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Within this world, everybody possesses a unique power. These powers are ranked from by the government depending on how useful/powerful they are.

The highest ranks are awarded a luscious, easy life, whilst the middle ranks are awarded decent houses and small jobs. Those with a very weak power/no power are given terrible (if any) lodging, and are usually forced to be servants to the high-ranked.

Due to the unfair nature of this system, a rebel group has slowly been trying to make changes to the system to liberate the lower-ranked or powerless.

Immediately, the government have branded these rebels as 'terrorists', and spread terrible rumours about them. Rebels are usually imprisoned or executed, even if they just want to achieve equality throughout the ranks.

In a medieval-themed world filled with magic, a powerful, highly-ranked man is somehow caught up with a rebel.

Will it end in bloodshed, or will the rebels reach their ultimate goal of equality?


Main Characters

Side Characters

Other Characters[/hr][/hr][/hr]
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Name: Mai

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Rank: Rebel (Would be a high rank)


Characteristics: Pretty weird and random. Prideful. Believes in equality. Just...prepare your anus. XD

History: Mai was actually born into the rebel ways. Each day in the base, she saw new people come in and others disappear. It was terrible for her to see and she even lost her parents, who were the faces of the rebellion. Not wanting to let them down, the young woman slowly started to help get the rebels on their feet once more. Most of the missions involve hacking into the system and changing the rankings of people, but the most dangerous missions are when they defend people who stood up against the government.

Extra: Her powers are manipulating any metals and her skin can turn into any metal so she can either defend herself or punch someone through the wall.
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Name: Kassian 'Kas' Miller
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Rank: High-ranked

Characteristics: Calling Kas 'posh' would be an understatement. He's prideful, overly-dramatic, and hard to convince him of something else when he believes he's right. He follows a gentleman's ettiquate, and although he owns a servant, he treats them with respect. He's not afraid to jump into a fight, and he'll most likely whine if dirt gets on his suit.
Extra: Kas's powers allow him to move any liquid (or semi-liquid such as mud) to his own will. He can freeze/liquefy a variety of substances, mostly dirt, allowing him to use the very land against the enemy. He's also quite able with martial arts, and always goes about looking his best.

History: Kas was born and raised to believe that the rebels were the scum of the earth. Fed false propaganda by the government, he believes rebels are selfish, dangerous terrorists, and Kas has vowed to put any rebel he comes across to justice. Given a luxurious house and a skilled servant for his remarkable powers, Kas's life was mostly given to him on a silver platter as he grew up. He was educated and raised by proud parents, who taught him the ways of being a gentleman.

Recently, he's been left to live alone with his servant. Kas practices his skills often in case he runs into any rebels. He has no real plans for the future - just to respect the laws of the government, and do whatever he can to repay them for their 'great' work on the city. But soon, Kas may find out the truth about the government's corrupted ways. Only time will tell...
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"Hey, spazzes! I've already told you I'm going on this mission by myself," Mai says cheerfully, pulling a black hood up over her hair. The gang was trying to make her take someone else for safety reasons, which she could appreciate, but she couldn't risk anyone else on this mission. A couple of middle ranks were being framed for being rebels so it was her duty to save them. Fixing her glasses as her bright green eyes shown, she waves at the gang and climbs up the ladder that went up into the back of a bakery in the high rank sector. Compared to the other sectors, this area had the nicest buildings and the high ranks got to live in mansions and castles. The executions were always held in some sick arena they had set up just for executions.

The lower rank "worker" acted like he didn't see the woman walk out of the back. In a world where medieval and technology collide, the young woman angrily stares at how beautiful the high rank sector glittered at night or even during the day. The young woman took the back alleys until she was in the stands.

