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    Have you ever heard of the book Redwall? I remember talking to a friend about it one day and we both agreed upon one thing: We'd both end up hungry after reading it! The series eventually came out with their own cook book - which I should buy and try out the recipes - but I was always astounded at how Brian Jacques described food and made it so appetizing. It was only text after all.

    Your challenge is to write about food. You can make your food sound as delicious as you want, or make it as gross as possible! Make our stomachs rumble, or make us lose our dinner!
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    Oh! I LOVED that series and yes, I would always end up hungry afterwards. I want to get the cook book so I can try out their food. Unfortunately, food has never been my strong point for describing it.

    The waiter brought forth the food, setting the dish on the table and lifting the cover. Beneath it lay a tray of assorted dessert. There were chocolate cover strawberries, smelling of spring and warmth. The chocolate had begun to harden over the berries and Liam could tell that they were made fresh. His eyes wandered towards the next treat...a miniature cake. The cake's frosting was soft and appealing with its white creamy base and flowers set atop it. Liam's mouth watered just looking at it and he hoped it was a chocolate cake. The next and last item on the dessert tray was a bowl of chocolate pudding that appeared to have been whipped to perfection. Just by sniffing, Liam could smell the chocolate and hint of vanilla from the pudding. Grabbing a spoon, he looked at the tray, wondering which to take a bite of first.
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    I'm always hungry, so this sounds fun.

    Nancy's humble mother trapped in through the oak door, careful not to drop the delicious cake she was carrying. The bulging cake was laid down upon a plain, plastic plate in front of Nancy. Drool started to form on Nancy's tongue, as sugar sweet scents wafted up her nose, and she could feel the warmth radiating from the freshly baked cake. A smooth, silver knife sliced through the cake, as easily as a fish slices through water. The light crumbs fell from the opening, making the lightest crumbling noises against the hard table. A slice of scrumptious strawberry cake was lifted upon a knife, then unloaded onto Nancy's plate. It sat there in it's full, rosy glory, it's icing just starting to melt over the perfectly round edges. "Happy birthday~!" Nancy's mum lilted. Her mother expected Nancy to eat the beautiful cake, but how could Nancy dare touch something so wonderful, so amazing so... delicious. Nancy's fork dived towards the pink, plump cake, it dug into the dainty, soft crumbs, it lifted the sugary smell towards her mouth. Finally the cake brushed against Nancy's tongue, exploding in fruit flavour. Best. Cake. Ever.
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    [GROSS] (?) Have you ever had a food and said "Man I could eat this ALL DAY", and actually had the chance to eat that particular food all day LITERALLY? Just recently my father and I went to a movie together. Turns out that he was the 1000th person to buy a ticket. His reward was an entire freakin trash-bag of popcorn. At the time popcorn was our favorite non-meal food. We were stoked, just us thinking that we got free BASICALLY unlimited popcorn. After the movie we closed the bag and got in the car. We drove and we ate popcorn. When we got home at about 2:30(AM) or something, out mouths were watering. Not your average watering, but we could not WAIT to eat the hell out of that popcorn. At about 4:00(AM) or something we decided "Okay that's enough popcorn for now, lets go to bed." I agree and tell him that ill be in bed after a little. He goes to his room and goes to sleep. I'm sitting and still eating popcorn, and im just looking at the bag. The huge fucking bag of popcorn. I look at the popcorn and I realize that the butter they put up there is this half powder shit and I get disgusted at it. I put the popcorn in the kitchen and seal it up with duct tape because its the only nearby thing. After that I go to bed. Wake up and its around 12:40. Look in the kitchen (closest room) and I don't see the bag of popcorn. Go in the living room and I see my father laying on the ground with popcorn all around him and a small pile of yellowish vomit. and he is like in a coma or something. I get scared by this so I go to his side quickly and ask if he is okay....No response I try to wake him up by slapping his face and Nothing.I get some water and splash it on his face. He still wont wake up. I check his pulse and his airway. He is fine. I Pick his body up and set it on his bed. I get some water and other basic stuffs and put them on his nightstand. I go to the living room to clean up the mess. Looking at the mess I realize why he was knocked out. There was a huge glob of butter, roughly the size of my hand. With a HUGE bitemark out of it. The entire thing, butter. He took a BITE out of it. No wonder he passed out. I was so disgusted that I just decided to take it all and put it in the bag and throw it out. After I clean up the mess and put all the cleaning supplies away, I look at the same place where the mess was. I still smell butter and popcorn. Soo much that I want to vomit myself. I get some air freshener from the broom closet, and freshen it up around the ENTIRE house. At this time its around 1:30 or soo. My father gets out of his room and looks in the living room. I return from putting the air freshener away and he turns to me and says "Where'd it go?" He looked genuinely confused as to where the mess went to. I reply with "The friggin trash, you were a mess. you had vomit and popcorn all around you. Why did you eat the butter?!" As soon as I finish my sentence he RUNS for the trashcan inside the house. "Its outside",I tell him, as I keep up with him. He bolts outside and trips over the lawnchairs. Sprinting for the trashcan he forgets he is not even wearing a shirt. At the time it was winter, and he HATES the cold with a passion. I finally catch up with him and I see him EATING the freakin popcorn out of the trash. not caring if he gets vomit over his face and body. He looks at me and I see a tear swell in his eye. He mouths to me "I'm sorry", and he continues eating. After that I moved with my mom and we never talked about that ever. but to this day it still haunts me. Soo yeah, that was my former favorite food. What about you?
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    The rich scent of freshly baked snickerdoodles wafts through the air as I pull the tray of piping hot cookies from the oven, the wonderful scents of sugar cookie dough, cinnamon and butter all rolled into one golden brown cookie with cinnamon sugar swirling across the top. I began to scoop them off the tray, the edges crispy but the middle still soft and warm after a few minutes. I bite into a cookie, scattering crumbs on the table and close my eyes. The rich taste of cinnamon sugar floods my mouth, followed a moment later by the flavor of buttery sugar cookies and as the tastes mingle in my mouth, the cookie almost seems to melt in my mouth. It's like taking a bit out of heaven.
  6. As adorably innocent as Ensy was... He was also a terrible cook. Oh, but how he insisted on making me lunch. He insisted and practically pleaded. With that adorable childish face and those wide two toned was really hard to say no. That and I'm just way too nice to break anyone's heart.

