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  1. Well, that's a good lot of warnings you have up there Kitsune, you may say.

    Why yes, there are quite a few warnings up there, I would reply.

    Which is why I am going to start with: Mature readers only, please!
    Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way (I really do hate having to turn people away) we can continue on!

    For those that are left, I am assuming that you are a mature reader, comfortable with the following things:

    • Explicit Language
    • Libertine moments (It will be plot bound, but sex will be involved)
    • Some graphic gore, or perhaps abuse
    • Lots and lots of tragedy
    Now, that's not to say that every roleplay will have all of these things. It depends on the roleplay in question. I just ask that all of the people I roleplay with be comfortable with this stuff, because I may or may not find myself adding in a twist or two that involves the above mature themes.

    So, now that we have only mature roleplayers remaining, it's time to whittle down the masses a bit more with my preferences.

    As you might have seen, I have this tagged as Advanced. Merely because that would be the average of the kinds of people I'm willing to roleplay with! I am accepting anyone with skill levels from Adept to prestige (Not Douche, because I feel like I'd fall a little bit short of perfection- after all, there is always room to improve) given that they at least jive with my preferences. So I suppose I should outline those.

    Post Length

    Now, this one... it's pretty flexible. I'm not picky about post length; and by that I mean, I don't require you to write two paragraphs and two paragraphs only. I would like to see a lot of detail. Gritty, gory, detail, and as much of it as you feel comfortable putting in. So While I'd like to see at least two paragraphs, it isn't necessary (A little un-recommended if you want to keep my interest) but the more the merrier. If you have a habit of writing novels per post- I would be one happy duckling.

    Saying that, you may find that perhaps I put in too much detail. Not only do I enjoy describing the scenery, and the sensations that result, I also find myself writing quite a bit of monologue. Meaning, you will never guess as to what my characters are feeling- unless it's intended for you to guess, because I want the reaction to be a legitimate surprise. That being said, if you don't like reading long paragraphs, this won't be for you (As you can probably see by how long the recruitment thread is getting) so please don't waste either of our time? Pretty please?

    Quality over quantity, but quantity appreciated! Moving on!

    Post Frequency

    Now this one is easy. I really don't care when you get around to responding. Have time to throw out 17 posts a day, and just about drive me crazy? GREAT! I love it. I have lots of spare time, and next to nothing to do with it. I will obviously slow down once I get a few RP's going, but the more the merrier I always say!

    Likewise, if you can only manage one post a week, or just whenever you can get around to throwing one up- hey, I will wait for quality. You will find me ever patient, and ever understanding. NO APOLOGIES. No seriously, I mean it, do not apologize for being slow on responses! (Sometimes, I am too)

    Gender and roles

    Now this is where things start getting more complicated. I am female (some of you might know, some of you might not) and therefore I am better at playing female roles. I find that my female characters have a little more weight behind them, a better, more fleshed out story. They certainly feel more alive to me!

    Now, that isn't to say I don't enjoy playing male characters as well! I do occasionally dabble on that foreign side of the playing field, but my repertoire for that is quite... narrow. That isn't to say my male characters will be any less quirky and fun, with interesting little stories to drag out of them, it just means that I tend to stay towards stereotypes that I am more familiar with. I.E, quirky and strange, or flirty and mischievous. I'm not really the strong silent type of guy- when I do indeed play a guy. I like their personalities loud, and eye-catching.

    So, with Genders out of the way, we come to roles. This is pretty vague, but I don't mind playing both dominant and submissive roles. Meaning I can both lead the story, and sit back and enjoy the ride if you want to take the reins for a bit. I like seeing where other people will lead me.

    Next up:

    Grammar and sentence fluidity

    Something a lot of people tend to ignore when it comes to roleplaying, is sentence fluidity. Good grammar is great! The right punctuation can really help immerse you in the world and make everything seem vibrant and real. But it can also lead to... well, something of a robotic approach to delivering the story. If you want to play with the punctuation to try and make things seem just a little bit more...interesting? Go for it! I like seeing the new and interesting ways to bring stories to life.

    That being said, spelling is a BIG thing for me. When words are spelled wrong (even when I spell them wrong myself) they drive me crazy. Using the wrong 'to' (to, too, two) or there (there, their, they're) can really jar me out of a good story, and make things feel bland...

    It also just irritates the crap out of me.

    So, decent spelling, at least, and nice flowing sentences.


    Last but not least, genres. I can confidently say, the only thing I don't like is Slice of life. There are a few genres that I require to have a good plot before touching (such as vampires, werewolves, historical and modern etc.) but aside from that- throw em at me!

    I love finding new and interesting ideas.

    Alright. I think that about covers it!

    If this was all far too long for you, got a serious case of TLDR? Do not reply. My post will be long and windy, and if you couldn't tolerate reading all of this, our partnership probably won't last all that long.

