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  1. The night air was cool and relaxing. There were to many people packed into the street that you couldn't feel the cool unless you found one of the small places where you could actually be alone. But why would you want to be alone during a festival? That was silly. The bright lanterns and cheery stall workers drew everyone in like moths to a flame. The air was filled with laughter and joy. Everyone was dressed in kimono's and yukatas. Many children wore masks carved out of soft wood.

    It was really a wondrous sight. But, that wasn't the reason that Anna was here. Mostly, that was for the free drinks that the bar she was in was serving. She sat at the bar, of course, with a large bottle of rice wine in front of her. It was already 1/3 of the way gone. The young woman was dressed in an off-white kimono, and her hair was tied up in one large bun on the back of her head. She was quiet, just listening to the crowed as it passed by the open door.
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  2. The city was completely busy nothing but noise and rip choices for some picking's. The pain was growing inside of him, he was getting close to the brink. Every step was agonizing but who could tell with a face so stern and serious. On the prowl for something, anything to fuel his hunger, how he hated it, hated it all. The little security that was in every single one of his kind. He could postpone it all he wants in the end he would have to surcome to what he truly is, the monster he knew he was. Hands in his pockets, hair covering his eyes he looked around at all the lovely colors if only his mind would focus long enough for him to truly enjoy it.

    A festival a great place to circle around like an idiot trying to find the right person. Licking the corner of his mouth he could feel his mouth salivated as he looked upon all the choices he had. Yet, he had to be smart, take someone in a large group and it would be to much trouble to get them alone. If only he could find someone alone, but in a time like this who would come to a fesitvial alone. 'Oh right- me.' Rolling his eyes to his own stupid thought process he ran a hand through his blonde hair. Everywhere he looked lustful eyes wondered staring at him per usual but nothing caught his eyes completely.

    Looking over he found a little bar he figured people would start walking into eventually looking for a good time. A drunk college student would be a good place to try for a quick meal. Walking in he went straight to the bar the male behind the counter looked at him in shock.
    "C..can I help" he gulped almost unable to finish his sentince."You sir."

    He knew the male did not find other males attractive but that was how it always was just a ploy of sexual desire to all who laid there eyes on him. It disgusted him in more ways than he could ever explain. Sighing he asked for a scotch, the guy passedby a few customers and gave it to him free of charge. One thing that was always a plus. Looking with the corner of his eye he looked at everyone around wondering if there was something he could try right now.

    A blonde woman in the corner, but seemed a boyfriend was there, to much drama for tongiht. Sipping his scotch the pain in his chest grew causing his body to shake a bit. Next, a man sitting alone but he seemed like the type to stalk him afterward and that was definitly not what he wanted. Then the green haired girl sitting at the bar, looking her over she had a pair of legs that acutally made him drool a bit followed by a rounded butt that caught his wondering eyes. Yet, what caught him in was her eyes, they were pretty beautiful for a human girl. She seemed alone, sitting there just enjoying a day to herself, easy easy pickings.

    Chugging back his drink he got up and quietly sat next to her, immeditely her sweet smell fell into his sense as he tilted his head trying to get a better look at her face. "Didn't feel like dressing up?" His voice was deep but had a melodic tone to it that usually drove people insaine.
  3. Anna was dipping her head back for a shot when he sat next to her. Alarm sent bile rising in her throat, but she was careful not to sputter rice wine all over the counter. She took an extra count and then pulled herself back into a rightened position. To his question, and smiled shyly and turned on her stool to show of the white kimono, which was cut to mid thigh, and outlined her cleavage sweetly. Though, she was still wearing her jacket over the sleeveless thing - hiding her demonic markings that looked like waves gushing up her torso and down her arms. "I- I did, I just got cold," she lied. She didn't like strangers coming up to her, especially not dangerously handsome ones that were born with a natural talent for being noticed. Yes, Anna knew what an incubus was, her mother had brought a few home once, and used them to teach her basic anatomy, and how to avoid them. It was still a hard thing to do - as Anna could hardly take her eyes off him, but he still scared her far more then his spell would be able to ebb away.

