Food Safety Takes a Hard Hit...

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  1. Just curious if anyone else is keeping up with this topic?
    Wanted to spread the information if not, it really bothers me that the 'Monsanto Protection Act' was even passed by our government a few weeks ago.
    It basically states that Monsanto, (owner of kraft, nestle, lean cuisine, heinz, hunts, nabisco, almost every darn cereal, and a heck of a lot more companies) now does not need to tell people what they put in their products.
    This company favors GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms. Basically grow crops that have been enhanced.
    While it sounds like it could feed a lot more people and what not, experiments have been done that show an extreme health detriment to not only humans but tested animals and bee populations (they are also a pesticide company, yum) They made that new Round Up pesticide, yeah, serious environmental poison. (Use viniger for weeds)

    Please inform yourselves if you do not know about this and beware of any brand under this entity until the bill is repealed. (it is already getting some serious backlash since its also attacking states rights to label foods) cause seriously, who wants to know what's in their food?

    If you want to modify stuff, fine. I won't buy it. But if you want to modify stuff AND make yourselves not have to label it (they also get court protection if someone sues them for bad products) is definitely a hit against public rights.
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  2. Vinager is not a sure fire way of getting rid of weeds, depending on the soil and the plant it's self. Hand pulling is the best way, second is IPM and most importantly lookin at the soil quality and trying to determine WHY weeds have sprung up.

    *restrains self on GMO discussion*
  3. lol if you're pro GMO it doesn't bother me. That's not even why I dislike them.
    It's just that the company has just taken away state rights and individual ones without any solid reason to do so.
    They still sold a TON of that stuff with labeling, but now they pulled labeling and can not be sued for any issues their food causes.
    That's way too shady to trust those products to me.

    Most people are too lazy to pull weeds lol and that's just a tip I saw that worked well for me and wouldn't need severe pestcides.
  4. Yeah, GMO's are yet to be perfected, and I think, shouldn't even be put out for commercial use. We might know that there are very few adverse short-term effects on human beings, but, we have no idea what the long-term effects are solely because the technology hasn't existed for very long yet.

    On the other hand, while I'm not knowledgeable entirely on the whole Monsanto case, I think it was a dick move. There should be labeling on the food for the people who don't want to consume GMO's. And to remove company liability for an ineffective/harmful product is, in my opinion, rooted in just wanting to stay away from all the legal expenses.

    On the whole vinegar as a herbicide thing, it might be plausible for personal gardens, but on an agricultural scale, I don't think it's a very viable alternative.
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  5. Yeah, agreed.
    And the vinegar is a personal item in my opinion as well.
    (If you've seen the comercial Round Up, that's their new product and its actually rather detrimental to the environment.)
    There's a few articles that are rather long on it but let's just say what ocha said, (weed pulling) and vinegar are the less invasive ways to remove them.
  6. My Opinion on GMO. Great figure it out, don't feed it to me until you've tested it so thoroughly that I know I wont get unknown illnesses from eating your product! I'm cool with the idea of people getting fed more, of food being a more abundant source. Hey all of this is right down my alley. Don't make people sick trying to do it! Rome wasn't built in a day and Science doesn't happen over night!

    As for this new act. I'm not worried about it because it WILL be repealed, until then I intend to refrain from all uses of this evil corporation. it is stupid that this thing got passed. We tried in the past having little labeling, it resulted in the abuse of the system. My comments on this? "Write your shit down, most Americans don't read it anyway but for those of us that have the intelligence to pick up a label and read it, we don't need to suffer."
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  7. Meh, oil companies already have the same kind of protection. The chemicals they pump into reservoirs to ease the extraction of oil are corporate secrets and are not required to be disclosed to the public.
  8. True, but this effects most of the regular food market in the US if you don't go strictly organic, and it has gotten out, so the public now has a chance to boycotting/stand up too it.
    When more and more people realize this sorta thing, its likely theyll stop buying products under those names, and when that happens companys are hurt, jobs are lost, people are sued and etc.
    If anyone in that company is able to realize any of this, then hopefully they can continue telling people whats in their food,
    Because even if they have the right not to tell anyone, doesnt mean they should do just that!
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  10. Right. People are already doing that but I just tossed this up as more of a warning.
    You can't sue them if you eat something in their currently unlabeled product so best to avoid them.