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  1. hello there, everyone. my name, and actual nickname, is Camolot. i am 17, a writer, a decent artist and an occasional roleplayer, hence the addition of an account here to the list of many accounts that i have scattered across the internet on sites ranging from my wikia to my DA account.
    i enjoy writing stories, and have since a young age, and will probably continue to love writing for the rest of my life, so here i am. i have characters that i like to use and it is not very often that i just generate a completely new character as i like to get in depth with my characters, if you know what i mean, so really i like to use characters that i am already familiar with. that said, most of my characters actually know each other through the organization Heroes United (see for more information), and therefore will often reference eachother in any way from insulting to respectful.
    personally, i prefer getting in on a more flexible SciFi RP over most others, though i occasionally enjoy some variety in my intake of RP. i will often respond in minutes to any post on a thread that i am involved with as a result of watching them almost constantly through either my laptop or my phone, and i am relatively reliable when it comes to long term RP threads.
    i think that was everything that i wanted to say...
    ah, yes!

    -Camolot the Creator
  2. Welcome Camelot! Might I ask how one obtained such a nickname?

    Personally I prefer fantasy roleplays.

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