For innocent (an anthro optional vigilante roleplay)

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  1. The sun shined high in the sky, yet Ravenwood city still felt dark. It wasn't like this all the time though, where the crime was high and the finest weren't soo fine after all. This was a growing problem that over time had gotten out of control, to the point where many officials were overwhelmed. The people slowly turned into victims or criminals themselves and evil slowly took over. It would take a war to bring back what Ravenwood lost, a war for the innocent. Little did many people know, that was has been happening for some time, and it will take a single phone call to drag in a few selected characters who would make history.
    Hello and welcome to the vigilante roleplay 'for the innocent'. Here you will fill the boots of someone who has taken up an invitation to do good. How it will be done will be for you to decide. Here the unique contracting and preplanning system introduced by the video game will be implemented with different rules. Speaking of rules... Shall we go ahead and establish some?
    1.Respect other roleplayers as well as the GM.
    2. There will be NO god modding. While there is equipment to gain the upperhand, there is no 200% character that can destroy all and not be destroyed.
    3.Some talents or 'powers' will be accepted, but nothing too blatant such as breathing fire or flying into space... Feel free to PM me if you wish to find a common ground for the talent you wish for.
    4. If it ever comes down to it, refer to Iwaku's rules about adult posting.
    5. This is NOT a libertine rp. Do what you have to do and keep in mind of the boundaries set by the staff.
    6. No powergaming.. While it was maybe okay with NPCs it will not be okay with key characters that are roleplayed by the others.
    7. Cant keep up? Lost interest? If you're dropping from the RP let me know!
    8. Keep active! I know stuff happens so this rule isn't mandatory.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.