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  1. : Victory is often hinged on whether or not we believe we can :

    That was his automatic response to the alarm going off at 8:30am. Brunette bed head and all, the young man rolled out of bed and stretched giving another good morning growl. His blue pajama pants did NOT match his red t-shirt but he didn't give a damn. It was bed time clothes. You don't need to match for the nightly nap. As the beeping roared, Brandon strolled over and turned it off. As soon as the sound was gone, the radio clicked on and played a song he loves.
    The merc shuffles through the hallway and into the kitchen. Moving quickly, eggs and butter crackled in the pan and the place smelled of toast. He whistled as the song echoed past the walls and jumped out the window. After the eggs had all but turned solid, they were rescued to the plate and then lined with freshly bought ketchup. The fork sliced and ripped apart those eggs and there warmth filled his belly. This was going to be a good day.
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  2. It had been an early morning for Tamara. She had gotten up at the crack of dawn and was already outside training by 6:30am. She was in loose pants, her red hair seemed brighter in the light of day, instead of letting it lay freely down her back she tamed it by putting it in a bun, and her freckles were apparent against her barely tan skin. She had been working on her combinations in attacks, and strength. People didn't seem to understand what kind of strength was necessary while being excruciatingly silent in almost any environment. Tamara's ability to sneak up on people, scared them. She found it amusing it. She often used it as a way to get to know people. The ones she liked being around were the ones that attacked the shadows, not ones that ran, screamed, or cried. Tamara was often told that she was demented, but she didn't care. She was hostile, and loved being so. She had strength, and she was going to flaunt it. There was no questioning it, that was how it was; that was how it would always be.

    She had spent two hours preparing herself for the day, mentally and physically. Tamara wanted to slack off, but her self-motivation led her to early morning training sessions, and great discipline. Maybe she could discipline herself to slack off. Tamara finished with her exercises in strength. She loved this style of training it was invigorating. Sit ups, push ups, pull ups, runs, consecutive back flips, and weight lifting. She had to keep herself nimble and flexible. That was very helpful in the field, at the least in her field of work. When it was all over with, she felt completely ready for the day ahead. Maybe, since she had finished her training she would allow herself breakfast. She didn't like to eat before training, she much preferred doing it afterwards. So she went inside of her simple abode and made herself breakfast. She ate a couple of fresh biscuits with strawberry jam.
  3. By the time all his morning rituals were taking care of, it was approaching 10:45. This included waking up, actually getting out of bed, cooking and eating breakfast, a good shower, and getting dressed. It takes a lot to get the one and only Lawfirm ready to kickass and chew bubble gum. Luckily for some, he still had a few pieces left. The armor was on, which meant so was the mission. Body language changed from moments of relaxed joy to telling tales of things more serious and focused. His fingers made quick word of his data pad, as it re-revealed the objectives. It's message was long and elaborate but all he really absorbed was the important things.

    Where: Planet Irid, Just west of the Kevvian River
    When: August 8th, 3pm
    What: Steal the case, Return it, Get paid.

    This wasn't a mission that necessarily required him to worry about innocents. This place would be within an abandoned, land car junkyard. That took a bit off of him, pressure wise. Brandon tended to want to avoid innocent/civilian casualties, if he could help it at all.

    P.S. Someone will be joining you to help make the drop. Meet with them south of the site to gather yourselves before bursting in.

    He grumbled at the last part of the obviously robotic audio. Teamwork was something that was a skill, but it was much more fun just crashing the party by himself. A lot more fun that way. Especially since all of the "bad guys" that were involved were actually bad. He had experience fighting against them already. Both groups were alien mobsters that preferred destroying business than actually doing it. It's a wonder how the hell they make money. Insurance, most likely. Underhanded mother fuckers. He looked out the window to check his surroundings. It looked like Irid alright. It was always August 8th.

