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  1. Legion had made a little mistake in his incantation.

    Instead of the incantation to summon an object from the future, he'd accidentally read the incantation to summon a random sentient being from the future! He blamed the book. The text was so small and squiggly, and you could hardly read the incantation anyways. And everything was all mushed together and it looked the same!

    He flailed away from the expanding magical portal to the opposite side of his basement, not sure what would be coming out and trying to prepare himself to defend against whatever it was. He would have just stopped time around the portal and figured it out from there, but that spell took SO LONG and there was a coffee stain on that particular incantation, and it was so hard to read...

    The portal flashed, causing him to jump. He took cover behind a couch, hoping maybe that would give him some sort of cover. The portal flashed again and then once more, the final time being far brighter than the first two. Legion covered his eyes, and thus missed the portal disappearing, and a very confused being that had, before being snatched from its own time, been simply minding its own business, taking its place.
  2. A lively young woman with light purple hair stepped through the portal. Lucretcia jumpped a bit and looked around. "Whoah.....where the heck did I end up?" she scratched the back of her head for a moment and then played with her long pigtails. "That's the last time I go to a gaming con. Sheesh." she noticed Legion hiding behind the couch. "Oi! Who are you?" she questioned as she walked up to the couch and peering over it, "Did you bring me here?"

    She hated to admit it but it wasn't the first time that she'd been pulled into a new place. Her bright ocean blue eyes sparked at the thought of a new adventure. She had a scar over her right eye but a warm smile on her face.
  3. Legion, a tall young man with black robes that had a gold trim on them and didn't look too new, stood up slightly. Armed with the knowledge that this...person?...was from the future and not the Inbetween, or worse, the Outside, he was fairly certain that she was safe. Still, though, safety first when dealing with foreign beings.

    "Ah, um, yes, my name is um, Legion." His bright green eyes flicked back and forth, never making eye contact, and only occasionally looking at her. "Yes. And um, I greatly apologize for any inconvenience I might have caused you...but ah...um...I didn't mean to bring you here, you see..."

    He seemed very on edge, running his hand through his short, brown hair and messing it up entirely (at least, as much as it could be messed up, given it was already pretty unkempt). "Um...if you don't mind, I suppose it is proper etiquette to ask you what your name is? And um..." he looked at he hair. "Why is your hair purple?"
  4. Lucretcia watched him stand with a smile. She even giggled when he said he hadn't meant to bring her there.

    "Don't worry. It happens a lot surprisingly. My name's Lucretcia! But you can call me Lulu if you think it's too uptight," she laughed a little, "My hair's been purple ever since I was created to be what I am.....so where is here?" she knew better than to give too much away and would rather keep him busy on anything other than what she was.

    She watched his eyes dart around and made a note in her head that he was a shy one. She couldn't help but giggle to herself. She knew she was dressed a bit odd but, judging by his getup she figured she just might blend in.

    (This is more or less what she looks like, outfit and all)
  5. Legion stood up straighter, now convinced that she was friendly. "Um, well, you'd be in the past. 1985, to be specific..." he said.

    He walked towards her a little. "Ah, I really am sorry about this...I don't know how soon I can send you back...see...time magic is...weird." He huffed. "I wish I could explain it to you but really, I hardly understand it myself, and I've been studying for so many years..."

    He blinked, then blushed and frantically changed the subject. "U-um, so your name is Lucretcia? It doesn't sound too unusual for your time..." He smiled, still a genuine, friendly smile, but a little nervous.

    "I should have this memorized by now, I'm so sorry it's taking so long..."

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  6. Lucretcia laughed, "it's fine! It's not the first time I've been pulled through time you know! So the 80s huh? OOOOOOOOO the Nintendo comes out this year! SWEET!"

    A large grin crossed her face. "How would you know what time I came from anyways? What's normal?" She stretched a bit as she spoke, "It doesn't really matter when you send me back, Heck you don't even have to send me back if you don't want to! It's probably safer here anyways."
  7. Legion blinked. "Well, to be honest I was trying to pull an object from your time, I was looking for some sort of weapon that used technology or magic or both to use to defend myself...but I accidentally spoke the incantation for 'being' instead of 'object'...so you should have come from the same time, and had the same specifications...just...you're not a thing."

    He cocks his head at her curiously. "You don't want to go back? Well...okay..." He put the book on a table and asked a worrying question. "Um...how well can you fight?"
  8. Lucretcia laughed at him.

    "Well depending on who you ask I AM a thing," she grinned, "And trust me I can fight. I work best as a weapon at night though. Say, what month is it?"

    She stretched a bit more acting more like a kid than the adult she appeared to be. She fished around in the pockets of her skirt seeming to look for something.

    "By the by, you got a good imagination on ya?" she suddenly looked him in the eye seeming very serious, "Or are there any kids in the neighborhood?"
  9. "Well, yes, I consider myself pretty creative, but now isn't really the time for that kind of thing," he says, a little miffed. A crashing noise comes from upstairs followed by an unnatural sound that could be most closely described as a roar. "Dammit," he says, the noise explaining his statement for him.

    He rushes to the door to the upstairs (which looks kind of out of place, being reinforced steel against the concrete brick of the rest of the basement) and bars it, which turns out to have been a good idea when something slams against the other side of it. "It's night," he assures her, "and it happens to be April. Though why the month has anything to do with the situation at hand I can't guess."
  10. Lucretcia looked towards the sound and followed him. "Oh just trying to figure out some stuff. Anyways, what's behind the door?" she asked with another grin, "Is it a scary monster? because I could probably scare it."
  11. "I'd rather just kill it and be done," he says. "I'm not one for taking chances."

    The door shook again, bending a little. "Uhm, yes. Combat spells...combat spells..." He seemed to be panicking a little, trying to think. "Right...fire definitely will not work very well...Progression is hard to get right...and proabably won't do much, nor will Regression...perhaps I can try a Stop..."

    The door bend further inwards as the thing seems to put its full weight against the door.
  12. Lucretcia laughed. "I could fight it!" she said as a large gun appeared in her hand, "I haven't fought in a while! Be back in a bit!"

    She phased through the door like a ghost to see the creature on the other side. "Hello beastie!"
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