follow a discussion inside a group??

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hades, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. When I subscribe to regular threads they are pretty easy to follow, but when I subscribe to a discussion inside a group...
    I got no clue where the notifications warning me of new posts go!
  2. You won't receive a notice in the notifications about subscribed groups (like you do for threads), unfortunately. There was a small bug with that, where people had phantom notifications for groups that we have not been able to fix. ><

    BUT, you can easily view all the group thread subscriptions you have by clicking Settings. It'll show you the newest five you have OR several "View all ___ subscriptions" button.
  3. Thank you!
    Is anyone working on fixing that bug?
    Or you follow a more "If it ain't broken don't fix it!" policy?
  4. Someone is working on it, yes, but since it's from a third party source i can't guarantee it's completion anytime soon. D:
  5. ok,
    The site got a few mnor flaws, so what it's the quality of the people inside that make Iwaku a great community!