All of the high ranks were to excited about the execution they didn't notice Mai in a black cloak or a black dress with green accents that only went to her mid thigh along with black boots. I mean seriously, it's a little suspicious. Waiting for the guards to bring out the prisoners, Mai scanned the area to make sure that she could get out safely with the poor victims.
Kas stood, adjusted his red tie, and delicately held a glass of red wine in his hand as he awaited the execution. He'd dressed appropriately for an occasion with his peers amidst him. A tasteful sleevless black jacket with a red tie over a white dress shirt, accompanied by simply gorgeous black trousers and polished boots that went with his tall, half-muscular frame.

With fellow friends and people of an equal rank beside him, they were quite excited about the execution - babbling on about how 'it's the right thing', and how 'the bastards deserved it', and whatnot. Quite right. This, was justice. Terrorists who threatened their city deserved such a fate - if not, life imprisonment. Kas sipped his wine in thought, brushing back his neatly combed blonde hair with an impatient sigh.

"My, my. What on earth is the hold up? Struggling for the guards' throats, are they?" Kas spoke up alongside his fellow high-ranked acquaintances. They laughed with appreciation at his comment - as did he. "Or I suppose they're whining for freedom so they can get to work ruining the beloved city once more? Aha!"

"Yes, Kassian, quite right."
"Pigs, I tell you!"
"Filth on our splendid city!"
Were but a few of the ironic comments of the surrounding high-ranked.

Kas's mind had been bought up to think these people absolutely deserved it. And with his snobbish attitude, he would relish in the death of 'terrible killers' and 'crazed arsonists.' Little did he know...

Sooner or later, the prisoners arrived, escorted by guards. Kas narrowed his eyes as he watched them, distastefully sipping his wine. Rebel scum. He'd never forget what they'd done. For now, all he could do as revenge was to watch like the others. Though... deep inside... no. He didn't feel empathy for them. They were just heartless and cruel, and they got what was coming to them.

In his distraction of looking at the prisoners, Kas, akin to all the other high-ranked moments, had no idea of the cloaked woman amidst them.
As soon as the prisoners were being dragged out and getting ropes tied around their necks, the young woman starts walking down with a grim look on her face. The poor people were begging for their lives and these...fools were just eating it up. As the...did they really need a fucking town crier to announce every execution? It was the same bullshit every time: terrorist this and rebel that. Jumping over the barrier, some guards took notice of her finally and tried grabbing her. Mai flicks her wrist and sends them flying thanks to their stupid medals. Running to the victims, she pulls out metal balls the size of marbles and flattens them, sending them forward to cut the ropes just as they're about to hang.

Sliding underneath the hanging stand, she grabs the two prisoners and molds the chains off of them and onto the guards feet. Punching the town crier in the throat, she grabs the microphone and giggles. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to inform you that there will be no execution today since these two have been falsely accused of being rebels. Maybe ya'll should get your facts in order before killing innocent people," Mai says, whipping her hood off and winks. "Things have got to change towards equality. But for now...FUCK YOU GUYS!"

Laughing, Mai grabs the prisoners and uses the metal flats to levitate them and fly off. The guards try to knock them down with different powers but when Mai is concentrating, nobody can touch her. It was hard once they were back on foot since now everyone would be looking for them. Mai cursed herself for thinking she could get away easily in broad daylight with two other people, who looked like they were going to puke. "Go to the bakery, Original. I'll distract them," she orders, shoving them away as she climbs up onto a mansion. Concentrating, Mai starts making the mansion shake through the beams, just for them to notice where she would be. "Come get me..."
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The crowd was, to say the least, in an uproar as the ropes were cut by the slender discs of metal. Kas's reactions were quick, and his improvised use of his powers was quite renowned. Clenching his fist, he threw the remaining wine in his glass for the girl at an incredible speed. Usually, it would've left a deep cut to say the least, but... she was just too quick! As other slung powers like mad, Kas loosened his tie in a fit of anger, shattering his wine glass on the ground.

