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  1. For those that watch Grimm, I am seeking to do a rp based on that awesome tv show. Lol. Anyway. This is a sign up for those interested. However, I ask that you only be creatures that already exist and do not be someone already on the show. For example: Nick, Hank, etc. Below is the list of the creatures that are so far in the show.

    Just click on the link to read about the creature and then decide which one you want to be! However, the second to last thing on the list is NOT a Grimm creature, though it does have something to do with a Grimm creature. I will also need a few people to play as Nika's friends, only two or three.

    I will post my character sheet below.

    Name: Nika Lauren Grimm
    Age: 16
    Race (or Creature): Human
    Education: Freshman in Highschool
    Hair: Black and straight, shoulder length
    Eyes: Electric green
    Skin: White
    Height: Average, 5"5'
    Wight: 135
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: She has two lip pirecings and one nose pirecing
    Parents: Mother (died when she was 3), Father (investigator/cop)
    Bio: Nika just got her drivers linceses at the beginning of the summer. She and her friends are hanging out constantly. However, Nika is just starting to see some things she can't explain. Like people changing into the weird creatures when she looks at them. And yet, no one else sees them but her. Her dad works long hours and she hardly ever sees him. Nika is taking karate lessons that her father signed her up for. When she asked him why, he only said that she would need it later in life.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.