    "Better get going." He slipped on his helmet and slipped his large knife into the sheath.
  4. After a lovely little breakfast, Tamara was pumped, she was ready, ready to outwit, out-sly, out-do anyone that she may encounter today, whether friend or foe. Harmless dances around allies, and deadly sleek for foes. Tamara was already dressed, ready and prepped for the day. She felt it that doing these things early helped her feel more focused and ready throughout the day. Tamara's data-pad revealed the secrets the day would have to offer, which included a mission. It was a lengthy message, going on to explain in great detail what was going to happen, why, where, and when. It added elaborate details, specifics, and Tamara was a key on the specifics. It took a few good minutes to listen to it, but it was easy to pick out some of the important parts, obviously she needed to know where, Planet Irid, Just west of the Kevvian River, at three pm. It was a simple job, to take a case, and turn it in. The money would be given afterwards, which was pretty typical, for the most part. There would be a partner, which she was to meet up with first south of the destination. Simple, easy, coop jobs weren't too unusual.

    Tamara was far too ready to get there ahead of time and do a scouting. She loved being unnoticed, and scouting was an easy task while slipping passed the seen. Maybe she would get there before her partner, that could make for an interesting introduction, or maybe he/she would be later than herself, in which case will probably still have the same outcome. It was going to be a fun day.
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  5. Brandon almost seemed to bounce down the stairs and into the very early afternoon sunlight. He looked around, enjoying the scenery and warmth of the dual sun system that this very large, earth-like planet thrives on. Waving a hand, in front of a scanner, the staircase retreated into the structure. Shortly after, a different data pad was pulled out. Further and further the merc walked away from the structure. With the distance growing, the ship's visibility was waning. Soon enough, it would be completely invisible to the naked eye and possibly make a trip into space. He has to make sure no one finds his home/ride after all.

    He brings up an immediate map of the entire region and stops. "Hm." Slowly the armor clinks as it is turned right. It makes the same sound as it turns left. His blue eyes slowly look up towards the clear sky, as questions of trajectory took hold. The map told him where he was and all relevant information for his jump. " three steps and down to.....five? Makes sense." The data pad was slipped into his arm and then it was stepping time. "This one is going to be interesting." Taking a deep breath, Brandon did exactly what he planned. Step one, two, three, and JUMP! A loud, baritone yell echoed throughout the forests as he flew high and through the air. He was going to get there in style, even if that style would be something a bit...odd.
  6. Tamara left her abode, as she decided to have a little fun with her trip there. She stepped into the closest shadow and disappeared. It was a fun little game, because it would seem like she would teleport, just a ways away. But that wasn't the case what really happened was she would simply disappear into the shadow, all of her particles dispersing into the darkness, and materialize just a little ways away, in the shadow, or one close to the one she dispersed into. It was a simple process, quick easy, painless. She simply used a little map, it showed her her location, and upon setting it up with her destination, showed her that too. It was easily portable, and was a necessity on any trip, at least for her it was. She was horrible at directions, if she didn't have her map and needed to go somewhere, she could get in the general area, and then would guess which way to turn until eventually she had gone in so many awkward circles, that she ended up where she needed to be.

    It didn't take her long to reach her destination, which was indicated with a star on the map. She kept herself in the shadows, waiting to find her partner. Maybe she would have time to go looking around. Scouting, do some mapping of her own, observation of the patterns of the people here. Or freak some people out. But she didn't know who was her partner anyway, or if they may have been in the same area already, just not at that exact location.
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  7. He put down the visor just in time for a bird to splatter all over it. "Argh!" His arms flailed and tried to wipe off what was left. At least the jump was in the right direction, literally. Air pushed by like a fully crowded elevator and managed to help in getting some of the entrails off. The rest would have to be cleaned off at a later date. Brandon checks the watch on his arm. Another 5 mins, and Lawfirm will have definite touchdown. Passing the time, the merc started to strike different poses. He started with superman moved to a ballet dancer and ended on "FFFFFFFF."

    The whole word didn't even come out before the earth hugged him. It hugged him tighter than an over zealous uncle. Dust from the impact circled him. Grunting, he rolled onto his back to check to see where he landed. It beeped before showing him that the location was off by around 30 yards. "Hm...a little more off than my usual. Must have been that damn bird." Shaking the cobwebs out, Brandon stood and looked for any would be partner. He walked over to the marked spot and waited. Hopefully, they would get here soon. It was time for work.
  8. Tamara let herself vanish and reappear multiple times in the general area of the rendezvous. She felt that she was just getting a feel for the place, forgetting she had a horrible sense of direction. It didn't take long before she lost track of which way she came. So she took a look at the map, retracing her steps to make her little scouting adventure more successful. Once she had a general feel of the surrounding area and the inhabitants, she made her way back to the designated spot. She was careful to be as silent as possible, stealth was her job anyway. And there seemed to be a man standing around, as if he too were looking for someone.

