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  1. Okay, first off, the character sheet.

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    Name: (full name)
    State Name: (Only if you plan to take the State Alchemist's Exam)

    Nationality: (The country, or town your character was born in)

    Eye color:
    Hair color:
    Hair Style:
    Overall Pic: (A picture of your character)

    Pet Breed: (chimera, dog, cat, etc)
    Pet gender:
    Pet name:

    Personality: (whats your character like)
    Likes: (Optional)
    Dislikes: (Optional)

    Alchemy: (What style of Alchemy do they specialize in?)
    Weapons: (What weapons do they have on them at all times?)


    Chimera pet('s) are only available if you specialize in Chimera type Alchemy, and it must be RPed like a second character and have it's own character sheet.

    Now that that is out of the way, The basis of this plot, is that we are all starting a journey. That journey, is to train our alchemy for whatever reason. Whether we want to become a state alchemist, or to kill someone, or to help a town prosper. The motive is up to your character personally.

    The idea, we all met each other in a town, and have been talking for a few months. We all decide to travel together to study abroad as training alchemists, figuring X amount of minds was better than one. Whether we use or help each other is up to the individual. PvP is allowed, but please, no killing someone in their sleep or some crap like that. Make it a fair fight.

    as for the starting location, Central is just as good a place to start as any. I'm actually gonna say that this plotline takes place just after the show ended. Ishbalams are no longer exiled, so feel free to play one if you wish.

    Along the way, I'll be making some people to get in our way, so don't think that this will be easy.


    Now then, I want to make this clear. The one thing that I want this to be, is an intellectual RP. I want all alchemy to be original creations created by you. BUT! I also want them to make sense, so I want an explanation of what your alchemy is, and why it works. A basic explanation of the chemical reaction will do. Also, remember that we are starting a quest to train. Your level of alchemy should be novice at best, and you should know very little alchemy other than a basic understanding of your specialty.



    1. Seeing the gate and not having to use a transmutation circle.
    2. Homonculi
    3. Alchemic catalysts ie: Philosopher's stone, red water, etc.
    4. Human transmutations: No using humans as chimeras, human bombs, alchemic materials, or any other kind of alchemy. Period.

    That's all I've got now, throw up some characters and ask questions if ya got them!
  2. Name: Niomi Lynn Takashi
    Alias/Nickname: Angel

    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: London

    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 104
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: Black
    Hair Style: Long, straight hair. Goes to about the middle of her back.
    Clothing: School uniform
    Overall Pic: RP 1.jpg

    Pet Breed: N/A
    Pet gender:N/A
    Pet name:N/A

    Personality: Niomi is mostly a loner. She's always been invisible and looked down on. She has a kind heart and is quite understanding but the hate that she gets from others is driving her to try fighting back for once. She doesn't start conversations much and she only smiles to make people think she's ok.
    Likes: She likes cats, roses, and people that's just like her.
    Dislikes: Greedy, lieing jerks who treat others poorly.

    Alchemy: She's a true beginner. But she wants to learn how to create potions. Healing potions, poison, etc etc.
    Weapons: Kunai

    History: Niomi was walking down a dark ally way to get to her apartment. She heard a crashing noise and turned around to see two guys pushing around her best friend Ichigo that she knew from school. His face was covered in blood, his body so limp, she would do anything to stop it. The taller mystery guy lifted Ichigo off the ground to bash his head on the concrete path and Niomi let out a scream. "NOOOO!!!!!" and ran towards her helpless friend. But she was too late. His head, cracked open, his lungs filling with blood. He looks at Niomi and tries to reach out to her. "...Ni...o...mi..." he muttered. The two guys walked away laughing. Niomi fell to her knees and cried. "Nothing. I have nothing now. My best friend, my only friend...ICHIGO!!!!" she screams out in pain. On that day she swore that she would gain any type of strength to get revenge for Ichigo. And her first decision was to learn alchemy. Then she'll hunt them down, she'll hunt all the horrible people in this world down. And be a protector for those who deserve to live.