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  1. There are just some foods that we refuse to eat, or just really don't care to have. As a kid I was a very picky eater, though ironically I liked slimy spinach. >.> Nowadays I can't really stand any veggie with a slimy texture (okra no).

    I'd still eat it if I'm hungry or have nothing else to choose from, but I'd rather not eat it. I also don't like eggplant. Unless it's in an omelet with some meat mixed in. Another thing I don't really like is bitter gourd, or ampalaya. It's just so bitter @_@ Only my mom can make it palatable somehow with her magical cooking skills and adding scrambled eggs and meat.

    Otherwise I'm not really a picky person about my food. I kinda don't really have a choice since I need to save and budget my money. I think. My mom says I'm still picky >.>

    What foods do you dislike, or just don't enjoy eating?
  2. Tomatoes. I can eat ketchup, but I don't really like spaghetti/tomato sauce and will only eat it if I absolutely have to. But tomatoes? I won't touch them. If I see even a chunk of one in something, I won't touch it. People think I'm nuts, but honestly, I have a very good reason for it. My grandfather used to have a huge vegetable garden when I was growing up, but he was old and could rarely maintain it. One of the many plants he grew ere tomato plants, and I always had to watch them fall off the plants and rot on the ground. After that, I refused to eat them. My husband laughs at me because I won't touch them, but I don't mind ketchup.
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  3. Tuna Noodle Casserole.
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  4. There's two things I dislike BUT WILL STILL EAT:

    1. Peanut Butter
    2. Rice

    And I REFUSE to even eat this:

    1. Boudin (Blood Sausage)
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  5. I have a weird relationship with tomatoes. xD On one hand I absolutely love tomatoes in pasta dishes and pizza, and tomato ketchup and paste and sauce. But I can't stand to eat actual tomatoes on certain occasions. (Picky, I drove my mom absolutely crazy ^^;) I have an aversion to the sauce/dip my dad likes to make, soy sauce plus diced/chopped up tomatoes and vinegar. Plus onions. ; ; I don't get why they like it so much.
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  6. Liver. You can fry it, put it with a side item, season it, say it is good for me I will still hold a strong dislike for it.

    Also, Jamaican boiled dumplings. Tastes bland and gummy to me. Not a fan of the taste and smell of broccoli.
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  7. I have texture problems, so slimy things are also generally out for me. That means that I'm usually okay with flavors (ketchup ok, tomatoes no) but not the thing itself (onion powder yes, sauteed onion no).

    Of the things I'm not allergic to or texture averse, though... cauliflower. I try to eat it for politeness but it's hard. It makes me gag. I'm not even entirely sure why. It's really hard for me to choke down, even trying, though.
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  8. Dear cheese: You are a moldy bunch of cow jizz and you taste like a fermented footsock.

    Die in a landfill.

    Love, Dervs.
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  9. Avoid Durian at all costs lel
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  10. Omg my parents forced me to eat this once as a kid.... trauma!!!! Never again!!!!!

    I hate sushi. I hate the smell, texture, and taste. It's supposed to be super fancy food but I just can't. I also don't like fish, but I can tolerate salmon and tuna depending on how it's prepared.

    Also sue me but I can't deal with couscous. I have tried very hard to like it but I really don't like the feel of it in my mouth.
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    • Peanuts/peanut butter -- Everyone assumes I'm allergic when I tell them I don't eat anything peanut-related, but I'm not. I just don't like the taste. :/ And I sure as hell love M&M's and any other candy that "may contain trace amounts of peanuts" :P
    • Anything carbonated -- That includes soda, energy drinks, "sparkling" beverages... anything with carbonation in it. I just can't stand the texture.
    • Coffee -- I don't like the taste. Yes, I've tried it with cream and sugar in it. I've tried it with all kinds of shit thrown in. I still don't like it. Hell, I don't even really like the smell of coffee. >_>
    • Tea -- Just don't like the taste.
    • Celery -- What a horrid vegetable.
    • Peas -- Not as bad as celery, but still something I prefer to avoid.
    • Hamburgers -- I'm just not a big fan of ground beef. I'll eat it in some forms (though it's never my favorite in any case), and burgers in particular are something I've just never cared for.
    • Nuts -- I don't hate them as much as peanuts, and I might eat them if they're baked into a cookie or some other dessert -- but even then, I usually avoid anything with nuts in it. And I certainly never eat just plain nuts. Still not allergic, just not a big fan. Same goes for sunflower seeds or any other kind of seeds that people tend to eat.
    • Scallops -- I remember when I tried these, thinking "well, I like clam, and scallops are similar to clams, aren't they? I'm sure they'll taste similar. I'll probably like scallops, too." I was wrong. I was very wrong.
    • Bananas -- I don't know why, but I've just never been a fan of bananas by themselves... I like bananas when they're baked into things (I love banana bread!) but bananas by themselves... I dunno. I guess it's a texture thing.
    • Oranges -- The fuck is all that pulpy stuff. Ew. Gross. Keep it away from me. (I still really like orange juice -- but even then, it has to be pulp-free. I can't stand orange juice with pulp in it.)
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  11. Growing up, my mom ordered food from one of those food services that gave you a crap of frozen foods. She used to get fried scallops all the time, and I hated them growing up. Jump to when I hit thirty and my hubby took me to a seafood place for dinner and the dish I ordered came with scallops. I tore those things up!
  12. Aside from bitter gourd, I eat pretty much anything that's served to me. :3 I was never a picky eater and 'til now I'm still not. There are certain foods I don't eat but that's because my stomach doesn't tolerate them.
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  13. ALSO!! Spicy things. I can't stand anything spicy. That shit is painful, and I don't understand how people can like it. I never go above "mild" anything. And even then, people seem to have different definitions of "mild", and I'm not even very fond of the hotter end of "mild"...

    There was one time at a party I accidentally took a bite out of a really hot chicken wing. I then grabbed what I thought was my glass of water to cool my mouth down, but apparently it was someone else's drink -- because it wasn't water. It was clear soda. And, as stated, I can't stand fizzy things.

    So that was a pleasant experience.
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  14. Pumpkins and eggplants. Slimy bastards. And anything spicy, except chips >>
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  15. I don't like peas by themselves, they need other veggies or...bleh.

    I also don't like olives. I loved them as a kid, now they are just disgusting.

    I don't like most mushrooms, but morels are delicious fried up.
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  16. My list is far too long for me to even try and list here. I'm SUCH a picky eater.
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  17. I'm not a picky eater but...

    If you give me the following:
    -Pumpkin (especially pumpkin soup)

    I will personally assassinate you
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  18. I won't list foods I don't like instead here's a short list of things I absolutely cannot get down into my tummy:

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  19. I don't have any foods that I really can say I hate - minus spicy foods, I suppose, because it makes me feel like my whole body is on fire.

    Some foods I really dislike eating include: rice (especially white rice), lasagna, ground beef (mainly because it really upsets my stomach), peppers (especially raw).
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