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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Is that Senpai I see?
  3. Yes that is Senpai when he got bored and wanted to be Ironic to see people's reactions. :P
  4. -Dies from laughter-

  5. You tell me... M'lady.
  6. Fedoras.

    Fedoras everywhere.

  7. That's not true! I only own... *Goes to check* four of them! Five if you count Tom Baker's from Doctor Who. :P
  8. Still a lot of fedoras my friend
  9. Not really, I don't even have one for every day of the week... :(
  10. *sighes dramatically*
  11. You need more fedoras
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  12. I know! The struggle is real... :(
  13. One day my friend...

    You'll get another 2 fedoras
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  14. *Insert obligatory Soviet reference here*
  15. GentleStompa.png
    If your background is black, you can't see the text. It says "Ready for a stomping, Gentlemen?"
  16. I don't really get what's up with fedoras and 'm'ladies'.
  17. It comes from a longstanding and growing meme, probably over 10 years old now. There is a certain type of guy who people pejoratively call "neckbeards," referring to their poorly kept scruffy beards. They're usually overweight, have poor hygiene, and are generally horribly awkward and possibly misogynistic toward women. Some of them like to wear fedoras because they see the hat as being classy, and they see themselves as being some sort of refined gentleman because they have the apparent class and style to wear a fedora. The way some of them behave toward women has seen them mockingly labeled as "Nice Guys" because many of them complain about how no girls will go for them and put them in the friend zone even though they're a nice guy... which in reality means they do nice things for girls out of the expectation that it'll make the girl date and/or fuck them and they get butthurt when that doesn't happen. Part of the Nice Guy package is trying to treat women extremely nicely, and when you mix in the fedora lovers who think old = classy you get people unironically using the term "m'lady" to refer to a woman.

    So given all that, there was some number of people who completely seriously did the fedora wearing thing and called women m'lady, but then in order to mock that type of person it started being used as a huge joke. Saying someone wears a fedora usually implies that they're one of those neckbeards and/or a Nice Guy, as does mockingly asking someone if they call women m'lady. It's a whole big package of mockery aimed at a specific type of person.
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  18. Personally I just like the hats, not cause they're old but because I genuinely like the style.
    And me and my love for Ironic and Dark Humour required I make at least one picture of myself being Ironic with the hats. :P
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