She dared to bring terrible criminals back into the city? To let the innocent be slain by their maddened hands? Not if he had anything to say about it. At this point, the others were just taking hopeless potshots with lightning and ice spikes. Kassian knew this part of the city well, however. His mansion wasn't too far from here, afterall. If he used the terrain to his advantage, he could catch her in time! Though he'd have to watch out for those little sharp discs.

"That little... foul-mouthed... terrorist... b-brat...!" Kas grumbled under his breath as the rebel dissappeared from sight. As guards watched somewhat dumbly as she whizzed away, Kas unbuttoned his sleeveless jacket, and passed it to the man next to him with a dramatic flair.
"I, Kassian, shall deal with this uncouth scum!" The blonde man flicked back his hair as the crowd looked at him, soaking up his performance like sponges as the female begin to trail out of sight. "Oh, Charles, return this jacket to me by Wednesday."
"But, if I may... s-shouldn't we come wit-"
"Nonsense! You all lack mobility! I, on the other hand, have a plan to ca...t..."

Kassian's words came to an abrupt stop. The... no! No, no, no! That woman... she-
"M-MY HOUSE!" Kassian roared in anguish. The ruffian was literally causing the whole thing to shake! Ack! The books would fall from the shelves - his ornaments would be cracked - his windows would smash! Oh, his tasteful decorating would be in dust and ruin!

Everything he'd worked for... no. He refused to let this rebel brat take it away from him! She hadn't collapsed the whole thing, there was still hope yet!

"Do not follow me. I shall deal with her, alone!" Kas growled. With surprising speed, he burst into the streets, untucking his shirt as he transformed mere puddles of water on the floor into platforms of ice that allowed him to leap atop higher buildings of the high-ranked sector. Once he was done jumping from the platforms, they near-instantaneously melted back into water, that reformed the neat puddle on the floor.

To finally reach the mansion of his house, Kassian formed mere water within a gutter into a thin platform of ice, that connected the roof he was atop the roof of his own, shaking mansion. Being sure to deftly slide across it and jump before the girl dared to break it, Kassian landed atop the roof with a somewhat dramatic pose on a knee and an arm.

Kas slowly looked up at the rebel across the roof of his mansion, his eyes full of hate and rage.
"For releasing murderers into our city once more, and for violating this humble mansion that has belonged to my family for generations - I, Kassian, shall incapacitate you where you stand!" Though he was against a hated enemy, he still had the honour to make himself known before engaging.

Standing up, Kassian prepared himself for a no doubt fiendish display of language and power from the brute. But alas, his hatred burned twice as bright!
"What say you, fiend?!"
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Oh, this is going to be funny. The young woman stands up slowly as the blonde drama ball makes his announcement. What the hell was he blabbering about? "Uh...They weren't murderers. People accused them of being with the rebels and they weren't, but everyone is under our protection. If they had been murderers, I wouldn't have intervened. Rebels only try to change the system so people are equal. I'm sorry for..." a giggle, "violating your mansion. I just wanted to get the attention needed for those two to escape." Shaking out her arms, a metallic look starts spreading across her skin. "If you still want to fight...I will defend myself. Also, are you always making dramatic entrances?" Mai couldn't hold it in anymore, laughter starts escaping her metallic lips and she tries holding up her glasses.
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"W-What are you snickering about?! You think my beloved house is a joke? Y-You..." Kas began furiously, going red in the face. He wouldn't believe this woman's trickery, despite how convincing she looked! Rebels were there to help each other's murdering, arson-committing, scumbag hides! He would get vengeance for his precious mansion here and now, and for the undoubted deaths of the innocent after the release of the criminals.

"I shan't be fooled by your deceitful lies! A-And your foul witchcraft does not threaten me!" He spat, referring to her metallic skin. "I, Kassian, have dealt with rats more fearsome than... ugh! Are you listening?!" He said in somewhat of a whine. He flipped his hair, and did his best to try and crack a confident smile and pose. "E-Enough! Silence yourself, and prepare for the end of your... u-ungh... m-miserable existence!" He continued, trying to make himself known, though the girl seemed more intent on laughing. Well, he'd like to see her laugh at this!