    She allowed herself to materialize in a shadow behind the man. She walked as silently as possible, hoping to not be noticed. A few steps away she stopped, crossed her arms, and asked, "Waiting for someone?" Her voice had a tone lacking inquiry, and showing more of an 'I already know you are.' tone. She only prayed to God that she was right. Though it was like her to be cocky at the wrong times, to the wrong people.
  9. He didn't hear her silent steps but the distinction of her voice was enough for him. If there was a way to take an easy guess as to who his partner was going to be, it would be to hear them speak. Not to mention the attitude was a dead give away. "Triple A, it's good to see you again." His voice was a mixed drink of sarcasm and sincerity. "I am starting to think our employers know what a combination our talents really are. At least, I know I won't need to babysit." Brandon turned to him and gave nod and smile that not many people received. He trusted least enough to know that when the chips are down, it's good to be on her side.

    The merc stepped forward and offered a handshake. "I assume you have been briefed?"
  10. Tamara hadn't recognized the man from behind, but upon hearing his voice and turning around she knew exactly who it was. "Oh. You. How lovely." She replied, not showing as much appreciate for her partner as he had even though his was sarcastic. "Our talents are a combination? I always guessed they clashed. Horribly." She paused, "You thought this was a babysitting job?" She asked. Half amused, though she too secretly guessed she would be stuck guiding some new recruit through the ebbs and flows. He nodded and smiled as a greeting, and she simply nodded back. She could save the smile for when she was rubbing someone's face in the dirt. She had at the least some respect for Brandon, he could hold his own, she would give him that much.

    "Yeah, I've been briefed, I assume you have." She said, and though if his response was no, she had no intention of telling him, why? Because if it wasn't told before-hand the challenge was to figure it out as you went along. That was something she enjoyed doing to people, and they hated it.
  11. "Say what you want but we get the job done." Same old Tamara. She held contempt for him on the surface, but he could see through that shit with near perfect vision. There was mutual respect and that was enough to do the job. At least with her around, Brandon could be in a much better mood. Well not much better, per say, but there wasn't as much of a need to be on edge. "Have you already done you scouting, getting lost, and scouting again?" He over to her, expecting more attitude but hopefully she knew what he meant.

    He pulled out his data pad and pushed some buttons before the junkyard blueprint came up. Studying it, the young merc was able to pick out places in his mind where the exchange could take place. Not to mention good spots for guards to roam and troll making sure no one fucks this up. They also needed a way in...depending on how they went about it. "I think if I go in as a distraction, you will be able to work your magic and take the case before they even realize it's gone. Hell, we could even take the money if we time it right." His mind gears were turning, trying to plan this the best way possible.
  12. Tamara nodded. She didn't like how he knew she had gotten lost, but she ignored the comment, to her here was nothing to say to it. Sure she could refuse to give him key points on the map that he would want to know about. She could tell him things the map couldn't, like the number of civilians, or the number of windows facing the streets on each building.. Information like that, was not on the map. She walked up to him, he was taller than her and she got up on her tippy-toes to see the map, but instead she let herself go back down to normal height, and pulled down on his arms until the map was easily visible for her as well.

    She pointed to various parts on the map, saying a few details about each, the populous of civilians, the window count, the places that would be easy to guard, and the ares that, though they may not have seemed like it, would be hard to guard. Places where someone could slip in quietly without being noticed. She pointed out all the key points.

    "You as a distraction? Whatever. I'll work some magic, and hey if we want the money that will be a piece of cake, I can go for that too. There will be plenty of time. Timing will have nothing to do with it. It will be pure skill." She said, he should have known her abilities by now. Though Tamara was one to over-exaggerate, and over-estimate herself sometimes, she figured that he would give her more credit than that.. But she began to think that maybe the job wasn't just going to be a piece of cake, maybe she should actually pay attention. He was going to be a distraction, and if a good enough one he would give her plenty of time, if not she'd be stuck doing something she disliked. "Better be one heck of a distract-or" She commented.
  13. "You could have just floated...or even asked..." Shaking his head, he decided it was best to just move on from this.

