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  1. @Violon 'Cello'

    "Damn it!" exclaimed the Light Queen as she once again received word that another battalion has fallen to the Dark King's army.

    Caelestis's fist collided with the Ash wood desk. The harsh collision forced a splintering crater to form a few inches around her fist. Quite a few documents were sent flying into the air while others had the fate of crumpling along with the table. Her war adviser Aden, a man well in his mid-50's, watched as the queen had her momentary outbreak. He bore a passive look as the Queen had the fit, waiting patiently for her to pay attention to him once more. He stood erect in a chrome jet black suit that covered a white dress shirt, making him stand out from the rest of the male servants with their much more dull ones. A lightly tan callused finger pushed his wire rimmed glasses back onto the bridge of his nose. His grey eyes looked over to her then to the next report that the messenger had delivered to him. He brought his hand over to it in a calm manner but then paused as the digits made contact with the sheet of paper. They fidgeted with it a bit, hesitation striking him, but pulled it out and placed it on the Queen's nearly broken desk none the less. It was the list of casualties, and it would soon be updated with a much higher number of the men and women who were giving their lives for their home.

    "My Queen, our war tactics are not executing properly as we thought it would. They appear to possess training just as elite as our military personnel." He told the young woman.

    "Then what can we do? Can we not use a different tactic of some sort? Could we not take to the trees and ambush them from above?" She asked him with a worried look in her icy blue eyes.

    "That would be suicide my Queen. The opposing forces would immediately eliminate the threat the moment it occurred. Yes it would take out a couple of the Dark King's men, possibly a battalion, but it would result in losing the people you sent out to kill them. It would be a take and receive." He advised her as she ran her hands through her long hair out of frustration.

    "Killing a portion of his army would result in losing equivalent the amount to mine. Do you think we need a larger force than them Aden?" She asked him with a hint of doubt in her voice.

    "I do advise against it, however we are left with no other choice as our military is vanishing as quickly as we are enlisting. We will have to release more support posters to encourage more citizens to join the military my Queen.."

    The snow white haired woman sighed in defeat as she nodded her head solemnly, "I hate having to send my citizens out there to face the opposing forces... Though...," with another sigh, she looked back up to the elder, "Release the support posters...Recruit as many as you can, be it peasants or upper class."

    "Yes, my Queen."
  2. Tartarum was in a dimly-lit room, standing at one end of a round table stacked with papers, surrounded by people arguing with each other, and servants and messages frantically running around him. He was mostly quiet, watching everyone else bicker amongst themselves. He was slumped down in a large chair, unmoving, as his eyes darted tiredly between people interrupting each other. Darkness was suffering as much casualties as Light. "Why don't we get more Necromancers?" One man suggested. A women pulled out a paper from the stacks, pointing to the numbers. "We can't even use the dead! The front-lines men with all the armor and weapons are out of our reach! All we can use are zombies and skeletons!" She argued.

    They were running out of ideas. Even immortal warriors were being captured, and seemingly undefeatable vampires, werewolves, dragons, and even ghosts, were being counted as casualties, high in number. After a long bit of bickering, all the advisors turned their heads to the King, all staring with diminishing hope. "What do you say, your Highness?" one asked.

    The Dark King's eyes suddenly widened, as all attention was focused on him. He straightened his posture, and cleared his throat. "Ahem... uh, well, it's obvious the Light army is very intent on taking down our numbers. However, they have been suffering more casualties. We have already taken down a whole battalion." He reminded them, reaching for a piece of paper. "I want to go completely offensive... No more hiding in our side of he country, send all troops in the direction of the Queen. Make a large-scale formation C, a half-circle with Light castle in the middle. I want it done and get it done yesterday." He ordered, hyperbolizing the end.
  3. Caelestis slumped into her white leather chair as more reports came in, Aden handed them over to her to receive news she did not want to see. 587 citizens from her Kingdom have been recruited, and out of the group, 58% of them were already killed. 340 husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, all dead from combat. The snow haired Queen tossed the paper off to the side, her middle fingers coming forward to rub her temples in an attempt to stop the migraine that was sure to come. The Dark Kingdom had already killed half of her recruits, and yet more and more were still willing to fight for their Queen.

    Damn it all.

    "If I may make a suggestion, my Queen..." Aden began, making Caelestis look over to him, "We charge them with everything we have. Angels, elves, mortals, everything we have to offer."

    Icy blue eyes narrowed at the suggestion, "Aden, are you mad? We can't just send all of them out there blindly in one unpredictable mess!"

    "Precisely," Aden replied to her as he began his explanation, "The Dark King is using tactics to murder our army while we are using tactics to murder his. If we send in a separate smaller portion of the forces in to charge, and another larger force in with a strategy, then the King's militia will not be able to cope with the two of them. We need unpredictability, not tactics."