He threw off his tie, and took a deep breath as he rose a finger and gritting his teeth.
"I gladly intend to fight, so... prepare yourself!" His honour was somewhat stupid at this point, literally stating when he was about to attack before he did so.

Suddenly, his finger began to glow and hum, and the ice platform that he created behind him crackled and began to levitate in the air. With a wide gesture of his arms, the thin ice platform stretched and flopped about behind him, and went straight for the girl - akin to a bola. He planned to capture the brute, and make an example of her.

"Ha! Have at thee!" He stated, confident he'd be able to win with this one move, as the large bola of ice went sailing for the girl.
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"What the hell are you talking about? They are innocent. Did you ju-?" Mai starts to talk but then he loudly announced his attack. With a look of confusion, she held up the metal disks as the ice crash into the made up barrier. While doing that, she presses a hand onto the roof and has some metal rods wrap around his ankles. Grinning, she strolls towards him and turn the metal into five needles, and throws one at his face. It stops within an inch of hitting him. "Now, good sir, I would appreciate it if you would let me go. Rebels are not trying to kill people. I didn't kill the guards and I'm not going to kill you," Mai says, smiling cheerfully and waves. "So...Kassian, is it? My name is Mai and it's been a pleasure interacting with you." Rummaging through her pockets, she pulls out a handmade pamphlet about rebels and their rules and puts it in his front pocket.

"Just keep an open mind while reading. The government treats you like royalty. Ever think about the low ranks?" With that, the young woman runs and jumps to the next roof and turns, wiggling her fingers playfully. "See you around, prince." Then hops down with a laugh and makes a run for it, taking her metal needles with her.
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"What!? You so effortlessly deflected such a brilliant display of my arts? Impossi- AGH!" Kas yelled in dismay, struggling wildly as coils of metal rooted him to the roof of his mansion. Struggling, Kas's face only reddened harder when he found it impossible to escape. How had she blocked such an expertly-placed and geniusly-improvised attack so easily?!

Kassian shook with both fear and anger when he saw the woman preparing needles. No...! He wouldn't be beat, he wouldn't... he'd be the laughing stock of the area if he was found like this. Was this truly how a hero such as he was to die? Was it the fate he deserved? Swallowing, Kas braced himself as the needle came towards his face. T'was the end of this blonde-haired hero... alas... many would mourn him... right?



Opening one eye, Kas made a confused noise, before blinking as the woman came up to him. Continuing to struggle, Kassian looked far more upset than angry at this point, ashamed to be beaten by such a foul rebel. But... agh... why would someone as cruel as she spare him? Was this some sort of joke? A prank?!

"S... Stop your lies, I shan't believe them! I sh-shan't fool for your mercy! Release me, dishonourable cow, I... I..." Kas spluttered, groaning with effort as he tried to free his legs with the cordage of his own very mansion. Agh, the humility! To be grounded by his own humble abode...

Kassian would've attempted another attack, but he had no liquids to work with. Even so, as much as he hated to admit it, she was strong. Could she simply deflect even his most powerful of moves? Beetroot-red and hanging his head in shame as she approached, Kassian admitted himself defeated.

"I'll get you for this... I'll..." He grumbled, lifting his head in a little surprise as he looked at the pamphlet. Was this mockery? What was this obscene propaganda given to him by some rebel? Kassian didn't have much time to think about it before the little devil began to look away. What did she mean, the 'low ranks'? They didn't get such an adequate lifestyle, sure, but surely they were able to survive comfortably as he'd been told.