    Her scouting was immensely useful. The place was going to be free of any civilians and there were definitely a good amount of window for her to spy through. It looked rather easy for her to be able to move around in, as long as he didn't destroy everything. With the amount of guards that were going to be there....that might be rather difficult.

    He just stared down her attitude filled words and waited a moment to say something that maybe would dismiss the teenage like behavior. "Well, hopefully you won't need to worry about me. You just do what you do best. Huff and puff while still finding time to whoop some ass." Brandon slipped the datapad and laid down a plan based on Tamara's findings. They would advance from the south, and he would split off left. Sneaking around, she would be able to find a good spot behind the expected place of the deal. He would make some sort of racket causing confusion and panic among the gangs. She would be busy setting charges in the closests exit. In their panic he would lead their respective goods out the closest exit...where he would trap them in a dark alleyway....which would be a shadow traveler's assassination fest. Assuming she blew the charges.

    "That way you shouldn't have too much problem with doing your thing. Sound good?"
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  14. Tamara simply laughed, "Floated? Where would the challenge have been in that? And then I wouldn't have had a reason to make things difficult for you." She listened to Brandon, "Huff and puff? Well, who can complain, when I do get the job done? And we all know I do it well." She said, while she thought how many ways there were to mess this one up, and she almost felt certain something was going to go wrong, she only hoped it was with Law and not herself.

    "Well, that seems easy enough. Painless, and explosions, like a match made in heaven. Well, painless for me." The plan seemed almost fool proof. And Law would do what he did best, distracted people. However he planned on doing that, maybe it would be with a good fight, then when she was done she could simply spectate. She went over the instructions in her head. Basically just come up, sneak around, find the spot for the deal, set the charges, and blow them.

    "See you on the other side!" She said as she began walking north. That statement, she said to everyone. To her it meant that they could either both die and meet in the afterlife, or they could both live and meet up after it was over. This, Tamara believed, suggested, and even diminished the possibility of only one of them making it out alive. Then she slipped in and out of the shadows. The guards that were there would have never seen it coming if she had decided to slit a few throats, but that would do no good, not here, not now. She slipped in and out, making sure the charges were with her each time she materialized. And once she got to the respective spot, she went behind it, finding the closest exits. At which she placed the charges. Simple, now wait for his distraction, dematerialize into a shadow, but she had to be careful, because she wouldn't want the shadow to disappear from the light of the explosion..She needed the right angle, then she would set off the charges.
  15. Her retort was met with a smirk and an excessively sarcastic thumbs up 'n wink. "Wouldn't want for you break a nail, or worry about anything other than yourself. That just might be too much for your petiteness can handle." His hands raised as they both started towards the junkyard. Her last bit of words ended up stuck in his head as if it was sticking to the brain matter. Tamara had said it every time they ended up working together and he didn't a clue as to why. Was it a good luck slogan? An endearing hook? Brandon would have to ask her later, because now they both were on opposite sides of the place of the drop. He could only see one armored guard at the gate entrance where his boss likely entered from. The armor looked somewhat new and advanced. It must mean these guys were playing around with some serious currency and products.

    Looks like that was going to be his distraction. Chuckling lightly, he bent down to grab a baseball-sized rock and winded up a pitching stance. "Lawfirm signals the pitch." He whispers to himself. His leg bends up before twisting into the dirt. "The oh two." The guard hears his movements and words and turns just in time to have a rock rip through his entire helmet and cranium. Blood seeped from both holes from where he had fallen. "And he is out of there." Another chuckle was followed by a checking of the body. "Yup. You are dead."
  16. Tamara felt herself dematerialize, turn into the shadow. Become floating particles of darkness. She did this as she watched a guard turn the corner. If he walked into the wrong room, he would see the charges. They would know. Everything would be ruined. Tam wasn't completely all in when it came to killing someone, she almost regretted it, but she did prefer the stealth way than guns. She believed it gave the victim a little more respect, it could lead to an actual fight, not just a bullet and a casket. Wasn't just a slaughter, it was fair. Almost. More fair than bullets.

