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  1. Watch/Read This

    You all remember the video I posted about the couple putting the baby in the dryer.. Well.. guess what.. READ THE ARTICLE -nods- How would you feel if this situation happened to you? What if it was your child? Can the woman press charges.. would you? How about run more tests on your child? Let me know! ^.^

    NOW.. to roleplay. How would your character act? Would they act any different than you? Would you ever have something like this happen in your roleplay?

  2. I'd probably run whoever stuck my (imaginary) kid in the dryer over. Then back up and do it again.

    Now, if it were my dog; LORD HAVE MERCY ON HIS/HER/ITS SOUL.
  3. I got bored reading the title. .__.

    No seriously. No. You PURPOSEFULLY. put your KID. in a DRYER.

    That's inhumane. I will punch the judge who grants her anything 'justified' for her actions.
  4. So help me god if anyone did this to my child, if I had one that is, I would make them regret their very existence in this world and KILL them in the slowest possible way that I know. After that I would bring them back to life and repeat the process. I know it may sound harsh, but I'm a fiercely protective of my friends and family.
  5. I think that the woman definitely has the right to press charges. I mean, who in their right mind would do something like that? It was a completely irresponsible action, which could have damaged the child beyond repair if the store employee had not reacted that quickly. If nothing else, then the babysitter should be charged because she violated common sense.

    As for a roleplay? I would really not consider doing something like this with my characters. It would be just too absurd.
  6. I don't know about charging the babysitter, but the guy who put the kid in the washing machine? Child endangerment at least.
    Who puts a baby in a dryer at a laundromat, shuts the door... and then tries to claim it was... peekaboo? What? This is dumb. It hurts my head to think that this is a legitimate case.

    As for roleplay characters... depends on the character! Some of the more vicious might kick some ass while others might well take it to court. Sometimes, I wish to channel the violent ones.