"Grrr... w-why? Why spare me? Is it so you can attempt to feed me all these lies?! Am I to believe that our beloved government would betray me, a high-ranked and highly-renowned citizen? I am not so easy to fool, especially by the likes of yo-" Kassian paused, wiggling with fury at the little brat's humiliating outro. Prince?! How dare she?! Where was she going, she couldn't leave he, Kassian, up here to be pitifully rescued from his iron grip and left a laughing stock for!

"HEY! Don't just leave me.... up... he...r...e..." Kassian trailed off defeatedly. She was... gone. Curse that Mai...! She... she... not only was he beaten by a rebel today, but it was in public sight, too! Kas felt his dignity erode away. He'd be shamed for this defeat. And why did a tiny part of him believe this cruel woman? Why did... no. He wouldn't believe it.

That pamphlet, though. Once he was soothed by this ordeal with a cup of tea and a comfortable chair, perhaps he'd give it a read. But for now, he could do little but hang his head and wait for rescue. With no nearby liquids, he was like a statue of shame upon his city.

...He would figure out the truth. No, he would prove to himself that this woman was lying. There was just no way...
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Mai had to cover her mouth as she ran down the alleys because she wanted to laugh so hard. This guy was priceless, what did these people feed them? Sneaking back into the back of the bakery, the young woman slips underneath the boards. The way down was a long one but as soon as the gang saw her, the cheered and suddenly everyone was hugging her. Whacking at everyone to get off, Mai settles the two new people in the base.

The base was actually very big and it was only growing. It was hard to get anything done just for fear of alerting the government of where they are. After setting everything up, Mai goes into her makeshift office and starts sorting through files that another team had gotten during the execution event. Hopefully, Kassian would come around but high ranks usually just ignored the problems of the other ranks.
In time, Kassian was released from his iron grip atop the mansion, thanks to a large man with the powers of incredible strength. Whilst nobody mocked him as he'd expected - in fact, they were quite fond of his valiant attempt to go alone - Kas's dignity still felt shattered. Rendered useless in one fell move! To think such a powerful genius such as he could be bested so easily? By a rebel?

Sighing as he entered his mansion, the sight of cracked ornaments, torn pages, and various dust littering the floor was almost enough to mentally break the blonde man. Ugh - curse her! His little abode was bit a minor thing she ruined for her actions today. Doing his best to ignore the mess, Kas sat, and attempted to enjoy a cup of peppermint tea within a comfy leather chair. He needed to simmer down, otherwise he might unleash his bottled fury on his poor servant. And he didn't wish to do so; he was quite fond and kind to the boy, despite the dramatics.

After a long while of relaxing, Kassian exhaled a calm breath. So... that pamphlet. Reaching in his pocket, he snorted as he read through the ridiculous propaganda. Hah! Equality? Codswallop was that what they were fighting for. They were fighting because they were brutes, and because they wanted to rule the city themselves with their vile ways. The way 'Mai' was talking about it sounded like a completely different organisation altogether. Pah! A convincing idea, but not one he'd fall for.

Kassian paused, and smiled to himself devlishly.
"That... girl is but a fool!" He whispered to himself in glee. How to enter their little base was written right here! Why, all he had to do was give this to a guard, and in one swift move - all the terrorists would be purged from the city! He, Kassian, would be a hero! A hero who would never even think of betraying his wonderful rulers.

Yet... agh. The way she'd just suddenly trusted him with this information? The way she didn't kill him, and was almost being nice to him? Kassian cleared his throat, and clenched his fists. Curses... why did he slightly feel like some of this sudden information was true? And besides... she may have humiliated him, and ruined his precious ornamental collection, but it would be dishonourable - to say the least - to give away information that she trusted him to.

But then again, what if it was a trap?! What if the little girl had expected him to give away the position to guards, and this place only leaded to a room where they'd all be slaughtered. Kassian blinked, slammed down his cup of tea dramatically, and rose to his feet.
"Porter, fetch my coat!"
"But... S-Sir? You've only been here for five minutes..."
"...Oh. Erm, well, do it anyway!"