    She watched as the man approached, she needed to act. She let herself materialize, right behind the man. What was she just going on about in her head, giving them a fair chance? How was this fair? Tam smiled a little as she cleared her throat with her arms crossed. The man quickly turned around, his eyes wide. He reached for his gun. Oh a gun, of course. She shook her head, and waited for him to pull it out before kicking it away from him. "Now lets do this fair, shall we?" She stated as she reached for a knife and pulled it out, taking a step back to allow for adequate combat. The man also had a knife and pulled it out, fear flashed into his eyes. He held the knife shakily, and tried for a punch. She dodged it rolling her eyes. This guy had no chance, even the fair way. She leaned forward and took a slash, he barely avoided it, the blood of a shallow cut dripping across his chest and cut shirt.

    Tam rolled her eyes. Boring. She waited and let him attack, he was still shaking and his attacks were weak. She dodged a hit, only to surprisingly be struck in the ribs. It made contact, but only hurt a tinge. She had expected more. She lifted her leg and kicked him back. He fell and she walked over him. She pulled him up by his shirt, barely, he was heavy. She pushed him forward and watched him fall. He was on his knees. Back to her. She slowly walked behind him. She could still see his body shaking. He was merely a guard. Sad. Pathetic. He hadn't had a chance. She kicked him in the back of the head. He fell forward and his head made a loud thump as it hit the ground. She rolled him over, he was surely out cold. Would probably be less painful unconscious, she though as she took her knife and stabbed him in the throat.
    She left the body there and walked back to where she was going to set the charges off.
  17. A left pointer was held to the right thumb, with the right touching left. It created an improper frame to see where he would have to make the throw to try and spark the panic. He probably could have used a datapad to calculate it out but he uses his own judgment to stay sharp and still be sufficient to work without technology. That seems to be the issue with a good portion of the people today. Without something to click or operate their lives seem to be caught off from the rest of the world. Some just don't know how to deal without that kind of stuff. It's a little sad, really. Fortunately, for him, a good portion of the people he ends up facing fall under this category. The ones that don't...are actually a lot more fun to fight and/or just be around.

    Once the right spot was picked, more or less, Lawfirm kicked the double-doored entrance open and spotted the his third and forth victims. His second was broken in between one of the metal doors and a dumpster. He didn't even yelp before he died. "Excuse me! I believe that you forgot to send me my invite!" They reach for their weapons, but it was two late. A single rotted car body was flung so it twirled like a helicopter. The were each hit and smacked against other frames. "You're out!" He said, almost excitedly. Moving swiftly, the young merc grabbed the same frame one more time. Lining up the throw, he closed one eye believing it helped the aiming process. With little more than a grunt, the former mustang flew through the air. Many of the gang members had heard his previous ruckus and were talking among themselves as to what the hell was going on. One by one they turned to feel their eyes pop out of their head. The throw was supposed to land between them, but it ended up taking out a good portion of the gang members on one side. Their leader was included. This caused a shootout to ensue as both parties tried to grab their product and run.
  18. Tamara could still see the blood from the man she had killed seeping out into a puddle, she couldn't see the body from her angle, but the dark red liquid threatened to fill the room. She shook her head, he was a poor sap anyway. If they were all like that, this trip was sure to be boring. Sure, killing wasn't her favorite pass time, sure killing was regrettable. But there was just something about it, something alluring, something to be honored and respected. There was something about fighting for her life, that she enjoyed.

    It was only a few moments after distracting herself from the pooling blood that she heard gunshots. Law was obviously doing his thing. And she hoped well, well enough to see him on the other side. The initial shots caused Tam to stay in the shadows, becoming apart of them, seeking comfort in the invisibility. It wasn't scary, but she hoped that if a stray bullet found its way to her that being a shadow was the best option. Shadow wounds were just weird, but far better than a mortal one. She tried to think of what exactly had happened for the distraction. Obviously, a shootout had began, so she knew she would have to ready herself, her time for action would be soon. Team-work, such a wonderful, and yet horrible thing. If she had been alone, she would have known all that had happened, and she wouldn't be wondering the whereabouts of her partner. But, nothing is more devastating than being attacked by two people.
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