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  1. There will be a show tonight!

    Not really. I'm sorry if I got your hopes up. I just happen to have that song stuck in my head at the moment.
    I am going to bed in five minutes but I've had a few plots bouncing around in my head today and I decided to tap them out before bed to see if any of you lovelies decide to respond while I'm asleep. As such, don't expect much in the way of fanciful wording or details. Tired Everly is not Detail Oriented Everly.

    Blah blah rules blah. Iwaku site rules. I play females. I want paragraphs. Adept-Prestige level works well for me. A bit below or above either is fine. Honestly I'm not too picky. That's a lie I'm pretty picky sometimes. I want a chocolate bar.

    On to the plots!

    Okay so the first one. A girl [woman, all my characters are 18+] is put in a mental hospital because she has always heard a voice in her head. Several years of therapy have not helped. A harsh regimen of strict medications pushed her over the edge and she attempted suicide, only failing because the voice in her head helped her out at the last second. Cue hospitalization. Girl learns that voice in head is actually guardian angel helper dude. Whoa. I'm thinking he could be like a worker at the hospital or help her get out or something? Or maybe he's not even there at all and just in her head. ALL THE CRAZY.

    Second one. Something with mirrors. I think it'd be cool if a guy was in an antique shop and walked by a mirror in it. Sees a girl in it, turns around, no girl there. BUT SHE'S STILL IN THE MIRROR OMG OMG OMG. I feel like this could go a lot of different ways but I don't see it as scary. More of sadly romantic? I like romance. Romance will happen always. I don't even care if your character is a face hugger that little fucker is getting romanced.

    Moving on.

    Third one! And I think last one. Super cool cocky asshole guy who always wins races. Cars or motorcycles. I'm kind of partial to motorcycles because I honestly don't know much about vehicles and motorcycles are smaller so there is less I have to pretend to know. Anyway, racer dude, drag races on streets. Super illegal and super AWESOME. All popular and stuff. Challenges anybody around. Car/motorcycle drives up. Can't see driver. Races, guy loses.. and it's a girl! Boom! Plot twist! In your face, cocky dude. You totally lost to a girl. Bow down.

    Okay so that's about it right now. I'm reading these over and realizing that I sound drunk.. so.. I'm just gonna leave it like that and allow myself to be amused. Also, this took 8 minutes, not 5. Sigh.

  2. Hey there! I really like the two first ideas, though to choose just one, I'm leaning towards the first, with the mental hospital and hearing voices and all that. But I also really like the mirrors one, too. Good ideas, A+.
  3. Yay! I'm actually leaving today for the next few days but I will be back sometime Monday so we can start then! Just send me a PM so that I don't forget, please ^_^;
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