Whether it would be to figure out the truth, or take the death the trap contained so many others wouldn't have to - he, Kassian, would take the noble sacrifice of going alone! My... what would this city do without him? Slipping on his smart black coat to accompany a ravishing purple tie, Kassian whizzed out the door, on the way to this bakery, where his quest about the truth would surely begin.[/hr]
"Mia, Mai! Play with us," Nora, one of the few children in the base, whines as she shakes the young woman vigorously. Laughing happily, Mai picks up the girl and starts spinning around. "Oh! But I'm a scary rebel! I'm going to eat you. Om nom nom," she jokes, acting like she was gobbling her up as the little one squeals. Setting her down, the supposed leader of the rebels started chasing the kids, making weird monster noises.

As they ran into the lobby of the base the other members saw them and just shake their heads, chuckling.

"Boss, you're an idiot!"
"Oh, these kids are so lucky."
"What the hell is up with that face, boss?"

Mai hisses as she waves her arms around and whacks at Bobby, the one who made fun of her face. "What the-! Get off me! By the gods, get off," he says, laughing as he leans away. Suddenly, the creaking of the ladder, and the dramatics of one man, catches everyone's attention. The children shriek and hide behind Mai as she moves forward slowly. "I know that voice... Prince Kassian, is that you? hear any of that?" Oh, gods, that would just be fantastic.
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Kassian's nose wrinkled a little as he descended down the ladder, jumping off it halfway only so he could strike a brief pose as he landed on the floor. He waited for a moment, expecting some sort of trap... but alas, it seemed safe. Getting to his feet properly, Kas brushed down his coat, walking delicately as he ignored the stares of the others around him. This place was a dump - but he'd expect nothing more from mere rebels. If they tried anything, he'd bought a flask of water with him this time! It may not have been much, but in the hands of the genius improviser Kassian, it was enough to smite attackers where they stood with shards of razor ice! Oh, he was too great sometimes.

"Please, avert your dumbfound and confused gazes! For I, Kassian, have the honour to come here alone within this treacherous institute!" Kas said, smiling to himself as he brushed back a strand of his blonde hair. "Now, will one of you simpletons guide me to a woman by the name of..." Kas paused, hearing her voice. What... uh... what the blazes was she grunting and wooping about? Frowning, Kas took a few hurried steps forward, ignoring the suspicious looks of the rebels.

As Kassian approached, he frowned as he heard the two words: 'Prince Kassian'. Ugh! Curse that Mai, and her mocking titles. If he was to fight her again, he wouldn't be so easily thwarted this time! He had many-a-trick up his cunning sleeve.
"That's 'Kas' to you, nefarious witch!" Kassian called out angrily in return, shaking a fist. He paused, and cleared his throat, straightening his tie. No... he wasn't going to let her get the better of him so easily this time.

"Hear what exactly? You acting like a total buffoon?" Kassian smiled to himself smugly as he straightened his tie. "Why, I would expect nothing less from a specimen such as yourself. But that isn't the point!" Kas lifted a finger as he continued his approach, looking at Mai. Gods... were those kids? Were the rebels trying to use children to trick him into thinking they had good intentions? Why... if that was the case, Kassian would be sure they'd all be put down! Nonetheless, he managed to keep a calm demeanour despite his thoughts.

"So... Mai." He said the name with an expression of displeasure. "I have come alone to prove to myself that you're nothing more but mere rebels. You may spit filthy lies at me, but I'm not so easy to fool. I ought to sell this place out to every guard within the city!" Kassian said matter-of-factly, having no thoughts about the rebels around him who were most likely wondering whether to imprison this crazy man.

"But... I shall give you a chance to prove your intentions. Being the graceful, merciful man that I, Kassian, am. What say you... M-M..." He cleared his throat. "Mai...?"
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After the whole speech Kas gave, Nora runs up and kicks him in the shin. "You are a guest here so be nice to Mai or else I'll spank your butt, mister!" the little girl says, shaking her finger at the high rank. Mai pulls her away and shoos the kids off while Nora was making signals at the blonde guy that she'd be watching him.