    "So? What do you think? Do you like it?" Again. The adorable face!

    Looking down, for one, I noticed that the contents weren't completely burned crisp like the last time. Though that didn't make it much better. I stared at the literal blob of mystery in front of me. The first thing I wondered was how it managed to hold such a perfectly round shape. It was a light brown color, similar to wheat bread, but definitely not wheat bread. Bravely, a cautious bravery I might add, I used the fork nearest me to poke inside. To my surprise, it looked as if he stuffed a bunch of graham crackers and goldfish in it...and other snack products? Those were good, right? "Well? Don't just stare Lola. You have to try it!"

    A bowl of various snacks. Geez, he could be such a child at times. No one would ever guess he was immortal. "Okay, okay." I tried a bite, now using a spoon to scoop up the food on the inside. As predicted, just random crackers and the likes. Not the best thing to be eaten together, but it was a heckuva lot better than eating burned mystery food. "It's not bad Ensy...It even smells decent." Thankfully that was the packaged snacks that hadn't been cooked filling my nose. It was all pretty edible...until I bit into the blob of...whatever it was.

    Whatever it was, it was atrocious. Have you ever tasted uncooked cake batter? Well it tasted like that but with extra mixed in. The extra being things like a raw egg, banana slices (some with the peel), some fishy substance, something ominously crunchy- Eugh! It was disgusting! But I couldn't just spit it out... I'm way too nice for that. So I toughened up and swallowed the repulsive food. Not wanting to puke, I merely put a thumbs up. "You know what? I'll make some tea with this... Want some too?"

    "Oh good you like it! And sure, I'd love some!" There was no way I was going to eat that and it would disappear by the time I was finished.
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