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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Xenon, Oct 26, 2014.

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  1. Hey my name is Xenon i play as a straight guy

    I can and love doing romance, fantasy, modern, sci fi, horror, survival and other genres

    i hate anything that involves torture or abusive acting

    i dont mind a short paragraph and i can post around 3 to 4 times a week hoping the same if not i dont mind if there is a reason, grammar and spelling is not a problem i dont mind what grade.

    i am up for any ideas given and if not i can make one up with a notice and a idea of your likes

    pm or post through this forum

    i am new to this site but not role play so if there is something wrong with my post please tell me i would like to know thanks
  2. Hey I am also fairly new to this site but I have role playing experience.
    The days I am most active would be Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and the weekends depending haha
    Romance is probably my favourite genre, but I enjoy almost a bit of everything (: I'm open to trying new ideas.
    I typically play straight female roles.
    I'm not the best at coming up with ideas :/
    I hope maybe we could rp? (:

    also welcome to Iwaku (:
  3. Well first off let me welcome you to Iwaku! I hope you have a good time here. I would be willing to roleplay with you. Im most active on weekends but try to make it on everyday. I play many different types of characters. If you want to plot just message me!
  4. hey id love to roleplay with you but i need to know a few things

    what do you like to roleplay so i have an idea

    and should we private message or should i make anew conversation or thread cause i read the help area but didn't understand much :D sorry about this once i figure it out i will be able to do much better
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.