"Sorry about that. Anyway, I'll try to give you answers. Follow me," the young woman says warmly, leading him down one of the hallways. Opening one metal door with the wave of her hand, their was an older gentleman with graying hair but a big build. "This is Max, my parents old servant and friend. He'll tell you the beginning of the rebels. Please, have a seat." With that, Mai sat down at a table with Max, who roughly messed with her hair.

"Boy, I was a low rank that was assigned to May's parents, George and Rosaline. They were the kindest people I'd ever met and they kept trying to change the government's mind about having the low rank live in poor conditions. Ever been to the low sector? It's not pretty, we're barely given enough to live off of. They understood that but the government just...wouldn't hear it. Anyway, after a while they just decided to fight them by changing peoples rankings just for them to understand how terrible it is. They started to gain followers so they built this place to keep people safe. I suppose the government doesn't like change so they made up rumors about us. The high ranks....started calling for rebel heads. We see people disappear if we can't get to them in time. Mai's caught and we're publicly executed about six years ago. All of the rebels have lost people they cared about. You may think we're the bad guys but how about you ask everyone why they're here."

Mai was fiddling with the metal marbles and almost crushed them when her parents were brought up.
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"Ack! You urchin!" Kassian yelped as his wonderful leg was given a stern kick. "H-How uncalled for..." Kas mumbled angrily, clutching his leg for a moment. It wasn't that the kick hurt very much - it was more to do with the dirt now smeared on his wonderful trousers. But he let it go... kids were kids, after all. Kas returned the kid's 'watching you' gesture with a stubborn 'hmph!' as he turned away.

Damned brat! She probably didn't know what these rebels were capable of. Nonetheless, Kassian wasn't terribly happy with the idea of ass getting spanked - he would never dare to fight back versus a child. Ugh... he'd try being nice, but he was still really quite angry about what Mai had done to him. And if this was all some sort of hoax? Well, Kassian certainly wouldn't be sharing tea with her, to say the very least...

Kassian kept quiet for once as he followed the rebel leader, though he walked in his usual posh and over-dramatic fashion. With an unwilling expression, Kas folded his arms and sighed as he took a seat where he was ordered to.
"Hmph. This better be good."


Kassian remained quiet once the old man was done talking, looking at the floor for a few long moments. Unable to speak for a few moments, he abruptly stood up, and breathed in slowly. His voice suddenly grew a little more serious, rather than in his posh and over-the-top tone.

"Listen closely," He slowly said.

"Ever since I was but a little child, I had talent. I, Kassian... was... powerful. I shown promise. But... nobody seemed to care about it, and nobody seemed to notice the great things I could do. Not even my parents seemed to care, they just... ugh." Kassian paused. "But then came my government. As I grew up, I was respected. I was given titles. I was given great things in return for my power, and I finally, finally felt like somebody cared! Our government gave me hope, and a purpose." Kassian clenched his fist.

"It's true that I haven't been to the lower sectors, but... nobody ever said they were that bad. I was always told how happy our city was. And how the only thing that stained it... were the rebels." Kassian's fist clenched even harder. "Every now and again, people would go missing. People that rebels captured or killed for their own dastardly purposes. Some of these people I knew... a-and..."

Kassian seemed to be holding back a burst of emotion.

" of those people, I planned to marry one day." The blonde hair covered his eyes. "But... j-just like that... she was gone. I was informed that the one behind it... was... you people." He said through clenched teeth. Kassian seemed conflicted, and his body was shaking.

"So how am I supposed to just believe what you just said? Why would they try and trick me like this? They wouldn't trick and feed false information to me, K-Kassian, a respected and renowned citizen! Our government aren't cruel... t-they wish only for the best... so... stop. Stop this... I know you're the bad ones... I'm never wrong...!" Kassian suddenly looked up angrily, tears in his eyes before he blinked to force them back.