    The woman waved the barkeep over and asked for a second shot glass, for her guest. If he was going to hang around, why not enjoy the fact that there was another creature here, even if he wanted to get into her pants. "Enjoying the festival?" she asked lightly, trying to gauge what he wanted, well, how much of it he wanted.
  4. It was sort of obvious by the way the girl reacted that men coming up to her was the last thing she delt with. He found it almost charming the way she practically averted her eyes from him as if she were too nervous. When she moved her coat a part of him wished to thank her for giving him a beauitful meal showing off nothing but an amazing pair of legs and curves that would probably make any man drool. An Gitz just happened to be the lucky fellow to gaze his eyes apon a beautiful in a beautiful outfit one that gave away every account for her cravable body.

    About to speak she through him a little off cource when she herself offered him a drink, it wasn't completely out of the norm. People would throw themselves out windows to give him one but the way she did it was what caught his attention. Turning his bod slightly to her he grabbed the glass happily taking it not giving off to much of an expression one that just simply spoke this time was not going to be a complete waste. Sipping at the drink she offered he moved his red pools to take another look at her. Soft jaw, rounded face, only thing he felt ruined it was the obnoxious green hair. It wasted on her beauty he felt, or maybe he was just told old to get with the new times.

    "Well you look lovely in it, though I am probably sure you have already heard that a million times today. Thank you for the drink by the way." Gitz did his best to sound a bit nervous, his voice smooth and simple. Not wanting to give off any power toward her in case she ran from him. After seeing the prize he truly got there was no way he was giving this one up without a fight.
  5. Anna smiled at the counter shyly and threw a glance his way. "I tend.. to keep to myself." she muttered and felt her cheeks fill with color. He made her feel.. off.. but in a good way. She attributed it to the wine as well as his eyes. Anna poured herself another shot, and did the same for him. "But, now that you're here, why not help me finish this bottle?" she said in a shaky but bold voice. She wasn't normally this inviting, but she didn't see any reason to push him away. There was a festival going on and she had been alone, which wasn't too enjoyable.

    Anna took another shot and looked back at him, "Why are you alone during a festival?" she asked him, prodding for a little information on him. She blamed that on the rice wine, it always made her annoying inquisitive, especially to strange men who wanted to eat her soul.
  6. Watching her carefully Gitz couldn't help but look over her beautiful skin again- at least the parts that were showing. Sipping back the drink with ease he listened to the sweet tone of her melodic youthful voice. The type of voice that most girls wished they had, an easy line, and the batting of her eyes would drive any man. Oh the lucky men in the past who have may been able to hear that sweet angels voice scream their name. The thought made him slightly jealous which was something completely knew to him.

    Letting her pour him another drink he turned so his body was facing her a propped up elbow in the counter to get a better angle of her face as he shot back the drink again. Rice wine, she should have just given him water that would have put more of a burn on his chest. "I guess just like you not much for company. I just moved into the area, heard there was a festival thought it would be a good chance to meet some new friends."

    It wasn't a complete lie, he did just move into the area, the friends part was the lie. Friends- a term people through around with ease. HUndreds of years that word was still a mystery to him, still a word that felt usuless in his life. Yet, let the question, is there even such a thing as a friend. Looking around at everyone in the room he saw people laughing, drinking enjoying eachothers company. All considering themselves something important in there life but he knew the truth.

    Any one of these humans would sell out the other even in the lightest chance of danger. He had seen it happen on more than one accation. A woman choosing her own life over her husbands, a father choosing his life over his sons. It was all pathetic, all genually pathetic to him. Ties until it's needed, humans always so easily tampered with so easily known to question all do everything in there power just to save themselves. In a way he found them all truly comical.

    Most them walked around for hundreds of years blaming demons, and the evils out there in the world for there sins that they create themselves. Yet, demons have no doing in any of them, they just hate them for the soul reason that when they look at them, they see themselves. To Gitz to be human was the ultimate sin, they were born for failure ever since the beginning. Only thing is other races were able to except there sin and make it into a life. Humans no matter how much time goes by will always stay stuck in the endless circle blaming everything but themselves.

    SIghing he sipped at the wine again thinking he might order something with a little bit more of a kick to it. Looking back at the girl who turly had his attention more than he cared to admit. "So what's your name?" He finally asked wanting to hear that sweet tone again and again, in his head only hoping soon he heard those beautiful full lips saying his name for his own ears.
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