    "But.." The young Queen ran a hand through her hair once more, obviously doubting her war adviser's suggestion, "But that will send the charging force to their deaths! We are not trying to kill the citizens Aden! We're trying to win this war with little to no casualties!"

    "And do you believe the number on that tossed paper is "little to no casualties?"" Aden asked in return, gesturing to the slightly crumpled paper the Queen had tossed to the side. "Our forces are nearly retreating. The Liliths have just about fallen. Our knights have just about fallen. Our--"

    "Stop! Fine!," Caelestis exclaimed, "Tell the commander to have 30% of the troops charge, and no more than that.."
  4. After quite some time, a very long time, more information had come back from the front lines.

    "Sire!" A messenger gasped, holding out an old paper. "They've done something odd- the army is breaking a hole straight through the center of our lines!"

    "What?" The king sat up frantically in his chair. "They've gone mad! That's suicidal!"

    "But it seems to be effective." One of the war council members remarked. Tartarum gave him a death glare, silencing the man.

    He sighed, staring at the stacks of paper deep in though, as if to set them on fire. "I want all the troops to stop advancing and retreat and stop the charging Light forces."

    "But Sire, that would leave us defenseless at the north and south ends!" one pointed out.

    "I understand. However, we are running low on men. Defeat this group and return troops to defensive positions. If all else fails, I'm going out myself."
  5. Caelestis paced the room impatiently as she had not received word from her messengers for quite some time. She was anxious as to how many warriors that were losing their lives out in battle. She had basically just sent them to their deaths, and she has yet to receive the amount of casualties that must have occurred. Her chrome snow white heels clacked each time they collided with the marble floor. The Queen nervously biting on the bend of her index finger as she awaited the news.

    "My Queen!" Aden exclaimed as he burst through the door.

    The snow haired Queen turned around immediately, seeing that her war adviser had come with what appeared to be a message, "What is happening?"

    "Our militia is breaking through their defenses! They are on the defensive, but we still suffer many casualties." The older man informed her, reaching into his jacket for a handkerchief; dabbing at the sweat that was rolling down his forehead.

    It seemed he ran here.

    "What do we do now Aden? We still suffer so many casualties! Maybe they should retreat?"

    "Are you mad? We have them on the defensive! It would be unwise to make them back out now! We must have the militia go at them with everything they have, until they bring superior forces. If they decide to bring in said forces, that is when we will make a hasty retreat."
  6. He was getting impatient. It wasn't working as he hoped. He couldn't lose to that Light Queen- she must've lost her mind. Time had made them forget why the war started, but he couldn't let it end with the loss of his kingdom. Hadn't the queen learned that darkness is needed for light to exist. Nonetheless, as soon as one more paper was given to him, without taking it, he stood up, pointing to the nearest messenger.

    "I've had enough! Get me battalion D-Omega and D-Alpha! Obviously, these generals aren't enough, so I'll go on my own." He declared, making his way over to the door.

    "Your Majesty, you can't! You'll be killed!" One pleaded.

    "You all know my power. I will keep my distance, but I'd had enough." He made his way out, meeting with a team of tens of thousands of men, leading them out to war.
  7. "MY QUEEN!" The messenger burst through the door, panting heavily as he stumbled over to the war adviser and Queen.

    "Celeritas, what is it? What happened?" She asked of him, standing up from her desk as she and Aden were currently discussing other war tactics.

    "Th-The Dark King..!," The messenger was at a momentary loss of words due to trying to regain his breath, "The Dark King... is coming to battle... He is commanding two.. separate battalions.."

    "WHAT!?" The Queen burst out, "He is commanding his own forces?! Is he insane!?"

    "N-None of us know... Geez..," He wheezed out, panting a bit more, "He has come out and is handling his own militia."

    The Queen's face became concerned. It was not a common thing to see a King come forth and begin to command his own army. It was practically suicide. The leaders were supposed to remain within the palace to dramatically lower the chances of being killed, not jump right into battle. Even though her military consisted of both highly trained and ill-trained warriors, she knew fairly well that he would be able to kill them all if the time came for it. She'd be damned if she were to let that happened.

    She reached underneath her desk and retrieved a blade that was used specifically for combat, and for protection.

    "M-My Queen, what are you doing?" Aden asked of her as he watched her go for the door.

    "I need to get out there and help protect my military from that King! A leader is supposed to be one of the most highly skilled individuals throughout the entire kingdom. Since this is the case, he'll kill my entire military. I need to be out there, just in case he starts attacking. My military can handle the others who will try to come for me." She told the two, walking out of the large room with her sword sheathed and strapped firmly to her back.
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