    Hopefully I haven't scared too many people off, and will get gregarious amounts of responses with brilliant people!

    ^_^ I'm looking forwards to it!
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  2. Hi! I welcome you to the site, since it looks like you just joined. :) But, I suppose that's not the point to this thread is it?

    I read every word of your post. So, I guess that proves that length does not deter me in any way, right? :D I actually love monologues, as I tend to do them myself. It just makes the character feel that much more alive! And I'm a big fan of self-connecting with our own characters. :3

    I actually do not have any thought out plots right now, but I thought I just wanted to express my interest! You seem like a pretty awesome person to roleplay with! If you have any particular plots in mind, I would gladly go along with it. I'm pretty much open to anything. xD Granted, I also did a little stalking and I went to look at your resume. Your wishlist expressed some desire for pirates... I've never done anything like it, but if you want to discuss a little plot bunny... :D

    Anyways... Hm... I'm not quite sure what else to add... So... :D I hope you really enjoy Iwaku!!! Feel free to PM me! :3
  3. Heya Kitsune, remember me? :3
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  4. Oh man! Overly!!! Hello! :D
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  5. Fancy meeting you here :D! How have you been?
  6. I've been great!
    ;A; Pining away the loss of Nox Pederis... but you know. Living. Lol, wish we coulda seen that one through. How have you been, I didn't expect to see you here!
  7. Excellent, glad to hear that. :)
    Yes, that was one harsh loss. Though I could see miles (or kilometres since we are Canadian) away that Pine would procrastinate it. :P

    I've been good, just being myself :3. I wasn't quite expecting to see you come here either, glad to see you're alive though!
  8. Haha I've been spending some time off-site. Re-building my passions (and lacking internet) XD
    You interested in starting something?
  9. This too, is my return to the roleplaying community. But instead of rebuilding passions, I got bored of them and went back to the internet. :3
    I mostly came to stop by and say hello, I don't think I can fulfil your standards. :P
  10. awww XD maybe another time then! See you around at least :)
  11. Hello there! If you're still looking for someone, I might have a few gritty, dark plots if you're interested. I don't want to bore you with the details, but I'm definitely feeling some stuff with ghosts and demons or drug abuse and mental illness. Shoot me a pm if you're interested :D
  12. Oh my, that was delightful! I long to stretch my wings again after three whole months of sleeping and feeling sorry for myself, and would love to be given a chance to craft a magnificent story with you! I myself tend to prefer playing males despite myself being female, but any kind of challenge make me feel game lately, so we may very well find something we are both happy with, given time and proper planning/plotting. I'm pretty much alright with any genre beside needing some more nudging for School Life and Furry-styled tales, as I feel the most important thing is the plot and the ability to adapt and evolve with time common with every good character.

    I'm Lessie, and would love to hear back from you, should you be interested!
  13. I am still looking for good, solid RP partners!
    Just a reminder, please only apply if you've read through the entire recruitment thread, and feel like you can live up to my requests.

    That means from adept writing to prestige. Not intermediate.
  14. I'd be interested in doing a 1x1 with you. ^ ^
  15. Well, you've certainly caught my interest. Colour me intrigued*. I don't really have posting consistency, but I do like details and tend to add more than I subtract. I can easily keep every post above two paragraphs if that's something we're both aiming for and will probably range from 200-1500 words, depending on character situation/interaction. I certainly do not mind reading longer posts, that's for sure. ;)

    I don't care about posting frequency either, provided OOC communication is happening. Even if it isn't, a good post is worth waiting for. I have waited for a year before and gotten right back into the thick of things. So really... yeah.

    I don't care what gender I play, though sometimes I do have a preference depending on the story, but I often find myself leaning towards male. Default gender choice, I suppose. Who plays what can easily be discussed. :) And who takes the lead will simply depend on which character is more likely to, though again, I'd be happy to tailor a character to certain specifications so they can fit what's wanted. ;)

    While I do believe I have a good grasp of grammar, I am subject to Titivillus' schemes and am prone to posting before editing. If, however, enough typos or lapses in thought show up, I will happily hang my head in shame and make sure to pay extra attention to what I am writing before you get to read it. And you should feel free to inform me of said lapses, most especially if they repeat themselves. Just to taunt you, I'm sure. :P

    Now then, my preferred genre involves fantasy. Anything else is up in the air. All I ever ask is that there be something not quite normal about the world we're playing in and I should be happy. How not-normal things are is entirely up to the plot and world we pick, but if I'm making the choices, it'll likely be towards the higher fantasy than the low. Realism is still a thing though. Always and forever. ;)

    Shoot me a line if you're still looking, and we'll see what we can stir up out of our brainstorming, eh?

    *Please note I have no idea what colour intrigue comes in....
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  17. Sansaaaa ;A;
  18. PM ME BOO
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