Folk Tales and Legends, anyone?

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  1. I just came back from a Native American museum and thought that making a story full of folk tales and legends with nature spirits and fantastical beasts could be fun. Is anyone willing to help me plan something out, please?
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  2. I'm up for planning I guess, sounds fun to me :3
  3. That depends on the legends, are they based around one main mythology say greek, roman or indian?
  4. Would we be able to play as one of the spirits possibly?
  5. This is quite interesting. I'd like to join if possible and add my idea. Perhaps each participant can have 2 (or more) characters one of which would be a spirit or supernatural being of your liking and the other will be a human or whatever (I'm guessing neko and anthro characters are welcome)
  6. Id be interested if anthro characters were allowed.
  7. My good sir I like your thinking
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