouds overhead, and her red eyes were dull with sorrow as she attempted to find her way. Suddenly another strong gust of wind blasted her, forcing her wings to curl up on her back, sending her to the ground. She landed with a thud in a pile of snow and groaned, "That blasted wind!?" she shouted, not thinking anyone else in the world could hear her. She then frowned and got up, wiping her dress free from snow and stepping out of the pile. "Now where on earth am I?" she wondered outloud, looking around the small town that seemed quite familiar. "I know I've been here before," she commented as she was surounded by people and children who couldn't see her. Another sigh escaped her as she looked to the sky and shrugged, "Lets give it another go shall we?" and jumped into the air, spreading her weak wings, and flapping them faster and faster. Soon she was high enough that she could get going again, so she took off in one direction and hoped she'd stay in the air this time. She got distracted by the figure of a boy standing on a frozen pool, which set her wings off again. They closed up and she went down spinning.

    There was no time for a scream as she thudded against a tree and slid down, then flipped so she fell upside down for a little while, but eventually came to a violent stop. She looked up, still upside down, and felt tears fill her eyes when she saw her foot was stuck in between two branches, and her wing was wounded. Defeated, the valentines spirit banged her head against the tree and whispered, "I'll be stuck here forever!" desperate to find someone she could actually talk to. She hung there a moment, and then attempted, "Help!" she called, "Please, someone help me!?" knowing she couldn't be heard by any mortal, and not knowing if any guardiants or other spirits were around.