"Is it because you want to see me suffer, is that it? Is that why you tell me these... l-lies...?" Kassian sat down on his chair, though his words lacked heart - almost as if he believed them, but he didn't want to.

Kassian put his head in his hands dejectedly. 'Confused' was an understatement for what was going through the man's mind. How Mai had reacted when her supposedly dead parents were mentioned was truly heartbreaking, but, a-ack! It could all be one big setup...
"Please... tell me you're lying... tell me this is some sort of act."
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Mai slams her hands onto the table as she stands up and looks Kas square in the face, anger burning in her emerald eyes. "I won't have you spitting those lies in here. Your confusion is to be expected but my parents built this group in hopes of change peacefully and without blood shed. We don't know why people disappear but as soon as they do, we're to blame. The rebels are trying to help everyone, even you high rank baboons." Startled at her own outburst, the young woman covers her mouth and turns away, trying to hold back tears.

After a moment, Mai shakes her head and turns to him once more. "We found files...recently about the people disappearing. Some of the stuff we don't understand but maybe... Kas, do you want to look at hard evidence? Since you think this is an act." Anger was burning in the pit of her stomach and she wanted to punch him through the wall. Looking through the filing cabinets, Mai pulls out a thick file and slams it on the table in front of the posh bastard. Truly, she understood the loss of a loved one but...hopefully he could understand their fight.
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Kassian blinked, cleared his throat, and slowly picked up the file, still surprised by the sudden outburst. Why was she... so... agh! Didn't she understand why he couldn't just trust them so easily? Nonetheless, Kas was desperate at this point to find something - anything - that was fake.

Oh, curses... this looked official... no forgeries, no fake handwriting, nothing. Flipping through it page by page, the expression of grief became more and more bold on the blonde man's face, before a certain page caused him to throw the file to the side and bury his face in his arm.
"NO, NO, NO!" He yelled, heavily thumping his fist on the table. "S-She... t-they... O, Gods! It can't be true! But... but..." He gibbered, leaking tears. According to the file... it hadn't been anything to do with the rebels. His old crush had been stabbed by none other than another high-rank member. The reason was unknown. All the other deaths or missing people had nothing to do with the rebels. And in the likely event that the file was completely real, that meant...

"All this time... I-I've been... watching... innocent people... d-die?!" Kassian whimpered. "...I never meant... I never even thought that..."

He still didn't want to believe, but he was running out of excuses to not believe at this point. The whole time, he'd been the bad one. He'd been the pig. This sudden twist was almost enough Kassian sob. Every execution he'd attended since she'd gone missing... all those people he watched as the life slowly drain their eyes... all those people weren't murderers... they'd been innocent. Although he hadn't known it - he'd been savouring when innocent people died. He, Kassian, was a monster.

Kassian, for once, kept completely silent, his face as pale as a sheet as he buried it deeper into his arms.
"W-why?! O, the cruelty of it all! Why would they betray me... K-Kassian... like this...?" He sobbed, heartbroken. Whilst he may have appeared a dramatic sissy even in crying at this point, he was deeply hurt by his whole life - fed to him on a plate by a lying government.

It was clear that at this point he was completely broken, and finally believed, though he certainly wasn't having an easy time accepting it.
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Mai very carefully starts picking up the papers as Max roughly pats the sobbing man's back. After a few moments of silence, the rebel leader turns to Kas and asks gently, "Do you want to go home? I can escort you. I mean, it is almost dinner time and the kids will be running around yelling for it. I'm sure you would like to escape our rough ways." It wasn't the best way of showing it but she was trying to give him time to sort out his feelings.

"MAI!!! Make us food," Nora yells as all the children come running in. All at once they tackle her and a weird shriek/grunt escapes the young woman as she falls.
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